Planet Fitness takes huge hit in membership and stock value amid transgenders in locker room controversies

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HAMPTON, NH- Planet Fitness, a major gym chain with over 2,500 locations worldwide, finds itself at the center of several controversies and challenges that are impacting its reputation and financial standing.

The company's founder and former CEO, Mike Grondahl, recently opened up about concerns during an interview. He highlighted a history of abuse within the company, indicating that some employees have been mistreated.

Grondahl also pointed out that when the company went public, some executives were aware of a top lawyer's questionable past.

He stated during the interview, "When we went public, the majority of the board knew that this lead attorney was a pedophile. It's in the culture."

In terms of policies, Planet Fitness has a rule allowing members to use the locker room corresponding to their self-identified gender. While this policy is meant to be "inclusive," it has sparked controversy and discomfort among some members.

A notable incident involved a woman whose membership was revoked after she took a photograph of a person who identified as a different gender in the women's locker room. This event gained widespread attention and led to calls for boycotts.

Grondahl shared his disapproval of the policies and responses in recent weeks, emphasizing his concern for the company's direction.

Financially, Planet Fitness has experienced a significant decline in its stock value amid these controversies. According to reports, the company lost $400 million in value within a week. Grondahl expressed skepticism about the company's financial reporting, stating, "Their numbers are very suspect."

He further added, "I hope those people are buying in short because the way that they report their same-store sales and the amount of units that they can say that they can put in America is complete bullsh*t."

In addition to the financial impact, there has been a surge in interest from people wanting to cancel their memberships with Planet Fitness. Google Trends data shows a 2,800% increase in searches related to canceling Planet Fitness memberships.

Some reports have even labeled the company as an "illegal billing operation with gyms on the side," raising concerns about its business practices.

Despite the challenges and criticism, Planet Fitness continues to operate with its existing policies and maintains its stance as a "judgement-free zone" that welcomes everyone, regardless of gender identity or background.

The company's website states, "All members, including transgender members, may use Planet Fitness locker room facilities and programs based on their self-reported gender identity."

Planet Fitness is facing a period of intense scrutiny due to allegations of abuse, controversial policies, and a substantial decline in its stock value. Grondahl has raised significant concerns about the company's culture, policies, and financial reporting.

With ongoing controversies and financial difficulties, Planet Fitness faces significant challenges in maintaining its reputation and trust among members and investors alike.

"Planet Fitness was like another child for me. And I put my heart and soul into building that company and it's been pretty much destroyed in, ya know, it’s lost all respect within the country within the last couple weeks," Grondahl said. "There's no common sense standing behind this."
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I for one would cancel my membership if I had one. I have no problem working out on exercise equipment with anyone- transgender or otherwise. However, I draw the line at sharing a dressing area with anyone that wasn't born female. Her also was staring at a 12 y/o female- WRONG PERSON TO SUPPORT. And this woman having her membership revoked because she took a picture of a man in a woman's dressing area was BS. You took her proof and used it against her, Planet Fitness... and you and your cronies are NOT FIT to run a large company that caters to everyone.


I flat out refuse to support ANY business that thinks I am going to share a bathroom with men. I don't give a rat's back side what they identify as. I identify as extremely wealthy, but it doesn't make it so. It's only true in my dreams. If someone has already had surgery, and they are legally a new gender, I'm okay with that. As a nurse, I have shared a locker room with a trans "male to female", I'm good with that. But she was done with all surgeries, and she wasn't some freak'en perv using trans as an excuse to peer at women in a locker room. Besides, some of these trans people are just freaky. Look at the ones the US govt hired, for example. I'm not sharing a bathroom, locker room, car, sidewalk with that type. No way. Call me a bigot, prude, I don't care. I'm not doing it, and nobody can make me. I DO wish the reporters of LET would interview a woman I know in prison who has to share bathrooms, shower rooms, etc., with a trans male, this trans male even got one of the female inmates pregnant. This stuff has to end. The insanity needs to end.

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