Hearing-impaired man woken up by police knocking at his door, telling him two suspects are hiding in his home


NEW ORLEANS, LA – According to reports, a man from Algiers, a neighborhood in New Orleans, was awaken by a knock on his front door to an officer telling him that they believe two suspects are hiding inside his home.

The occupant of the home, Stephen LaDow was taking a nap when his dog started barking at the sound coming from the front door. He said:

“The dog was barking and I thought he was barking at the mailman … I noticed there was a shadow through the shades. I saw him lingering and nothing was coming through, so I go to the front door  and open it and at that point there was a police officer right in front of me and probably 10 more behind him and all across and he just goes, ‘ssh lock your door,’ so I did.”

LaDow had no idea that two suspects creeped into his apartment as he is hearing impaired and when he takes a nap, he removes his hearing aids. He added:

“When I sleep in my chair, I take out my hearing aids and I can’t hear anything at all. It’s always been my biggest fear of living alone and being profoundly deaf, it’s absolutely terrifying.”

Police swarmed the area and told him that the suspects were inside of his house and hiding inside of his costume closet. He said:

“They brought out one suspect and then a couple minutes later they brought out another suspect.”

Neighbors said that there were close to 10 officers on the street and that they were told to stay inside and lock their doors. LaDow does not know the suspects that chose to hide out in his house, but believes that they came through the back door, which he keeps unlocked during the day. He said:

“For the first time ever, I felt scared because I was deaf.”


According to authorities, New Orleans police arrested 20-year-old Jaheem Johnson and a 17-year-old, who due to being underage, their identity was not released.

Both individuals were booked with one count of unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling. LaDow, thankful that the suspects have been removed from his home, said that he does not know how the officers even knew they were there.

Now that the individuals have been removed, LaDow is trying to regain that sense of feeling safe inside of his own home. He said:

“This morning the test was getting back to some sort of normalcy and taking my hearing aids out to take a shower, that made me nervous.”

In Houston, Texas, a suspect accused of “jugging” was found hiding in a day care in northwest Houston.

Jugging is when robbers follow customers from a bank and try to rob them of the cash they just withdrew from the bank. In this specific incident that happened on November 9th, police said that three suspects followed a person home in the 10700 block of Ranchstone.

Thankfully, officers were able to stop the suspects before they approached the victim. Officers were able to arrest two of the suspects, while the third fled the scene on foot and ran into a daycare to get away.

The third suspect who ran away on foot was eventually taken into custody with the assistance of K-9s and police helicopters.

No one was hurt during the incident, but police said that it is a good reminder to be extra careful when leaving the bank; check your surrounding area to see if anyone is following you. Police said that if you ever feel like you are being followed, you should keep driving and call 911.

In another jugging incident in Houston just days prior to the one mentioned above, a victim was not as lucky. Surveillance video reportedly shows a woman being robbed in her own driveway as she unloaded her groceries.

The suspect allegedly parked in the middle of the street and waited before running out of his car. He then allegedly dragged the 59-year-old down and took off with her purse, which had about $1,000 of cash inside.

According the the victim’s son, the attack happened in the woman’s driveway just after she had gone through an ATM at First Service Credit Union. The woman sustained non-life threatening injuries and is recovering at home after being treated at the hospital. The son said:

“It’s really disappointing, really scary. I just feel like we need to bring justice to this individual, just for all the pain and suffering, which I’m noticing is the biggest thing she’s going through.”

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