United States veteran, retired police officer who is fighting for his life is now in need of a kidney transplant


MESA, AZ – Casey Moore was diagnosed with kidney disease in January of 2020.

According to information shared by his wife Valerie, his body did not respond to the medication.

Now, the military veteran and retired police officer has spent more than two months in the hospital as he awaits word of a possible match for a kidney transplant.

And now, they are asking the Mesa community that he served for a decade for assistance.

Valerie has been forced into a role of caregiver, not only for her husband, but also for her children.

Sadly, the Moore family had to close down their pest control business due to Casey’s inability to work.

According to the GoFundMe page set up by Valerie, Casey is ineligible for Social Security Benefits due to Casey’s career in law enforcement, as part of Arizona’s Section 218 Agreement with the Social Security Administration. He retired in 2015 after 5 surgeries attempting to repair damage from an on-the-job injury.

Valerie points to a family at home who needs their dad.

“Our little girls, it has affected them. They miss their dad. Dad was with them every day, their whole life.”

Instead, Casey continues to be in a hospital bed.

“I’m just waiting until we get the call that, ‘Hey, my dad got a kidney…he can come home’,” said Moore’s daughter Aaliyah Moore.

As reported by KPNX 12, Casey has come close to getting the transplant several times, but in each instance, it fell through at the last minute.

Neither Casey or his family is not giving up hope that he will be able to get home and resume life.

“Every day is like in and out procedures…and there’s different doctors coming in…every week it’s a different doctor. I just want to get out of this place, and you know, get on with life. And you know, hopefully a kidney is in the future somewhere…but we need to find it, that’s the hard part,” Casey said. 

The effort to raise $20,000 dollars to assist in offsetting some of the financial burden has only obtained $2,690 to date.

The family asks for support in numerous ways, to include prayers.

For our readers in the greater Phoenix area who may be interested in giving blood, Casey is O-.

For those who may want to go a step further, you can apply to be a donor via the Mayo Clinic’s living donor program.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to this family. Here is hoping that a match is found, and this husband and father gets to go home to his family.


If you have ever wondered whether organ donations can save a life, we invite you to


Final act of heroism: Kidney of fallen police officer given to another cop to save his life

SPRINGFIELD, MO – Independence Police Officer Blaize Madrid-Evans, who was killed in a shootout with a suspect earlier in September, is continuing to save lives even in death.

He was an organ donor, and his kidney served as a match for a Springfield Police officer in need of a transplant.

As we had previously reported here at Law Enforcement Today, Officer Madrid-Evans was only 22-years-old when he died in a shootout with 33-year-old repeat offender Cody L. Harrison back on September 15th.

Harrison was also killed during the shootout when officers returned fire outside of the residence located within the 2400 block of Northern Boulevard in Independence.

As fate would have it, Officer Madrid-Evans was an organ donor and Springfield Police Officer Mark Priebe needed a new kidney – which the late officer’s kidney served as a match.

Officer Priebe was paralyzed after being intentionally struck by a vehicle back in June of 2020.

The Springfield officer’s kidneys began to fail this past June and he started dialysis in July. Come September 17th, Officer Priebe’s family learned of the match and the transplant was performed the day after.

While Officer Priebe stated that he is “forever grateful” for Officer Madrid-Evans’ kidney serving as a match, he’s also heartbroken knowing that the officer died so young and early into his career, saying “why I am allowed to continue to live, and this young, brand new officer had to pay the ultimate sacrifice. I hope that I can honor him and his family by the way I live my life.”

Speaking with local news outlet KY3 two days after the procedure, Officer Priebe expanded on those emotions he’s feeling:

“I think that’s probably the hardest thing for me to soak in is, I get to live, and I’ve already lived ‘til 46 years old and done my career. And he was just trying to get started, and he’s already gone from us. And that’s where it’s hard for me to really truly understand that.

And I just have to put my faith in God and not look for all the answers and just trust in him that there’s purpose and a reason behind it all.”

Officer Priebe’s wife says that he’s still on a liquid diet, but that doctors say he should be ready for real food soon and that things are looking good after the transplant.

The officer said from his hospital room during the interview that he’s keeping Officer Madrid-Evans’ family in his prayers and credits the family with giving him more time than he “was supposed to before”:

“We know God was watching over me, and we pray for the family that, where the donation came from. We’re thinking of them as we go about our days each day now too.

They gave me a second chance to be healthier and live even longer than I was supposed to before. But love everybody. Keep praying that we heal and there’s no complications and no rejections of the kidney and we can just keep moving forward.”


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