United Nations at Geneva posts Antifa flag on Twitter, condemns President Trump for labeling it as terrorist organization


This editorial is written by a former Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

If there is any doubt that the United States needs to get out of the United Nations, or at the very least kick them out of our country, this is it.

On Friday, the United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG) posted the Antifa flag on their official Twitter account. According to Breitbart so-called “experts” at the UN slammed President Trump’s call to label the anarchist group as a terrorist organization. Mysteriously, the tweet has been deleted.

UN #HumanRights experts express profound concern over a recent statement by the US Attorney-General describing #Antifa and other anti-fascist activists as domestic terrorists, saying it undermines the rights to freedom of expression and of peaceful assembly in the country.”

Fortunately, the Allegheny GOP preserved the tweet:

Despite the fact that Antifa has been largely blamed for inflaming tensions at various “protests” around the country after the George Floyd incident, the fact that Antifa has largely been involved with taking over a six-block section of Seattle and claiming it as “an autonomous zone,” the United Nations claims that the president’s attempt to designate them a terrorist organization “undermines their right to peaceful assembly.”

You literally cannot make this stuff up.

So-called “human rights experts” at the UN expressed “profound concern over a recent statement by the U.S. Attorney General in which he described antifa and other so-called “anti-fascist activists” [talk about a contradiction in terms] as domestic terrorists, claiming that such a designation “undermines freedom of expression and of peaceful assembly in the country.”

Not to mention the right to loot, burn down buildings, beat people up, and otherwise destroy property.

According to The Epoch Times, Attorney General Bill Barr said on May 31 that alleged violence tied in to the George Floyd protests being “carried out by Antifa and other similar groups in connection with the rioting is domestic terrorism and will be treated accordingly.”

Barr had previously said that the Department of Justice had evidence that Antifa and similar groups had been behind the violent activity, and said federal authorities were investigating individuals with ties to the group.

“We have some investigations underway and very focused investigations on certain individuals that relate to Antifa,” Barr said in a June 8 interview on Fox News.

“But in the…initial phase of identifying people and arresting them, they were arrested for crimes that don’t require us to identify a particular group or don’t necessitate that.”

One of the so-called experts cited in the UN statement was someone named Fionnuala Ni Aolain, who is the UN Special Rapporteur who basically works on the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms while countering terrorism…sounds important but basically this person just spouts anti-American gibberish.

Why you ask? Well her other job is working as the Board Chair of the Open Society Foundations Women Program. Does Open Society Foundations sound familiar? Open Society is funded by none other than billionaire socialist busybody George Soros. How weird is that?!?

Ni Aolain added that, “International human rights law protects the right to freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly,” while adding that it was “regrettable that the United States has chosen to respond to the protests in a manner that undermines these fundamental rights.”

We wonder what Andy Ngo would think about that.

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The UN, which has countries such as Libya, Somalia and Venezuela on its Human Rights Council really has some chutzpah criticizing the United States about anything.

The statement from the UN came about in part as a response to the statement of Attorney General Bill Barr’s statement that “violence committed by Antifa is domestic terrorism and will be treated accordingly.” Sounds pretty legit.

The US has not yet taken legal action against Antifa since President Trump’s declaration that the group would be designated a terrorist organization. Aolain parroting the typical Soros-fed rhetoric said that “the loose use of terrorism rhetoric undermines legitimate protests and dampens freedom of expression in the United States, which has been a hallmark of U.S. constitutional values, and a beacon far beyond its shores.”

The criticism of the United States by the UN did not go unnoticed, with Twitter blowing up over the hypocrisy of the UN lecturing to the United States about human rights, with one person tweeting, “’Peaceful assembly’ lmao” “Defund the UN”

The UN’s reference to Antifa’s “alleged violence” would be funny if it weren’t so void of reality. The group’s history of resorting to violence, usually while hiding their faces behind masks and resorting to group thuggery, is well documented.

Antifa was clearly involved in the violent riots that have overtaken the country in the past three weeks, and their presence seems to be quite evident in the insurrectionist takeover of six blocks in downtown Seattle which has been called an “autonomous zone” with the name of CHAZ, or now CHOP.

Meanwhile in France, at least 24 people who were wearing the Antifa “Black Bloc” uniform were arrested after violent clashes with police.

Last month, two Antifa members were arrested for buying firearms with the intent of murdering police officers in the French city of Lyon.

Antifa has been front and center at one of the Black Lives Matter “protests” on Downing Street in London, with such protests becoming increasingly violent during the course of the month.

The aforementioned journalist Andy Ngo, in commenting on a violent Antifa demonstration in Germany last month told Breitbart London: “Observe how Antifa and far-left demonstrators who defy coronavirus health guidelines, sometimes violently, haven’t been treated with the same public contempt as conservative protesters asking for states to open up.”

“Far left extremists are empowered to be violent by the legitimacy and pass given to them by mainstream society and media,” Ngo concluded.

Epoch Times said that Antifa’s roots are traced back to the German “anti-fascist” movement, which was part of an attempt by the old Soviet Union to incite communist revolution in that country.

In the United States, while the group claims its members are fighting fascism, they themselves engage in fascist activities, with the group primarily consisting of communists, socialists and other far-left radicals who label anyone who disagrees with or refuses to identify with their hateful ideology as fascists, thereby justifying their use of violence against them.

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