Sources: DA overseeing Portland needed cops at his house, but was afraid to look like a hypocrite


The following article contains editorial content written by a retired police officer and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.


PORTLAND, OR- On Nov. 6, Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt was allegedly the “victim” of a group of people who were in front of his house, throwing rocks. Law Enforcement Today was notified by a source who advised us of the incident.

Naturally, due to Schmidt’s shall we say “interesting” first few months as the DA in Multnomah County, which includes the riot capital of the country Portland, we were interested. First a bit of background on Mr. Schmidt.

In early August, Mike Schmidt, newly elected Multnomah County District Attorney announced a new policy in which he said that his office would stop prosecuting so-called “low level” crimes, The Federalist reported in early September.

Schmidt announced the policy that would drop around 500 protester cases for incidents such as “interference with a police officer or disorderly conduct.”

At the time Schmidt implemented the new policy, Schmidt said, “This is not a free pass. While I will to what I can to provide protesters with a forum to make their voices heard, I will not tolerate deliberate acts of violence against police or anyone else,” KATU said as reported on

Portland Mercury noted on Oct. 7 that between May 28 and October 5, the Portland Police Bureau referred 947 cases to the Multnomah County District Attorney’s (MCDA) office which were related to criminal activity at so-called “protests.” Out of those cases, the DA’s office rejected 666 (how appropriate) of those cases, or over 68%. Not a free pass, huh?

Schmidt said in August that he would only pursue serious protest-related charges that posed a grave risk to people’s physical safety. He said that he would not be inclined to pursue charges such as rioting, disorderly conduct, harassment or interfering with a police officer.

“The prosecution of people exercising their rights to free speech and assembly in a non-violent manner takes away from the limited resources that we have to prosecute serious crimes and to assist crime victims,” Schmidt said.

Schmidt of course has faced criticism for his stance from the Portland Police Association, which represents Portland Police Bureau officers, and the U.S. Attorney for Oregon Billy Williams.

Schmidt’s hands-off approach to criminal justice also cost a man his life, Aaron “Jay” Danielson, who was shot to death by an Antifa member, Michael Reinoehl. Schmidt’s so-called “restorative justice” policy allowed Reinoehl to have charges from a July riot, possession of a loaded gun in a public place, resisting arrest and interfering with police” dropped by Schmidt’s office.

Not long afterward, Reinoehl appeared to have purposefully targeted Danielson, a supporter of President Trump, shooting twice at him with the second bullet hitting Danielson in the back, killing him.

The investigation showed that Reinoehl “conceals himself, waits, and watches” as Danielson walked by the garage. He then fatally shot the victim.

Reinoehl ended up dying days later in a shootout with a federal fugitive task force. How did Schmidt respond to Reinoehl’s death? He released a statement calling it “tragic,” and noting that it “has a profound impact on families, friends and community members.” Yes, he said that.

So, while Schmidt is a hit with rioting thugs such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter, others are not so happy with his brief tenure as district attorney.

So, fast forward to Nov. 6. On that date, shortly before 7:15 p.m., the Portland Police Bureau received a call reporting there were people in front of Schmidt’s house, throwing rocks and they had almost hit the complainant and her dog.

We will not identify the caller out of respect for her privacy. With that said, the caller was not Schmidt.

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According to dispatch information, officers were sent to Schmidt’s house. According to the caller, three people were allegedly in front of Schmidt’s house allegedly making threats, saying that “BLOOD IS ON HIS HANDS,” with another one holding a “BLOWHORN.” The caller had no description of the individuals.

Sources: DA overseeing Portland needed cops at his house, but was afraid to look like a hypocrite
PPB MDT Screenshot redacted info



Sources: DA overseeing Portland needed cops at his house, but was afraid to look like a hypocrite
PPB MDT screenshot redacted info

By appearances, it appears that two officers were dispatched to the call. The air unit reported that there were five people outside, then left the scene. The last report showed between 5-10 people; however, it was thought that some may have been neighbors.

Police received another call reporting that protesters were back out front, throwing rocks, and also said “THEY HAVE MOLOTOV COCKTAILS” and that “DA THAT LIVES HERE SHOULD THINK OF HIS FAMILY”

Dispatch showed that another caller was texting with someone named Clare Schmidt via Facebook Messenger who was inside the home with two children. The dispatcher advised that caller to “HAVE CLAIRE CALL 911 NOW.”

Police arrived in the area and it was noted that “PROTESTERS LEFT, NOTHING GOING ON”

So, by appearances, since these individuals used the term “All lives matter” the initial thought is that this was more of a right-leaning group of individuals protesting in front of Schmidt’s house. Proud Boys maybe? That would be the first assumption.

However, our source tells us that as confirmed in the dispatch reports and MDT conversation, no Molotov cocktails were either seen or thrown, nor were any rocks. Our source also told us that Deputy District Attorney Nathan Vasquez notified the police department and said police needed to be dispatched to Schmidt’s house. Apparently, Vasquez was told no.

The reason? Schmidt’s own policy that he will not prosecute property damage calls. It appears that was when the call was escalated to include Molotov cocktails.

Our source told us that the likelihood of this being a group such as the Proud Boys or any other right-leaning organization is slim and none. Impossible? No. Unlikely? Yes.


Since our original article, we have received additional information from our sources, who tell us that Schmidt DID initiate the call, then called Vasquez and told HIM to call the Portland Police Bureau to respond to his home after he refused to do so himself. 

Why? Because Schmidt himself has refused to prosecute similar cases and he didn’t want to be outed as the hypocrite that he is. Schmidt is a typical liberal…”good for thee, but not for me.” 

Our source said that when Vazquez called, the situation was likely referred to a supervisor, sergeant or above, who made the call to handle the incident at “precinct level” as opposed to sending in the Rapid Response Team (RRT) which it protocol for so-called riots. 

The information we received is that Schmidt was trying to make it appear to be right-wing extremists because that fits into his narrative. He needed the police to respond to his home, but didn’t want to be outed as a hypocrite. 


We also found out through KXL in Portland that Multnomah County has referred to cases for criminal prosecution relative to riots that occurred post-election on Nov. 4 in the city. The two individuals charged included Luke Harrah, a self-described “traveling protester” who had only been in the city for a few days, court documents said. He was charged with one count of criminal mischief in the first degree and two counts of criminal mischief in the second degree.

The second, Jarrod DeFerrari is from Sunrise, Florida and was charged with one count of riot and two counts of criminal justice in the second degree.

With that in mind, does anyone think it is outside the realm of probability or possibility that it was in fact Antifa or some other far-left group who was protesting in front of Schmidt’s house, for having the audacity to prosecute far-left loons likely affiliated in some manner with Antifa or other anarchist group? We don’t.

While it doesn’t fit the typical Antifa narrative of showing up in a huge gang because they’re typically afraid to show up one on one or in small groups, is it possible that one of these far-left groups may have assumed the identity of the Proud Boys or other such group? We say it is.

However, isn’t it ironic, that the man who has put the lives of Portland Police Bureau officers in danger by his refusal to hold rioting anarchists accountable himself needed to call them to protect him from “violent” protesters? Guess that’s what you refer to as karma.

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