Two officers shot by teenager in Richmond barely survive – “They probably saved each other’s lives.”


RICHMOND, VA – The two police officers who were shot during a confrontation that took place on Semmes Avenue in Richmond on June 2nd are said to have a long road ahead of them when it comes to their rehab after the shooting.

During the exchanged gunfire that took place on June 2nd in Richmond, luckily no officer was killed. However, 25-year-old Officer Jason Scott was shot in the torso and 28-year-old Office Rashad Martin was shot in the leg during the fray.

The encounter that led to the officers being shot was allegedly with 19-year-old Waseem Hackett, who was also said to have been struck by returned fire from the officers during the firefight. The suspect was reported as having sustained non-life-threatening injuries during the incident.

Two officers shot by teenager in Richmond barely survive - "They probably saved each other's lives."
Waseem Hackett – Richmond City Justice Center

Richmond police Lt. Bill Brereton stated that the two officers in question being present at the time may have been the reason why there were no police fatalities that evening:

“They were both dispatched to the call, and they probably saved each other’s lives.”

Officer Scott was said to be the most grievously injured from the exchange, having already underwent several surgeries with more to come reportedly. That officer currently has a GoFundMe account set up to assist his family during his time of recovery.

According to the fundraiser, Officer Scott’s rehab is expected to be a “long and arduous process”:

“It’s expected that it will be a long time until Jason will be able to support his family [adequately] again. Additionally, his rehabilitation process that’s expected over the coming years will likely cause his family more financial hardship.”

Officer Scott has been on the force for about 18 months as of now, while Officer Martin was said to have been on the force for four years.

Lt. Brereton commented on the bravery of these two fine officers:

“These two guys were out in the middle of the night despite the riots and all this stuff being hurled at the police. And they answered the call that night, and they put their lives on the line … protecting the citizens. The bravery they showed has kind of been lost with all the stuff going on in the country and the city.”

The police lieutenant noted that not only these officers had the experience to be able to protect each other during that near-fatal call, but are now furthering their bond by also healing among one another:

“These guys are friends and they ended up on this call together, and now they’re recovering together.”

As for the suspect alleged to be the shooter of the officers, Hackett is currently be held currently without bail at the Richmond City Justice Center, but a bond hearing is scheduled for June 8th. A preliminary hearing is then scheduled for July 9th for the charges.

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Here’s the original story Law Enforcement Today published when we first learned about the shooting earlier in June: 

During the early morning hours of June 2nd, police say that two officers and a 19-year-old suspect were injured via exchanged gunfire when responding to reports of an armed individual in Richmond’s South Side.

The firefight was said to have happened within the 1000 block of Semmes, after police were notified of an armed subject seen around the 800 block of the same street. When officers arrived, they in fact encountered three armed men.

A statement released by the Richmond Police Department stated the following about the encounter:

“During their interaction, one of the males produced a firearm and exchanged gunfire with one of the officers. It was at this time the two officers were struck, along with the suspect.”

The suspect who was said to have opened fire at the two officers was identified as 19-year-old Waseem A. Hackett.

Of the two officers hit during the gunfire, one was reported as having sustained life-threatening injuries. The other officer and the suspect were noted as having non-life-threatening injuries. All three were said to have been transferred to an area hospital for treatment.

The other two individuals that accompanied Hackett were said to have been detained as well.

There were no charges yet announced with regard to the two other men present with Hackett, nor were their identities revealed.

Hackett was said to have been charged with malicious wounding of a law enforcement officer and use of a firearm in commission of a felony. It was also noted that the suspect was served with an outstanding warrant present from another jurisdiction nearby.

The Richmond Police’s Force Investigation Team is said to be handling the investigation at this point, and that they’ll be presenting a report on their findings to commonwealth’s attorney’s office as well as the police chief.


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