U.S. Marshals arrest double murder suspect: Accused of killing girlfriend and 4-year-old son


BURBANK, CA – A man who was on the US Marshal’s most wanted list for the murder of his girlfriend and her 4-year-old son was finally captured in early October in Burbank, California.

Authorities from the Pacific Southwest Regional Task Force received information that the suspect, Jory John Worthen, was hiding out in a hotel in Burbank.  Camden Police Department stated that he had been living in the area underneath the alias of “Ronald Kleigler” for the past five months.

When police moved in to arrest Worthen, he tried to live out scenes that many of us have watched in the movies.  He climbed onto rooftops and attempted to jump between them in his failed attempt at escape. 

Police were able to take him into custody without incident after the foot pursuit.

Worthen is currently being held in California on the murder charges awaiting extradition back to Camden, Arkansas were the murders were committed.  Worthen was extradited back to Camden on October 22nd

He is currently being held in the Ouachita County Jail on no bond.

Police have been searching for Worthen since June of 2019 when concerned family members of Worthen’s girlfriend, Alyssa Cannon, went to the Camden Police Department to report that she and her young son were missing. 

Police responded to her residence and forced entry and found the body of both Cannon and her young son.

Police began to focus their investigation on Worthen as the suspect as he was nowhere to be found and had been listed by Cannon as her fiancée on social media.  Police also noted that Cannon’s white Honda Accord was missing.

Police learned that Cannon held an injunction for protection against Worthen, although they still resided together.  In the order request that was filed in October of 2017, she said that she had been dating Worthen for a year during that time and he began to become controlling and possessive. 

Worthen would forbid Cannon from listening to certain songs.  He would also forbid her from watching any television shows or movies which would have sex scenes in them.

Then, on October 12, 2017, Cannon alleged that things turned physical when Worthen pulled her by the hair and threatened to kill her by slicing her throat while driving to a Walmart in Camden.  When they arrived here, he took his cellphone and hers and broke them both.

Cannon was able to separate from Worthen once they were inside the store and she was able to find a phone and call her mother to come pick her up.  Cannon said that she hid in the manager’s office inside of the store but Worthen still made attempts at trying to get her.

In the affidavit, Cannon said:

“He [Worthen] was always controlling where I went, what I did, what I wore, who I talked to, and controlled my money that I worked for.  He always called me names. 

“I’m scared to be by myself, scared to be out in public, when people walk behind me.  Scared to be around any other man.”

The order for protection was granted by Circuit Court Judge Hamilton Singleton after a November 30, 2017 hearing.  The Order of Protection was to remain in place for a period of ten years.

Sadly, for some reason, she allowed Worthen back into her life at some point and felt strongly enough about him that she said the two were engaged.  A decision that would ultimately cost she and her child’s life.

Police have not reported much information as to how the two were killed or any other specifics as to how they developed probable cause that Worthen was the killer. 

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Police say this man shot two police officers, sparking massive manhunt across the state

November 6, 2020

DELAFIELD, WI – Two police officers have been shot in Wisconsin, and the shooter was taken into custody following a tense, hours-long manhunt. Authorities say the officers were called to a hit and run when the shooting occurred.

The suspect, Nathanael Benton was taken into custody late Friday morning. Benton was captured after a call came in that a person matching Benton’s description was in a vacant land area in the southeast corner of Delafield, according to the chief of police. 

The public was asked to avoid the area of the shooting following the incident. The Delafield police department issued a statement:

“There is an active police investigation in the area of I94 and Sth 83. Please avoid the area as all traffic will be diverted.”

One officer from Hartland Police Department and one officer from Delafield Police Department were shot, according to Delafield Police Chief Erik Kehl during a morning press conference. Both officers have been transported to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The alleged gunman was identified as 23-year -old Nathanael Benton. He is described as a white male, approximately six feet tall, 215 pounds, with blue eyes and brown hair.

He was last seen wearing a flat brim hat, sweatshirt, and possibly khakis, according to a press release issued by the office of Sheriff Eric Severson. 

The suspect was considered armed and dangerous prior to his arrest.

The shooting occurred Friday morning at approximately 1:40 a.m. as officers investigated a hit-and-run crash the officers had heard in the area of Highway 83 and I-94, according to Chief Kehl.

The suspect confronted the officers near a Holiday Inn hotel in the area. Gunshots were exchanged between the suspect and officers. Both officers were struck by bullets.  It was not reported if Benton was struck.

Two other people who were traveling with the suspect have been taken into custody. However, Chief Kehl said that they were not involved in the shooting. Both suspects were cooperative while being taken into custody.

The chief warned the public, prior to the arrest, that they should not travel in the area of the shooting, and that nearby residents should take precautions:

“Stay inside today. Don’t let strangers in your house. If you see something suspicious, call.”

The chief said that he did not have any information about why Benton, from North Dakota, was in Delafield and did not believe he had any local contacts. The chief explained:

“(The reason) could be a simple as they were going somewhere else, and they decided they needed to stop for the night and they saw a holiday in.

“With the interstate running right through the city, it could be anything.

“We’ll ask him once we get our hands on him.”

Shortly after 4 a.m., an emergency alert message alerted citizens to avoid the area of Highway 83 and Golf Road, and for residents in the area to shelter in the lowest level of their home or business until further notice.

Local media is reporting a massive law enforcement presence in the area. 

Several nearby schools have been closed because of the on-going investigation. The Pewaukee School District issued a statement:

“Out of an abundance of caution due to the unresolved, non-school related incident in our area, Pewaukee Schools will be closed today (virtual and in-person), Friday-November 6th.”

Benton is also wanted for attempted murder charges for a Halloween night shooting in Fargo, North Dakota. According to Fargo police, a man called 911 at about 2:30 a.m. Sunday morning reporting he had been shot in the head. The man was transported to a local hospital. His condition was not released.

Fargo police had warned that they had reason to believe Benton was armed and posed a threat to the public.

Delafield police are being assisted by the FBI, U.S. Marshals Service, and various county and local law enforcement agencies.

The city of Delafield is located in Waukesha County, Wisconsin. The population is about 7,000 people. 


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