Cop who roasted LeBron James then almost got fired for it signs book deal – plans to use funds to support other officers


BELLEVUE, ID – As we have previously reported here at Law Enforcement Today, Deputy Marshal Nate Silvester was recently informed that he will not be facing termination for the TikTok video in which he mocked LeBron James’ poor take on an officer-involved shooting of an armed teen in Ohio back in April.

Outside of being returned to duty, it turns out that Deputy Marshal Silvester has also recently signed a book deal following his rise in notability revolving around this brief video skit.  

Deputy Marshal Silvester’s TikTok video uploaded back in late-April has managed to court an immense fanbase and some controversy simultaneously.

As many already know, while many thought Deputy Marshal Silvester’s video mocking LeBron James was witty and funny, clearly not everyone was amused – to include the Bellevue Marshal’s Office.

While the deputy marshal was placed on a brief suspension, he has since been informed that he’s returning to duty.

As Law Enforcement Today has previously reported, a friend of Deputy Marshal Silvester established a GoFundMe for him when the deputy marshal’s employment stability was in doubt following him being placed on leave.

As of May 8th, that fundraiser had amassed over $500K.

But what is all the more interesting in the saga of Deputy Marshal Silvester is the recent announcement of him having signed a book deal with Di Angelo Publications.

The book, slated to be released in September of 2021, has been titled “Never Off Duty.” The following synopsis is afforded on Di Angelo Publications’ website:

“Deputy Marshall Nate Silvester shares a revealing look at his life as a cop in 2021, the societal pressures of the job, the concept of being ‘never off duty,’ and standing up to speak on behalf of tens of thousands of silenced police offers and their frightened families.”

Pre-orders for the book are live, with the publisher noting that the first 200 copies of the book will be personally signed by Deputy Marshal Silvester.

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As mentioned earlier, Law Enforcement Today has been following this story for some time. 

Here’s out previous report when news first broke that Deputy Marshal Silvester wouldn’t be terminated for his social media antics.


BELLEVUE, ID – The deputy marshal based out of Idaho that took to TikTok to mock LeBron James has managed to amass nearly $500,000 on a GoFundMe campaign started in order to create a monetary safety net after the deputy marshal was suspended for his social media hijinks.

The news is still relatively fresh, but Bellevue Deputy Marshal Nate Silvester will actually keep his job with the Bellevue Marshals’ Office, according to a statement delivered by Mayor Ned Burns on May 4th.

As many are already aware, Deputy Marshal Silvester had decided back in late April to upload a video to TikTok that poked fun at LeBron James’ take regarding an officer-involved shooting that proved fatal for an armed juvenile.

On April 27th, the Bellevue Marshals’ Office responded to some of the criticism that cropped up regarding the video uploaded to TikTok by Deputy Marshal Silvester:

“The statements made do NOT represent the Bellevue Marshal’s Office. The Bellevue Marshal’s Office always demands that our Deputies engage with our citizens in a friendly and professional manner. This is NOT how we expect our Deputies to act on duty or use city time.”

Following Deputy Marshal Silvester’s initial suspension, his future with respect to his employment with the Bellevue Marshals’ Office was uncertain – and thus a friend of his established a GoFundMe as a means to address that uncertainty:

“I started this GoFundMe to help out my friend Nate due to his suspension without pay over a viral TikTok. As I stated originally, the future of his job is still unclear, so I started this GoFundMe to help him. He is the sole beneficiary from this account.”

The fundraiser in question wound up taking off, amassing nearly $500K as of May 5th. Deputy Marshal Silvester noted, at the explosion of donated funds, that some of the donations would be used to create a new nonprofit organization that would support police officers.

Now while it has been confirmed that Deputy Marshal Silvester will keep his job by Mayor Burns, it doesn’t mean that it serves as an explicit or even tacit approval of his social media shenanigans.

According to Mayor Burns, the deputy marshals’ uploaded video while in uniform and inside of his patrol vehicle is in contrast with “city standards” of law enforcement officers:

“[Silvester’s actions] does not comport well with city standards, particularly when he’s on city time.”

While many who viewed the video by Deputy Marshal Silvester online found the antics to be humorous, the local City Council had adopted the Idaho Policing Policy in October of 2020, which apparently hosts language specific to social media use while on the clock.

However, there has been no confirmation by officials whether Deputy Marshal Silverster was on or off the clock at the time of the filmed TikTok skit.

Deputy Marshal Silverster’s direct supervisor, Marshal Mynde Heil, is handling the matter from here on out internally. While Mayor Burns confirmed he won’t be terminated, he did not disclose what repercussions Deputy Marshal Silvester may face from a disciplinary perspective.

Mayor Burns is aware that some community members may not be thrilled with the Bellevue Marshals’ Office decision to keep Deputy Marshal Silvester on-board, but stated that he hopes the deputy marshal can regain “the confidence” from those critics:

“I think he’s going to need to do some work to regain the confidence of some members of the community. We need to understand and validate those feelings… I hope he’ll be able to regain that trust.”

Perhaps the most important takeaway from this entire debacle is that, despite how tempting it may be, those within a law enforcement capacity need to be extremely cautious with how they utilize social media – whether on/off the clock, or in/out of uniform.

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