BALTIMORE – The U.S. Supreme Court has denied the lawsuit filed by five of six Baltimore officers in the Freddie Gray case.

The officers, who were all cleared of criminal charges, filed suit against Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby for malicious prosecution.

U.S. Supreme Court denied Baltimore officers lawsuit against Marilyn Mosby

Marilyn Mosby, Feb. 27, 2016. (Edward Kimmel)

The court yesterday agreed with a lower court ruling that Mosby has prosecutorial immunity in the case, reported Fox Baltimore.

Mosby spoke to reporters shortly after the suit was denied.

She said the case has taken a tremendous toll on her office and her personally. However, few police officers will feel sorry for her due to the toll she exacted on the six officers she tried to prosecute following the custodial death of Freddie Gray Jr. Most cops believe the vexatious prosecutor simply dodged accountability.

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U.S. Supreme Court. (Pixabay)

Previous to appealing the case to the U.S. Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit rejected five of the officers’ subsequent malicious prosecution and defamation suits, reported Bloomberg News.

The arrest and subsequent death of Gray sparked violent protests after he was found unconscious in the back of a police van.

Baltimore Police

Two men throw glass bottles during the 2015 Baltimore riots (US Department of Defense)

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Baltimore riots 2015. (Photo courtesy Baltimore Police Department)

He died less than a week later from injuries received while in police custody.

Charges against three of the officers were eventually dropped after a mistrial and two acquittals against the other three officers.

The trial court initially allowed some of the claims to go forward but the Fourth Circuit dismissed all the claims against Mosby.

The Fourth Circuit took a declarative stance against the Baltimore officers.

“Perhaps to the officers’ chagrin, they must accept that they are subject to the same laws as every other defendant who has been prosecuted and acquitted,” the Fourth Circuit said. “Those laws clearly bar the type of retaliatory suits that the officers brought here.”

The Supreme Court’s refusal to hear the matter ends the cases against Mosby completely.

The case is Nero v. Mosby, U.S., No. 18-440, review denied 11/13/18.