“You’re putting targets on police officers’ backs, but then you’re using police security”: UFC fighter calls out Lebron James


Colby Covington has not been shy regarding his thoughts about Lebron James. Whether it be his political activism (for which the UFC star called him a spineless coward), his supposed use of I Promise Schools as a tax write-off for his other businesses, or his participation in the least-watched NBA finals ever, Covington has made his views on the 18-time all-star pretty clear.

Now, Covington is calling out Lebron for his hypocrisy surrounding law enforcement. James is very vocal on social media when there is a death through police interaction, often calling for police reform or abolition. Yet he is oddly silent when officers are killed in the line of duty, many times by ambush.

Remember when James took to Twitter after 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant was shot and killed by an officer while she was actively trying to stab another woman during a fight?

He posted a photo of the officer with the caption “YOU’RE NEXT #ACCOUNTABILITY.”

He eventually deleted the tweet.

Not because he felt he was wrong for posting it, but because he claimed that the tweet was being used to spread more hate.

“I’m so damn tired of seeing Black [sic] people killed by police. I took the tweet down because its being used to create more hate -This isn’t about one officer.  it’s about the entire system and they always use our words to create more racism. I am so desperate for more ACCOUNTABILITY”

When two LA police officers were ambushed, being shot while sitting in their patrol car, just blocks from where the Lakers play their home games, James’ twitter feed said nothing about it.

Enter Covington.

He was speaking candidly on the Full Send podcast.

He launched into his support of law enforcement by discussing the fact that he took a knee during a fight to pay tribute to our emergency responders.

“I’m unapologetic for what I believe in America and for the people I stand behind. I am not afraid to go against the grain and put myself out there. “

When one of the hosts asked how anyone can hate on the police, Covington responded:

“That’s why I laugh at LeBron James. Dude — you’re talking s—. You’re putting targets on police officers’ backs, but then you’re using police security for your family.”

Covington certainly is unapologetic in his support of the thin blue line.

Prior to his most recent fight at UFC 272 in early March, was given an American flag by a friend within the Miami police department. The flag was signed by many members of the MPD, including K9, SWAT and other specialized units.

“We got us some signatures of all the Miami Beach police departments. The SWAT, the canine unit, the motor unit. This is going to be the flag that I walk out to the octagon with. Imma fight hard for them and make sure that they’re inspired as much as they inspire me,” said Covington.

Covington won the match against Jorge Masvidal by unanimous decision after 5 rounds. In his post-fight press conference, he told Joe Rogan:

“I want to thank all of the first responders, military, law enforcement, you’re the real heroes of America. You’re the backbone. I fight for you guys.”


LANDSMEER, HOLLAND – Legendary Bellator fighter, Melvin Manhoef, is making headlines, but not for in-the-ring action.

Three men were believed to have been casing the MMA star’s Amsterdam suburban home on at least one other occasion. He was in Paris for an event at that time. They were seen again by neighbors, who called Manhoef to alert him to their presence.

This time he was home. The husband and father of one went outside to confront the men.

According to the Sun, Manhoef chased the men off his property and into their vehicle. Witnesses reported seeing them speed away, with Manhoef  right behind them in his own car.

Catching up to the fleeing vehicle, Manhoef essentially used his car to disable their vehicle. Once they were stopped, he then went to the car, broke the window, opened the door and put the men on the ground near the car to await police.

People in the area saw the activity and called law enforcement.

When they arrived, they found Manhoef standing in front of the men. He still had glass shards in his hand from punching through the window of their car.

As reported by the website ClutchPoints, Manhoef told his story.

“I pulled my car in front of them, and I was watching them. They saw me, and they were looking at me, and they took a slight turn and went away. After that, I was chasing them.

I chased them, and then I crashed into them on the back side, and I couldn’t stop them because they were still going fast. And then I go to the side, and I hit them from the side. So they go into the, how do you call it, the side of the road, and the car was, like, turning and slipping. And we crashed.

So I crashed, I crashed the whole car, and then the car stopped in the middle of the road, like horizontal, in the middle of the road.

And I jumped out of the car and I said, ‘Come over here,’ because they had their burglar stuff to go in the house. I said, ‘Open the window,’ and I smashed the window in, and I pulled the guy out, opened the door, and put the guy on the ground. I was yelling, I was going like crazy. Everybody put their hands and knees on the ground. Some people were helping, they came out of their houses, and they called 911. In a few minutes, they were there.”

Google Translate shows that the tweet reads:

“In the Netherlands, boxer Melvin Manhoef stopped and beat the burglars in a car as they fled and handed them over to the police… Is the charisma in the photo a joke?”

Now it is rumored that he could be facing charges for taking matters into his own hands.

He told authorities that if he had to do it again, he would, as he is going to protect his family.

“Because if they’re going to burgle in and my wife is there, they tie my wife or my kid up, I couldn’t forgive myself. My instinct was, you cannot come around my family. This is like, rule No. 1. Don’t touch my family. If you do that, yeah, you’re going to pay for it.

If I have to face charges, it is what it is. I did something wrong because I hit the car, but I hit it with a purpose, because I know they were in my house.”

What remains unclear is whether the 45-year-old will face actual charges for his actions or if police will rule that he was acting in “self-defense.”

Manhoef has a professional career record of 32 wins (29 by knockout) and 15 losses. He is currently preparing for a fight.

At some point, people should consider not messing with MMA fighters.

Video: Drunk guy lunges at man in bar, gets knocked out. Turns out his target was a MMA fighter.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – A video that was recently posted to Twitter showcasing a professional MMA fighter that crossed paths with and knocked out a drunkard who lunged at him has caused him some divided takes – with some saying it was swift justice, and others thinking the quick hits were too much.

But one thing that most everybody can likely agree with, after watching the video, is that it’s not in one’s best interest to aggressively lunge at someone that towers you.

This incident was said to have transpired on June 28th at the B Square Burger and Booze establishment in Fort Lauderdale. The man seen throwing the punches in the video was identified as 37-year-old Joe Schilling, a professional MMA fighter that weighs in at about 270 pounds and stands 6 feet 5 inches.

As for the man seen in the video being delivered an early bedtime, he was identified as 31-year-old Justin Balboa, who is not an MMA fighter by any stretch but is reportedly a known patron and troublemaker at the establishment where he was knocked out.

When looking at the video footage, Balboa can be seen chopping it up with other patrons and Schilling starts to come to his rear and places his hand on Balboa’s side so that way he can walk past him through the narrow pathway.

With the music playing as loud as it is it’s hard to tell what was said that caused Schilling to turn around suddenly after walking past Balboa – but when Schilling turned and faced the man, Balboa can be seen aggressively posturing and lunging at Schilling.

And in that brief moment of aggressive posturing toward Schilling, the MMA fighter threw 2-3 quick punches and down Balboa went.

(One can’t help but notice the irony in someone with the last name “Balboa” falling so quick.)

In a move that is hardly surprising, Balboa secured an attorney, Rob Soloman, who claims that Schilling was in the wrong and took things too far:

“He could have walked away. He could have even pushed our client. There’s a lot of things he could have done rather than haul off and hit somebody.”

According to the police report from the incident, the restaurant manager informed authorities that Balboa is a bit of a problematic patron:

“The person who was struck is a regular customer who routinely causes problems at the establishment due to his intoxication level.”

Balboa’s attorney claims that if his client genuinely is a problematic pattern at the establishment, then perhaps the owners of the establishment should have never let him into the restaurant:

“If Mr. Balboa was such a problem, then don’t let him in the bar. It’s that simple.”

Outside of barroom tussles, Balboa also happens to have a history of arrests in Florida, which he’s been previously booked under charges for DUI, disorderly conduct and possession of cocaine and Oxycodone.

Apparently after the incident, officers had made contact with Balboa a few blocks away from the establishment. It was noted that Balboa had a bloody lip and admitted that he was drunk but had no idea why he was punched.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Schilling afforded some background details that preceded the altercation between him and Balboa, noting that Balboa had hurled a racial slur toward an employee earlier in the evening.

Citing the alleged interaction between Balboa and the employee as being upsetting, in concurrence with Balboa posturing himself aggressively, Schilling proclaimed that he was defending himself in those moments:

“The busboy was seriously offended but doesn’t want to lose his job… When he flexed on me, I was scared for my life and simply defending myself against the evil in this world #sorryimnotsorry.”

Perhaps the mentioning of being “scared for my life” was perhaps a little bit of a tongue-in-cheek rehashing of the incident by Schilling, but considering Florida law 776.012(1) – basically, the stand your ground law version for non-lethal force – Schilling may very well have an affirmative defense:

“A person is justified in using or threatening to use force, except deadly force, against another when and to the extent that the person reasonably believes that such conduct is necessary to defend himself or herself or another against the other’s imminent use of unlawful force. A person who uses or threatens to use force in accordance with this subsection does not have a duty to retreat before using or threatening to use such force.”

The most important words to focus on in that statute are “against the other’s imminent use of unlawful force”, which means that someone defending themselves only have to reasonably perceive a threat of unlawful physical violence is about to come their way before throwing a punch.

Still, Balboa is reportedly seeking charges against Schilling, which it will be up to authorities to determine whether the punches thrown by Schilling were legal under those circumstances.

Casey Liening, a representative for the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, noted that it’s going to be up to Balboa to take the next steps:

“As far as we’re concerned, the status of this case is on the victim’s shoulders right now. He has to make the effort to file the case with the state attorney’s office, and then it’ll go from there.”

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