Two officers were shot in Kansas on Monday evening.  The alleged shooter is dead.

It happened in Rice County, Kansas north of Sterling near the Sonic restaurant just after 5 p.m. 

Police say the Rice County undersheriff tried to stop a car related to a warrant near the restaurant.  That warrant was for the driver, 37-year-old David L. Madden.

Within seconds of the stop, Undersheriff Chat Murphy radioed in that he had been shot.


EMS quickly responded and he was flown to Wichita hospital.  He’s in critical but stable condition, being treated for four gunshot wounds.


Shortly after the shooting, the Rice County Sheriff responded to a home in Rice County near Raymond that they said he had likely fled to.


He and another sheriff’s deputy went to the home and again found Madden.  There was an exchange of gunshots and Sheriff Bryant Evans was shot in the leg. 


Backup arrived shortly after and police surrounded the home while Sheriff Evans was brought to the hospital.  He’s currently listed in good condition in Wichita.


Just before 2 a.m. Tuesday, law enforcement said they found two men dead inside the home where the standoff happened.  They have not yet publicly identified the bodies, but they did say the community is no longer at risk.


Madden has quite the background.  Federal court documents show that his latest run in with police was in February, when he was found to be in possession of a machine gun that was not registered.

David Madden

David Madden


Back in 2017, he was involved in a high speed chase and arrested after a standoff with police.  A search warrant uncovered dozens of guns and pipe bombs on his property.  That warrant says he was involved in an investigation in 2015 involving missing person Megan Fogelsong.

So how was he out? Police say he absconded from the Kansas Corrections System on February 11, 2019.

Neighbors weighed in on the shootings of the police officers.

“This is just awful to hear because these guys care so much about the community,” said Kale Mayfield, Sterling resident. “They are there to attend our football games here at the college. They support and care about us a ton. This is terrible to hear when something happens to people like them.”