Two officers down in St. Louis – suspect barricade in house – public alert sent out to stay away


ST. LOUIS –  Breaking news this afternoon out of South City, which is part of St. Louis.  We’re just learning that two police officers have been shot.

According to investigators with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, they were hit in the 3700 block of Hartford Street just before 6 p.m.

That’s in the South Grand neighborhood just south of Tower Grove Park.

Currently, there is a large police presence on South Grand, which is south of Arsenal. 

Police say that the public needs to avoid the area, as the suspect is currently barricaded in a nearby house.
At this point the injuries of the officers are unknown.

St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson shared the following tweet:

“Please keep our injured officers and all the men and women of @SLMPD in your thoughts and prayers as this situation continues to develop. Their friends, family and loved ones, too.”

The violence in the city has skyrocketed this year.

Earlier this month, a St. Louis Metropolitan Police officer was reportedly shot in the arm during the evening of August 2nd while working an off-duty assignment, according to police.

Authorities say they have two suspects in custody, with both being cited as teenage juveniles.

Police say that the shooting happened just before midnight on the 2nd, within the area of North 10th Street and Convention Plaza. The injured officer was sitting in a marked vehicle that clearly said “police” when the shooting happened, according to Major Eric Larson from the SLMPD.

While the officer was sitting inside of the vehicle, sources say that the two suspects were spotted by the officer and they briefly made eye contact. The suspects, described as a 14-year-old male and a 16-year-old male, were said to be approaching the vehicle around the time the officer made eye contact.

When the officer looked away briefly, police say that the 14-year-old began running toward the officer’s vehicle and began firing shots at the car. The officer was reportedly able to drive away to a safe location and broadcast a description of the suspects involved.

Police say that the off-duty officer did not open fire on the juvenile suspects. 

Officers responded to the scene and apprehended the two teenage suspects thereafter.

As for the injured officer, he was described as a 47-year-old who had served the police department for 24 years. He’s already been released from the hospital reportedly, and is expected to make a full recovery.

Mayor Lyda Krewson released the following statement on Facebook pertaining to the officer’s status:

“Glad to hear this morning that our injured officer is expected to make a full recovery after being shot overnight… our sixth officer shot and wounded since early June. Please join me in thanking all the brave men and women of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department for continually putting their lives on the line to selflessly serve our community.”

The case and investigation is still ongoing, and it is unclear as to what police intend to charge the juveniles with at this time. Please follow Law Enforcement Today to stay up to date on this story.

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LET Unity

Like many other large cities in the United States, St Louis had their fair share of peaceful protests and riots in the wake of the murder of George Floyd. 

People who were not satisfied with only the termination and arrest of all four offices in that case, took to the streets, some peacefully expressing their belief that all police officers are racist, and some took the opportunity to riot and commit crime. 

On June 1st, bicycle officers were in the downtown area patrolling and deterring crimes when they were attacked by three different people. 

Although not much information has been released as to the details of the case, police did release surveillance footage of the subjects, hoping for the public’s cooperation in identifying them.   

All of the pictures below are from the St Louis Police Department.

St. Louis police officers violently assaulted - police need help identifying the criminals responsible
From St. Louis PD
St. Louis police officers violently assaulted - police need help identifying the criminals responsible
From St. Louis PD
St. Louis police officers violently assaulted - police need help identifying the criminals responsible
From St. Louis PD
St. Louis police officers violently assaulted - police need help identifying the criminals responsible
From St. Louis PD
St. Louis police officers violently assaulted - police need help identifying the criminals responsible
From St. Louis PD

Those officers who were assaulted were not the only concern for the people of St Louis last month. 

Four police officers were shot near the St Louis Police Headquarters in the area of 16th and Olive St, when the peaceful protests turned into riots.  The St Louis Police Chief, John Hayden, said that those who carried out the shooting were “cowardly.” 

The officers, thankfully, suffered non-life threatening injuries and are expected to be okay.  One officer was shot in the arm and the others were shot in the leg or foot. 

Hayden said:

“They were standing near a line and all of a sudden they felt pain.  They were just standing there.  So some coward fired shots at officers ad now we have four in the hospital…and thank God they’re alive.  Can we make some sense out of this?  This is horrible.” 

A reward of up to $100,000 which would lead to the arrest and conviction of those responsible has been offered. 

Rioters in the area had began attacking police officers trying to keep the crowd lawful.  Roughly 200 rioters began breaking into businesses, stealing, throwing rocks, and firing off fireworks at officers. 

Some even had dumped gasoline on them in hopes that they would catch fire. 

The Chief said:

“We had officers who had gas poured on them.  And we’re trying to figure out what is going on.  How can this be?  Mr. Floyd was killed somewhere else, and they’re tearing up cities all across this country.” 

The Chief did take an opportunity to thank his officers for having “great restraint” in circumstances that the average American would have reacted.  After the press conference, he advised that his agency has made numerous arrests of the protesters and rioters, charges ranging from simple vandalism, burglary, to theft from looting businesses. 

Initial reports show over 50 businesses burglarized and or looted during the riots. 

In the early nights of civil unrest, Hayden showed his emotion when speaking of the violence that had befallen the city: 

“Mister Floyd’s death is tragic, but can we make something out of something, that these kids come down here and just start like crazy, jumping up and down like they are enthused by the jumping, high-fiving each other, flourishing pistols.  We are still hearing gunfire and everything, I don’t know what else to say, this is horrible.” 

What is clear from what is going on, specifically in St Louis: Police are in need of help from the community that they work day and night to keep safe. 

Officers were attacked by people in the crowds participating in the riots, and although it is unclear what led up to the attacks, given the current mindset that all officers are bad, it could simply be someone wanting to do them harm and not in lieu of any arrest type situation. 

Regardless, the agency has asked for help, will the community step up and help them?


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