You have to love Officer Kevin Peck.  You just have to love him.

Peck, a West Valley City, Utah officer with 9 years on the job, arrived on the scene of a call on Monday regarding a bus accident.   He didn’t see a victim initially, but then noticed a lone sneaker sitting near the front wheel of the vehicle.  The victim, , was located entirely under the bus.  From behind one of the wheels, she called out for someone to hold her hand due to the tremendous pain she was experiencing.

First on scene, Officer Peck crawled under the bus to check the pulse of Aryann Smith, age 24.    Smith grabbed on to his hand for dear life and begged him not to let go. Ignoring the continuing danger, Peck held on until firefighters arrived with blocks and hydraulic equipment to lift the 9-ton bus from her body and extricate her for emergency treatment.

Smith, a young mother, suffered extensive leg injuries requiring surgical repair.  She is expected to make a good recovery, according to authorities at the Intermountain Medical Center.  Smith asked for Officer Peck again just prior to surgery, and he was there for her.  She was moved today from ICU to a post-operative ward.

Peck later said, “People seem to lose track and misplace that the police officers are human beings.  We do this job because we like to help people. These are things we in some way, shape or form, we deal with every day.”

In an era where negative publicity often throws law enforcement under the bus, Kevin Peck demonstrates how to crawl under a bus on purpose and shine.

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