UFC champion says he and other fighters may start attending conservative rallies after seeing left-wing people attack


On Saturday, November 14th, UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal, a conservative, said that he and other fighters may start attending conservative marches like the “Million MAGA March” that was held in Washington, D.C. after he saw left-wing extremists attack people.

The Daily Caller reported that Masvidal made his comment in a quote retweet of a video that showed some of the attacks that happened at the rally:

“I bet I can get a couple of teammates and start attending these things #supernecessary”. And I say this not to promote violence. To keep the peace. We are all in this together #theressurection.”

According to reports, the attacks happened late in the afternoon and well into the evening hours after the majority of people had already left the “Million MAGA March.” Those attending were there to show their support for President Donald Trump.

Reportedly, later in the night, members of right-wing groups went after some of the leftist groups. The violence caught the attention of the President, who responded via Twitter:

“Human Radical Left garbage did this. Being arrested now!”

“Radical Left ANTIFA SCUM was easily rebuffed today by the big D.C. MAGA Rally crowd, only to return at night, after 99% of the crowd had left, to assault elderly people and families. Police got there, but late. Mayor is not doing her job!”

“ANTIFA SCUM ran for the hills today when they tried attacking the people at the Trump Rally because those people aggressively fought back. Antifa waiting until tonight, when 99% were gone, to attack innocent #MAGA people. DC police, get going…do your job and don’t hold back!”

Masvidal is a Trump supporter who campaigned for the president during the election as part of “Fighters Against Socialism.”

He was featured in a two-minute video for the Trump campaign where he stated:

“I’m gonna let you in on something. The Democrats just think that they’re entitled to the Latino vote. They think that we just have to hand it over to them. That’s right. We sure as (expletive) don’t.

He added:

They’ve got to show us what they can do for us, what they can do for our communities. We’re not going to buy the same wolf tickets and false promises that destroyed great counties like Venezuela and Cuba. It’s not gonna happen.”

He continued:

“You know what else is not gonna work for them? Playing ‘Despacito’ on your cellphone to pander to us. Hell no. You gotta give us some credit for having heads on our shoulders. I’m going to wrap this up with some words of Barack Obama; he said, ‘Elections have consequences.'”

He said:

“That is true and those words have never been more true than they are today. We either re-elect President Trump and keep America great or we let Joe Biden destroy the greatest country the world has ever seen. Now, I’m a professional athlete and I’ve been one for most of my life, so I’ve seen things through a sports lens.”

He continued:

“That makes Donald Trump our head coach and before the global pandemic we were winning Super Bowls and when you’re winning Super Bowls, you don’t fire the coach. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like the plays he runs, the players he puts on the field, or what he says on Twitter.”

He added:

“You sure as (expletive) don’t replace him for another coach that’s been in the business for 47 years at every level and never won a (expletive) game.”
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ST PAUL, MN – During a campaign stop in St. Paul, Minnesota, Joe Biden was attempting to address a crowd while simultaneously getting somewhat drowned out by supporters of President Donald Trump near the rally.

Needless to say, Biden briefly lost his cool regarding the President Trump supporters – calling them “ugly folks”.

The rally stop took place on October 30th, where Biden was making remarks pertaining to the pandemic and mask mandates. Ironically, captured video of the rally suggested that there were more President Trump supporters in attendance than those who came to support Biden.

Numerous people gathered, blaring air horns and chanting “Trump” outside of the rally area. While some may speculate that the display was perhaps childish or something of the ilk, rally attendee Rebecca Brannon addressed that notion online by calling it “harmless fun”:

“In my opinion,  it’s good harmless fun – nothing compared to [the] violent rioting and protesting democrats have emboldened and brought us since May.”

But when Biden could audibly hear the chants of support and air horns going off in favor of President Trump (which also said chants and horns were picked up by his own microphone), he diverted from his pasndemic comments to refer to the Trump supporters as “ugly folks”:

“Dr. Fauci called for a mask mandate last week. This isn’t a political statement like those ugly folks over there beeping their horns. This is a patriotic duty for God’s sake.”

In peak irony, roughly a minute prior to calling the President Trump supporters “ugly folks” – Biden was talking about how the country needs a president that can unite people together.

Some of the Pro-Trump demonstrators were filmed outside of the rally reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, with Brannon noting that approximately 150 Minnesotans were there to support the current president.

All the optics of this Biden mini-meltdown displayed was that while he was perturbed over the Trump supporters, the supporters of the president looked that they were just having a good time in a very peaceful demonstration.

For those unaware, Biden has been getting heckled quite a bit on the campaign trail lately.

On October 28th, the Biden campaign kicked off a bus-tour of the state of Texas in an effort to get folks on board for a Biden/Harris ticket in November. Instead, the Biden bus was trolled by a line of numerous vehicles hosting Pro-Trump flags and signs.

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Needless to say, the optics were kind of funny.

It seems that the caravan of conservatives tailing the Biden bus-tour likely caught wind of the Texas stops following a Twitter post shared hundreds of times noting the campaign schedule of stops in Texas.

Videos started flooding Twitter of people inside of their cars or simply spectating, adding their respective commentary while the cars began tailing the bus. One person posted a video online, saying the following during the caravan:

“Four more years, baby, four more years! The Biden/Harris bus is leading the Trump train.”

Other videos, one of which carrying the hashtags of “BidenBusTour” and “TrumpTrain,” showed the Pro-Trump caravan participants doing a little bit of light heckling toward the bus during one of the stops. Participants can be heard chanting the likes of “four more years,” while the bus was parked across the street.

Footage from October 28th shows cars following the Biden bus on the highway while the campaign was making its way to Dallas, while one driver starts mockingly honking at the Biden bus when nearing it on the highway.

And the trolling continued – from one stop to another it seems. Numerous videos online showed the copious amount of Pro-Trump vehicles lined up and ready to keep the caravan going.

Apparently, during one of the stops, some had even attempted to block vehicles showing Pro-Trump flags and signage from entering the Biden rally area:

“They are tryin to block MAGA cars from entering.”

At one point during the caravan following the Biden bus, video captures the driver of the Biden bus actually running a red light to lose the trail of cars following it. Obviously, that didn’t work, since vehicles decided to follow suit and disregard the red light that the Biden bus opted to ignore.


The instance of running the red light also spurred some funny commentary online, with one person asking:

“Is Joe driving the bus?”

When the caravan and bus arrived in Houston, a hearse decked out in a manner to poke fun at both Biden and the Clintons displayed a casket that appears to be in reference to Biden’s campaign basically being a dead one.

Also, in the captured photo of the hearse, one can be seen holding a sign that trolls Biden regarding the allegations against his son Hunter.

But the strange assortment of vehicles hosting Pro-Trump signage and flags didn’t just end with a hearse. Photos began popping up of what’s known as the “Trump Tank.”

The large vehicle bore a stylized Punisher logo hosting the colors of the Thin Blue Line flag while painted in a pattern usually seen on military fatigues and ghillie suits.

It was literally one stop after another on October 28th, with lines of vehicles tailing the bus. While it’s unclear exactly how many vehicles participated in the caravan that was Pro-Trump, at least the Biden campaign can claim to have drawn a larger crowd than what they normally have in recent weeks.

It’s obvious that those who support President Donald Trump are seeming to be taking a page right out of the Trump playbook of trolling.


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