Unapologetic Christian Who Happens to be a Police Wife

I am a Christian and a police wife and I’m pretty annoyed with feeling the need to hide and or apologize for those titles. I love Jesus Christ with all my heart and doing so doesn’t make me better than anyone else. I am married to a wonderful officer and just because I am doesn’t make me exempt from the law. We live in a day and age where Christians and police officers are being persecuted more and more each day, combine them both and oh no watch out!

As Christians it’s like we have to whisper our prayers in a public restaurant so no one gets offended but it’s completely ok and no one bats an eye at the language and nudity in our theaters today because its “culture.” We can’t even post Scripture to our very own Facebook page without persecution from “friends” and/or the post being deleted by Facebook because it’s offensive. We shouldn’t have to apologize for our faith nor all that God’s done in our life just to make someone else comfortable.

As a police wife for safety reasons and major persecution we have to disguise our names online and be aware of our surroundings at all times for the fear of someone knowing we’re married to an officer and them wanting retaliation against him and or the force itself “just because they hate law enforcement.” We can’t always post how proud we are of their accomplishments, have to watch who friends of friends are and should wear our “LEO” gear at home or safe cities to avoid any conflict. We shouldn’t have to apologize for how proud and honored we are to be married to our heroes just to make others comfortable.

It’s 2018, some of us have been Christian’s and police wives longer than some have been alive but no matter the time you’ve been either I want to challenge you to be BOLD and COURAGEOUS in your faith and your title as a police wife because both are honorable and a blessing. If you want to reach out to someone because God’s laying it on your heart to do so but scared of the rejection and or retaliation, DO IT anyway and do it scared . . . God will show up on your behalf. If you want to show your pride in being a police wife do so, but like I mentioned before unfortunately we live in a day and age where it’s not exactly smart to shout it from the rooftops so let’s think of/share subtle ways that you can feel both proud and safe. As loud as people scream with their mouths and actions about the world and Devil they serve we’ll be just as loud and proud about the God we serve. In 2018 let’s be women of God who honor our oaths as Christians just as much as our men honor their sacred oaths to the badge. Be an unapologetic Christian police wife and love others despite their persecution because one day, every knee WILL bow and every tongue WILL confess that He alone is God.

Happy New Year! – Mariah Pizano, Something Blue Ministries