We have watched in disbelief as the worst nightmare a police officer can have comes true. An NYPD officer applied what was falsely called a choke hold. Moments later, the perpetrator gasped for air and died in the hospital.

At first, it appeared that the maneuver was not the cause of death.  An initial assessment indicated that the “choke hold” did no damage to the perpetrator’s throat.  Mayor De Blasio and Al Sharpton joined in the uproar of criticism.

Now the horrible news comes from the medical examiner that the choke hold caused the death of the perpetrator.  The death is ruled a homicide. The career of those involved from the NYPD dangles by a slender thread. The officers face the worst possible nightmare; loss of their career and being thrown in jail for a good portion of the rest of their lives.

While these officers now become defendants and have to, somehow, gather enough emotional strength to get through this horrible accusation.  While they gather all their financial resources to defend themselves, stay out of jail and retain their jobs, it is time for the LEO family to support our NYPD brothers and sisters.

Alexander Barnych posted an idea on Facebook that I think does just what need to be done.

Hey Gang- remember about 2 months ago the cops in New Jersey were asking for support regarding a town councilman who was pissing all over cops? We ALL BANDED TOGETHER and sent a LOUD AND CLEAR MESSAGE – and effectively ran that &*%$ out of town.

Brother and sister NYPD cops are under siege by the media, politicians, and the “ever popular” Rev Al Sharpton as a result of the death of a person they were placing in custody. At issue is whether the cop used a “choke hold” which allegedly contributed to the death of this person. Last week the medical examiner declared there was NO TRAUMA to the perp’s neck and throat. As of yesterday- the ME is NOW declaring a “homicide” and saying the officer’s actions contributed to the death of the perp.

Never mind the fact that he weighs 350 lbs, had a cardiac and asthma history.
The “Reverend” Al Sharpton is bitch slapping the police department AND it’s Commissioner while the Mayor (an avowed liberal socialist) is deathly silent.

If you know any NYPD officers please let them know you support them by changing your profile picture to the upside down flag of the NYPD.  This is the same flag used to drape the caskets of officers who die in the line of duty.

This is an effort worthy of serious consideration. As he had mentioned, it worked in ridding Franklin Borough of David Fanale, the cop-hating councilman. We wouldn’t stand for being stepped on and abused then. We need to do the same now. As Alexander said, “If it happens in New York City, it can happen anywhere.”

Captain Robert Cubby served for 38 years with the Jersey City (NJ) Police Department, now retired.  A PTSD survivor, he has been involved in PTSD issues with the CISM team.  A prolific author, Captain Cubby focuses on writing about his experiences and solving police problems. He is a National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI) instructor about police matters and a frequent conference speaker.