You probably heard all about the tragedy inside a California bar during a college country-western night.

What you might have missed (at no fault of your own… it wasn’t widely covered), is the story about a group of off-duty cops who allegedly formed a human chain to help save the lives of innocent civilians trapped inside.

According to witnesses, approximately six unarmed officers from different local agencies were enjoying an evening at the Borderline Bar & Grill. They showed no sign of weakness when the suspect entered and began shooting.

The cops reportedly stood shoulder to shoulder as shots rang out, helping to protect those around them.

“They stood right in front of my daughter,” said a parent to Sheriff Geoff Dean after the shooting.

Each of the officers went home after the brutal exchange.

Sergeant Ron Helus of the Sheriff’s Department was not so lucky. He was on duty when the call came in.

Helus was speaking with his wife on the phone when he told her, “I gotta go handle a call. I love you. I’ll talk to you later.”

These were the last words he would ever say to her.

The 29-year veteran of the Sheriff’s office was fatally shot after running into the crowded pub and exchanging fire with the suspect.

He had reportedly intended to retire within the next few years. He was described as a man who would show no hesitation when someone was in danger.

“It’s awful. He was close to everybody,” said Sheriff Dean.

Additionally, a Navy SEAL who had survived the Las Vegas shooting was among those killed in the attack.

When tragedy strikes, we see terror. We see pain. We see suffering. But we also see those who rise above the danger and take action. Those who sprint towards the fire or the gunshots, going against every instinct in their body.

These courageous acts in times of unspeakable stress and sadness are just another testament to how strong the members of the Thin Blue Line are.

When it hits the fan… will you run? Or will you take a stand?