Under attack: 8 Michigan officers shot in 13 days


Michigan – You may often hear people within the law enforcement community talk about the “war on police” and the lost days of when people used to have respect for the force.

And with the recent number of police officers falling under attack in Michigan, it’s hard to argue otherwise.

In a bombshell report, Michigan has now had eight police officers shot in the line of duty in under two weeks. 

But for whatever reason, the national media has barely covered the topic. They’re too busy focusing on impeachment hearings and ignoring the fact that our protectors are being gunned down in the streets simply for wearing the badge. 



The Michigan Fraternal Order of Police issued a statement regarding the recent uptick in violence against local officers. Of the eight shootings, one was fatal.

“In less than 2 weeks, 8 police officers in Michigan have been shot in the line of duty,” a post from the FOP on Facebook read. “Fortunately, most of these officers did return home, one did not. On Friday, we will bury Detroit Police Corporal Rasheen McClain.”

The post was authored by FOP State President Michael Sauger. The post went on. 

“We run towards danger. We stand up. We answer the call,” he wrote.

But while they’re running to help the innocent, who is going to stand up for them? 

“The Michigan FOP stands with our law enforcement officers,” Sauger continued. “The Michigan FOP stands with the communities of Monroe, Detroit, Battle Creek and Kalamazoo.”

Sauger called upon fellow citizens of Michigan to band together in support of police and end the bloodshed.

“The Michigan FOP stands to protect the citizens of Michigan,” Sauger concluded. “We ask that the Citizens of Michigan STAND WITH US to stop this violence.”

The streak of violence began on November 19, when two officers were involved in a firefight with an armed suspect who was allegedly threatening a maintenance worker at his housing complex. 

According to a number of news outlets, the officers were responding to a call at the Washington Arms Apartments in the 700 block of Washington Street.


Sources say the Monroe officers were responding to a call of a man threatening a maintenance worker with a weapon.

Initial reports had said that the man was armed, and when the officers got to the scene, gun shots were fired, striking both of the officers. 


Then, the next day, two more Detroit officers took fire from an armed suspect, killing one of them.

According to Detroit Police Chief James Craig, two officers were struck by gunfire during the shootout with a suspect. The second officer was hit in the leg and is in serious condition, but is expected to survive the injuries. 

Chief Craig also said that the suspect was injured during the firefight as well. 

Under attack: 8 Michigan officers shot in 13 days
An officer has been killed after a home invasion call turned into a deadly shootout. (Click on Detroit)


USA TODAY reported that the two officers were reporting to the scene of a possible home invasion around 7:20 p.m. on the 20th. When they arrived at the scene, police say they were quickly flagged down by panicked residents who notified them that the suspect was inside the home.

They warned the officers that he was armed.

Two more Detroit officers arrived to provide backup, and the four officers made entry into the home and cleared the area of any suspects.

However, as they were coming back downstairs, sources say the suspect appeared with a rifle and began firing at the officers.

“As the officers arrived, occupants of this home began running out. The suspect, who was armed with a high-powered rifle, began to open fire on the officers,” said Detroit Police Chief James Craig.

The officers were trapped and had nowhere to go. They returned fire, striking the suspect at least one time, Craig noted.

One of the officers was struck by gunfire in the neck. Another was hit in the leg. Both the injured officer and the wounded suspect were rushed to the hospital to be treated for their wounds. The officer who had been shot in the neck was brought to Sinai-Grace Hospital, but doctors were unable to provide life-saving care.

Police say the suspect, JuJuan Parks, had been just released from prison a few months ago.

During that call, we lost Corporal Rasheen McClain.

Then on November 30, Battle Creek Police Officer Jeff Johnson, 33, was shot in the leg, chest, and wrist after responding to a call about children who were screaming. The suspect, Andre Yarbrough, fled the scene but was apprehended by a department K-9 the following day. 

Then again on December 1, three officers were gunned down during a response to a home invasion call in Kalamazoo. 

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Under attack: 8 Michigan officers shot in 13 days


WOODTV confirmed that Kalamazoo authorities first responded to the Michigan residence on Sunday around 10:30 p.m. after a number of 911 calls were placed to dispatch about an invader inside a family home. 

Deputies from the Kalamazoo Sheriff’s Office as well as DPS officer and Michigan state troopers descended on the house, located on Proctor Avenue near King Highway in Comstock Township, east of Kalamazoo, according to reports. 


While en route to the call, dispatchers were in communication with the family inside the home, as well as the suspect who was holding them hostage. 

As the officers arrived at the residence and were getting ready to make entry, they reportedly heard a gunshot ring out. 

They raced inside the home, but upon entry, more shots rang out from the suspect. 

Kalamazoo County Sheriff Richard Fuller said that as officers moved through the home, they came under fire. Three of them were struck by rounds from the suspect’s firearm. 

It appears as though during the operation, none of the officers returned fire at the suspect. 

“There were a lot of rounds fired off last night by the suspect, and no officers were in a position to return any fire because they were worried about other victims,” he said. “And that’s why you have three injured officers today and the suspect in custody.”

Fuller said that after the suspect allegedly shot and killed the homeowner and then fired on police, he tried to make his escape, but was caught and taken into custody without further incident. 

“The officers involved appear to have fired no shots,” Fuller said. “All the shots that were fired are from the suspect alone — not the homeowner or the police officers.”

The additional two hostages were successfully rescued and were not injured during the tense situation. 

“Officers went into the residence to try to save lives. The officers went in with a plan and worked that plan as a team,” Sheriff Fuller said. “During the incident, three officers received injuries due to the suspect firing his gun.”

It’s time America comes together and stops the senseless violence against our protectors — and it’s past time for lawmakers to instill harsher penalties for attacking members of law enforcement. 

Enough is enough. 


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