Virginia creates “driver’s privilege” cards to give rights to illegal immigrants while attacking gun rights of legal residents


NORFOLK, VA – Legislators in Virginia have found a way to circumnavigate the issue of affording driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

On March 7th, lawmakers in the state decided to create what’s being referred to as “driver’s privilege” cards. Essentially, exploiting semantics to create a loophole.

Democratic Senator Scott Surovell stated the following about the passed law:

“I cannot tell you all how important this is for about 300,000 people living in Virginia. This bill is going to change people’s lives.”

So, instead of trying to coordinate solutions to address the documentation status of some 300,000 illegal immigrants in the state, lawmakers would rather waste time on drafting legislation to make the situation more complex.

It should be noted that not every illegal immigrant would be eligible to obtain one of these driver’s privilege cards.

According to the bill’s language, an applicant has to have an active visa proving that they’re allowed to be in the United States for at least thirty days when applying for a privilege card:

“The bill allows the issuance of a limited-duration driver’s license and special identification card to an applicant presenting valid documentary evidence that a federal court or federal agency having jurisdiction over immigration has authorized the applicant to be in the United States for a period of at least 30 days from the date of application.”

The kicker here though is that the driver’s privilege cards are renewed annually. Meaning someone could be granted this privilege to drive months after they’ve overstayed any visa.

If you think that Virginia would notify ICE once someone has overstayed their visa, you can think again. In fact, the language in the bill actually prevents sharing information from the DMV database related to the recipients of these cards:

“The bill limits the release of certain information stored by the Department [of Motor Vehicles].”

I wonder why they included that tidbit of protective verbiage.

The other eligibility requirements for these cards included having filed state taxes within the past year, and also maintaining insurance and registration requirements.

Could be worse though, considering that New York just flat out gives illegals full-blown driver’s licenses.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s “Green Light Law” managed to go into full effect last year, allowing illegal immigrants that reside within the state to get their hands on driver’s licenses.

After the controversial law was presented, there were legal challenges brought against the proposed law, but the latest attempt brought to the table was once again dismissed.

Something smells like potential voting fraud in New York is right around the corner.  But then again, to vote in New York, all you need is a copy of a utility bill, anyway.

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The legislation, enacted by the New York State Assembly and signed this year by Cuomo, allows a person to apply for a driver’s license irrespective of their immigration status. As mentioned by the state’s DMV:

“It allows all New Yorkers age 16 and older to apply for a standard, not for federal purpose, non-commercial driver license or learner permit regardless of their citizenship or lawful status in the United States.”

Applicants must submit a combination of approved documents proving the name, date of birth and residence of the State of New York.

Valid documents include, among other documents, an unexpired foreign passport, a valid foreign driver’s license, a Border Crossing Card, or a foreign birth certificate.

Folks that think the law is a good move for the state overall are claiming that its passing will make the roads safer and will bring in more tax money to the state.

New York State Immigration Manager Eddie A. Taveras released a statement on the bills passing:

“This well-reasoned law, which has withstood multiple legal challenges, allows all New Yorkers – regardless of immigration status – to obtain a standard driver’s license, enabling them to legally drive and purchase car insurance.”

So, the fact that insurance companies can piggyback financially off the horde of illegals within the state is some kind of a “win”?

Immigrant differences


Well, he couldn’t just leave it at the monetary aspect, so Taveras also said that we’re going to have safer roads because applicants will have to pass a driver’s exam. While that’s a fair observation to the qualities of the bill, it still doesn’t address the fact that it enables those criminally present within the state.

Taveras mentioned money once again in his mention of road safety:

“The Green Light Law will improve the safety of New York’s roads, provide a new revenue stream for the state and help keep families together.”

There were, however, efforts to derail the new law, where Cuomo saw his proposed act challenged in court.

Still, a federal district judge ruled against Frank Merola, Rensselaer County Clerk, saying he lacked the legal capacity to bring the lawsuit. Merola, a Republican, has said that federal immigration law is at odds with drafted state law.

Merola is one of over 50 county clerks who run offices as state agents in the Department of Motor Vehicles. Some clerks have said they are frustrated with the roll-out of the law and the state has been sued by several.

Merola opined on the recent dismissal of his case:

“I am disappointed, and hopefully, this is only a setback. We will continue to fight to be heard.”

While Cuomo and his cohorts are claiming this is good for the economy because of the funds being funneled to the state and insurance companies, this is also a huge potential slap in the face toward American workers.

This is going to create an additional quarter-million potential employees for companies like Uber, DoorDash, and Amazon looking to hire delivery drivers; crowding the gig economy for legal residents and citizens who use them as a means to supplement or tackle their income needs.

This law is also completely disregarding the moves President Trump has made with his “Hire American” immigration policies.

Considering that those illegally present often work for wages far less than lawful citizens, one can see how this may disrupt the push for reasonable wages for Americans.

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For instance, shows wages ranging from $9 per hour to $25 per hour for delivery drivers in New York.

Even though wage levels reported by the company stay relatively well below what is required for a decent standard of living in New York City, this will be further complicated once companies start hiring lower cost illegal immigrant drivers.

It’s time to let these progressive politicians know that their motions to inundate the country with “welcome mats” to those who choose to illegally enter and remain won’t be tolerated.

While Democrats love screaming “Impeach!”, we should start using our voice more and vote them out.

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