Understanding March for Our Lives: Fact Versus Fiction With a Dose Of Irony


Understanding March for Our Lives: Fact Versus Fiction With a Dose Of Irony

The irony of this past weekends gun control push, March For Our Lives, runs deep.

On Saturday, March 24th, every news network covered the events spread across the country, with the main event being in Washington DC, where approximately 200,000 protestors gathered to protest guns, not 800,000 the media reported.

One of the main ironies? The people attending the Washington DC march were protected heavily by LEOs with guns, all kinds of guns, and specifically the types of guns the very people marching want banned.

Assault weapons, or as the March For Our Lives calls them, “weapons of war,” were carried and present by the good guys, providing the protection for the marchers, who were able to feel safe because of the protection by LEOs with guns in order for the marchers to protest guns.

Yes, I know you have to read that sentence several times to absorb the irony. Washington DC Police, US Park Police, US Capitol Police, US Secret Service Uninformed Division, FBI, Metro Transit Police, and DC National Guard were all armed with guns working to protect the marchers who were marching against guns.

Yet how do LEOs feel about gun control? Let’s explore the issue.

After polling more than 20,000 sheriffs and chiefs of police, the National Association of Chiefs of Police found that 86.4 percent “support nationwide recognition of state issued concealed weapon permits” and 76 percent believe that “qualified, law-abiding armed citizens help law enforcement reduce violent criminal activity,” reported the National Review.

The same article showed even more findings of police support for the Second Amendment and against gun control saying,

Rank-and file-police show even stronger support for private gun ownership. PoliceOne, an organization of about 380,000 active and 70,000 retired officers, surveyed 16,000 members on the subject in 2013. Virtually all of the survey’s respondents said the “assault-weapons” ban, “a federal ban on ammunition magazines that hold more than ten rounds,” background checks on private transfers of guns, and “a national database tracking all legal gun sales” would either do no good or actually cause harm.

Seventy-one percent of officers said that an assault-weapons ban would have no effect, while 20.5 percent said that it would make things worse. Seventy-six percent of officers said that legally armed citizens are either extremely important or very important in reducing crime. Eighty-six percent of officers said that abolishing gun-free zones would reduce or eliminate casualties from mass shootings.

Is this the only time in history that Americans marched to demand rights to be taken away and to push for the government to have more control over the people?  It certainly looks that way.

One of the most ironic parts of their march is that the march took place right on Pennsylvania Avenue, which is right next to the J Edgar Hoover FBI building. It’s an irony that the marcher’s weren’t protesting the FBI, whom did not act on tips they were given that Nicolas Cruz said he wanted to kill people and be a professional school shooter, as they literally marched right by protesting guns instead of the FBI. The FBI could have stopped the shooter by investigating the tips, well before he went to shoot up the school.

Now, let’s explore the details of the gun protest march in order to get an understanding of what really happen this weekend.

Only four days after the February 14th tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where Nicolas Cruz murdered 17 people, student Cameron Kasky created a Go Fund Me page for March For Our Lives on February 18th with a goal of $3.8 million.

Florida School Massacre

This was the launch of the #NeverAgain movement, and within one week, Kasky updated the page saying the Go Fund Me had already received $2.7 million dollars.

The Go Fund Me now sits at just under $3.5 million. Also, noted in the update only one week after it launched and only two weeks after the shooting, there had been a 501c4 created for March For Our Lives Action Fund and a March For Our Lives website.

The so called student led grassroots movement, was capable of an amazing amount of progress within two weeks of the school shooting, while grieving the loss of classmates and teachers.

However it wasn’t truly student led or organized. It turns out the students were just the puppets attending the gun control party thrown by the celebrities in cahoots with the gun control groups. Yes the very same celebrities who pay good guys with guns for protection and benefit from LEOs protection when they perform. Yes another irony.

Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney, Steven Spielberg, and Jeffrey Katzenberg each donated $500,000 totaling $2 million towards the march. George Clooney and Oprah Winfrey paid for free water for protestors attending the march.

According to TMZ, Clooney recruited Scooter Braun, talent manager and record label owner who works with Usher, Justin Beiber, and Ariana Grande, to lend fundraising expertise and organizing efforts.

“Youth-oriented television channel MTV has teamed up with the NAACP to send 17 buses of young people to Washington, D.C. on Saturday, and has enlisted support through social media and video messages from the likes of Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Jay-Z, Halsey and talk show host Jimmy Fallon,” reported Reuters.

During the march the star power took to the stage. Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, Common, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Ben Platt were some of the performers showing their support for the March For Our Lives agenda. None of that sounds like a grassroots initiative by students or student organized.

The reality of March For Our Lives is that it was organized by celebrities with a gun control agenda who used the student’s faces, fears, and feelings to register voters and appeal to lawmakers.

Yes, you read that right. Registered voters. One of the biggest objectives of March For Our Lives was to register voters to vote in the November 2018 elections for candidates that would legislate gun control.

As a matter of fact, “Register. Educate. Vote.” with an action button that reads, “Vote For Our Lives” is the very first line on the front page of the March For Our Lives website. Volunteers worked the entire time of the march’s events passing out information and getting attendees to register to vote for their agenda.

What is the March For Our Lives agenda? As outlined on their website, they gave five action items under the heading “How We Save Lives”

  1. “Fund gun violence research and gun violence prevention/intervention programs.”

The website states in order to do this provide funding to the CDC for research on gun violence. In other words, make a government entity the expert and provide additional taxpayers money to do so.

  1. “Eliminate absurd restrictions on ATF.”

The website states that the gun industry has been operating unchecked for too long, and that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) should be fully engaged and modernized to regulate the gun industry. In other words, again make a government entity more powerful and more in control over the American people and the gun industry.

  1. “Universal background checks.”

The website states that all private gun sales must go through a background check.

  1. “High-capacity magazine ban.”

The website specifically states there needs to be a ban on magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.

However, in the recent school shooting that happened in Maryland, the state of Maryland already had a law in place banning any magazine with more than 10 rounds, yet a school shooting still took place.

The difference in Maryland versus Florida is that the Maryland school resource officer engaged the shooter and the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas resource officer stayed outside and did not go in to confront Cruz allowing 17 people to be killed.

The outcome of both situations had everything to do with the actions taken by the resource officers armed with guns, not capacity of magazines or types of weapons used.

  1. “Limit firing power on the streets.”

The website states, “Weapons of war have no place in our communities. Our nation requires a comprehensive assault weapons ban that prohibits the future production and sale of these weapons and provides a solution for dealing with those assault weapons that are already owned, such as a buyback program or registration.”

Again the state of Maryland which has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, still had a school shooting in the last week, yet the outcome of the shooting had everything to do with the fact that there was a good guy with a gun, the school resource officer, who was a hero and bravely engaged the shooter killing him and saving countless lives. No weapons ban will stop mass shootings because there are existing laws against murder in this country, yet bad guys will still continue to get weapons they aren’t supposed to have and will still continue to kill people.

Maryland school resource officer
When a 17-year-old gunman walked into Maryland’s Great Mills High School, the rapid response of the school’s single resource officer, Blaine Gaskill, was instrumental in bringing the incident to a quick end. (St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office)

The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is by a good guy with a gun. Also, a majority of LEOs on the streets are against a ban on so called assault weapons.

The five action items on the March For Our Lives website only call for more money spent, more government control, freedoms taken away from the American people, reducing the Second Amendment, and useless actions that do not protect our nation’s youth while they are sitting defenseless in gun free zones.

While celebrities and gun control organizations call for laws that do nothing to protect students, the majority of the American people agree with LEOs on how to stop school shootings.

According to the Washington Examiner, “a survey, done by Gallup, found that by a margin of 56 percent to 41 percent, “Americans are more likely to say the government should change laws related to ‘school security and mental health system’ rather than the ‘laws on the sales of guns and ammunition’ as the best way to prevent future school shootings.” Will lawmakers listen? That is yet to be seen.

Perhaps one of the biggest ironies of the entire gun control event, March For Our Lives, was that it was backed by Planned Parenthood. Yes, the very organization, that at last report, performed 323,999 (2014) abortions per year. The organization that murders the lives of humans, in it’s most vulnerable sacred place while it is still growing in it’s mothers womb, is the same organization that wants to take away guns as a measure to keep children from being murdered in gun free zones at school, where they are vulnerable and unprotected.

Other organizations such as Everytown for Gun Safety, Giffords Courage, and Women’s March also backed March For Our Lives.

Some women carried signs that were about abortion, yet they tried to make their message about guns. The results were catastrophic failures.

One woman’s sign read, “Call me crazy but . . . Someday I hope women have more rights than guns.” If this were an actual reality, then this woman’s dream is for American women to lose the right to go into polling places, enter courtrooms, board a plane, and go to their children’s schools.

understanding march
Participants in March for Our Lives. (Flicker)

Women would have to be permitted to be taken anywhere, and be feared and protested by many Americans like the ones who attended the March For Our Lives event this very woman attended and held up her idiotic sign.

Another woman held a sign asking, “Why is my uterus more regulated than guns?” Obviously this woman isn’t aware that her uterus is not really regulated like guns. In the United States woman are free to create life and have life taken away all inside their uteruses without penalty.

Many Americans were outraged at such signs and the fact that Planned Parenthood could even have a voice in this debate. Yet this is the land of the free, and Americans have the right to free speech, so every voice can be heard.

In America, we also have the right to keep and bear arms, a right that shall not be infringed. A right that was bestowed on us, the American people, so that a tyrannical government could never take us over. A right that states a well-regulated militia is necessary to the security of a free state.

In this modern day, it is estimated that for every American there is a gun in this country, and it is unknown exactly how many gun owners there are.

In 2013, it was estimated that roughly 30 percent of Americans owned guns, which means that the average gun owner owns about 3 firearms. By these numbers, that tells us that America has a sizable militia that consist of good law abiding Americans who love our country, and would stand up to any threat against us and any threat against our children.

For many Americans, we feel that our militia is already well regulated and we do not want to see more gun control regulations forced on us.

My great grandmother was a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution. The Revolution being the very war that brought us freedom from a tyrannical government. My family has a history of fighting for America’s independence and the rights like the Second Amendment that we are blessed to have. I believe I can speak for many other Americans when I say, we want our children protected by good guys with guns and we do not want our right to bear arms infringed upon.

The question that remains is will our lawmakers listen to the voice of the majority of Americans or will they listen to a few wealthy celebrities that play pretend for a living, and used teenagers as actors while using their money to put on a big show?

Lastly, what influences lawmakers more, the voice and will of the majority of American people or the influential money donated to election campaigns by celebrities and gun control agenda organizations?

We will soon see.

– Marjorie Greene


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