What do I mean when I say, “It’s ugly, it’s messy, and cops step up to the plate?” Simple: Police officers trudge through the worst society has to offer. But allow me to explain in a way that you’ve never considered.

Being a cop in this media saturated age is more fun than should be legal. It reminds me of people’s love for a good steak!

Browsing the meat department they set your eyes on it … thick, pink, marbled perfection beautifully displayed in a contrasting black tray and clear cellophane cover. “Oh ya … THAT works,” they exclaim to themselves. “That’ll be awesome on the grill!”

good steak


Conveniently forgotten was the dirty work that made it all possible … the cow herded through the chute on its way to death, a projectile launched from a high powered pneumatic device piercing the animals skull, the slit carotid artery and jugular vein draining the fresh warm blood … the removal of the entrails still steaming from recent life … THAT is the inconvenient reality of a good cookout, the genesis of memories with family and friends.

People love safe communities. It’s there they watch the crystal clear ideal of the American dream unfold. Often forgotten is the reality that makes it even an option … selfless men and women confronting violence in the wee hours of the night … at times having to shed the blood of others, at times shedding their own.

12 times

Sherwood Police Officers arrived at the scene where James Tylka shot Oregon State Police Trooper Nic Cederberg on December 25, 2016. (Screenshot body cam video)

Mangled bodies, tortured children, violent encounters fueled by hate; broken homes, shattered lives, drug and alcohol fueled meltdowns … all spewing hate filled words.

It’s ugly, it’s messy, and law enforcement officers step to the plate daily to confront it all. The public holds them to a higher standard and rightfully so. But that same public, at times, expects a perfection that is not humanly possible.

Minneapolis police body camera footage

Minneapolis police body camera footage showed a different perspective than anti-police propaganda. (Minneapolis Police Department)

It’s ugly, it’s messy, and law enforcement officers step to the plate daily to confront it all.


(Courtesy Bird Dog Adopt a Cop USA)

Honest mistakes will be made, less than perfect words uttered, at times they will overreact. The community will learn a hard lesson through increased crime if they forget that … officers are leaving in droves, few are taking their place. If we allow them to be humans, they’ll take their discipline, swallow their pride, grow and put their best foot forward to try again.

good steak

(Courtesy Key West Police Department)

The job is hard. As an insider I can tell you they do their best. Please forgive them when they get a couple of drops of blood on the cellophane. I can assure you that was not their intent.

– Anonymous