Two men arrested for a deputy constable’s death. Both should have been locked up on previous murder charges.


HARRIS COUNTY, TX – Deputy Constable Omar Ursin was recently laid to rest. His death came as the result of being shot to death at the end of August.

Nearly two full weeks after his death, two 20-year-old men were arrested in connection to Deputy Ursin’s murder.

It all occurred around 6:30 pm on a Sunday evening. He had just picked up food for his family and was on his way home in the Atascocita area just the northeast of Houston.

According to Fox 26:

Deputies with the Precinct 4 Constable’s Office initially responded to the scene and found a small car had crashed into a tree in the median of the road. The driver, Deputy Ursin, had been shot at least once, and he was pronounced deceased at the hospital, authorities say.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez confirmed the arrests of Ahsim Taylor Jr. and Jayland Womack via Twitter.

“HCSO Investigators have charged two suspects with murder in connection with the shooting death of Pct 3 Deputy Omar Ursin. Ashim Taylor Jr (12-2-01) and Jayland Womack (3-8-02) have been arrested and will booked in the Harris County Jail.

In photos below, Taylor is wearing a dark hoodie and Womack is wearing a light blue shirt. It appears both males were out on bond stemming from separate murder cases.”

According to Gonzalez’s team, multiple witnesses reported seeing a dark, newer model 4-door sedan driving next to the victim eastbound on Madera Run Parkway.

They say that someone inside that dark-tinted vehicle fired at least one shot into Ursin’s vehicle. He then lost control and struck a tree. The suspect vehicle fled the scene.

One of the working theories is that Ursin was a victim of a road rage incident. Despite earlier reports, investigators do not believe that he was targeted as a member of law enforcement.

A funeral service was held for the slain deputy at Inspire Church following an hour-long visitation at the church.

Since the arrest of Taylor and Womack, Ursin’s parents, Royal and Yvonne, spoke with Houston’s ABC 13.

“Even though they have them, I’m just telling you the truth, we are still hurting. I am mad,” Royal said. “I’m mad.” 

Yvonne added to the sentiment shared by her husband.

“We’ve been robbed. My child was only driving home with food. It was not even necessary.” 

The grieving parents did not mince words regarding the fact that both suspects were out on bond from other murder charges.

“You know that this person has killed somebody,” Royal said. “Then you give them a bond to be able to get out, and once they’re out, they are out back doing the same thing. Somebody is making plenty of money to be able to let these people roam the streets the way they’re doing.”

Both believe that their son would still be alive if these men were not let out on bail.

“My grandbaby doesn’t have a daddy anymore,” Yvonne stated. “You’re telling me she’s 7 years old, and the next daddy-daughter dance, she won’t have her daddy.”

One of the suspects was arrested using the handcuffs of the fallen deputy.

Man arrested for breaking into the home of ex-girlfriend, desecrating the remains of her child - claims he was "blacked out"

Sadly, Harris County has lost more than their share of law enforcement in 2022. Here is another story of a Harris County Constable who lost their life at the hands of a gunmen this year.

‘He was brutally murdered’: Texas deputy shot and killed during a traffic stop

HOUSTON, TX – A constable in Harris County Texas died after being shot during a traffic stop on January 23rd. The constable had been with Harris County Precinct 5 for over a decade.

Law enforcement in Harris County, Texas has started a large manhunt after yet another police officer was shot and killed in the line of duty. The fallen officer, Corporal Charles Galloway, died after being shot during a traffic stop just before 1 am.

According to investigators, Corporal Galloway had stopped what is being described as a younger Hispanic male who was driving a white four door Toyota Avalon for an unknown reason.

Houston Police Chief Troy Finner alleged witnesses in the area saw the traffic stop and the suspect exited the car before Corporal Galloway had a chance to get out of the patrol vehicle.

Chief Finner alleged the suspect immediately started firing rounds toward Corporal Galloway and his vehicle with what he described as being some sort of assault-styled weapon. Chief Finner said:

“He [the suspect] got out of his vehicle, immediately fired upon the deputy multiple times, striking him and then drove off.”

Chief Finner noted that it did not appear that Corporal Galloway even had the opportunity to unholster his weapon before the shots were fired.

Law enforcement and medics responded to the area and transported Corporal Galloway to the Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center where he succumbed to his injuries.

Constable Ted Heap responded to the hospital and addressed the media after Corporal Galloway had died. He told the media and all listening:

“This has got to stop.”

The murder investigation will be handled by the Houston Police Department who has no doubt that they will bring the killer to justice. Chief Finner wanted the suspect to understand his best course of action is to surrender himself immediately. Chief Finner said:

“A message to this suspect, the best thing you can do is turn yourself in peacefully.”

Corporal Galloway’s murder comes only a few months after the agency lost another deputy, Harris County Constable Precinct 4 Kareem Atkins. Deputy Atkins was shot to death after he and his partner were outside of a sports bar and were ambushed by a 19-year-old man.

That man was located and arrested in December and charged with capital murder in the case.

Constable Heap commented on the loss his agency feels after the loss of both officers. He said:

“These are not assaults, these are not attacks, these are brutal, brutal murders. We have to put an end to this. We cannot have people like this on our streets. I don’t want to raise my family, my grandchildren in a country where this type of crime is running rampant.”

Constable Heap said that Corporal Galloway has left behind a sister and daughter. The 12-and-a-half-year veteran was assigned to the midnight shift so that he could help the agency with being a field training officer.

Because Corporal Galloway was a field training officer, his loss personally affects more deputies than normal as he trained a good portion of them. He said:

“There are a lot of very broken up officers who [Galloway] meant a lot in their lives because he was the one sitting in the front seat with them. He was the one who was teaching them what to do and how to get home safely to their families.”

Law Enforcement Today will continue to bring updates once they have identified the suspect and when he is eventually taken into custody. Until then, Corporal Galloway rest easy, we have the watch from here.

Two NYPD officers shot – one dead, one clinging to life – after responding to domestic violence call

HARLEM, NY – One New York Police Officer is dead and the other is fighting for his life after having been shot in Harlem while investigating a domestic violence call. The officer who died was only 22 years old.


On January 22nd, NYPD Officers Jason Rivera, Wilbert Mora, and an unidentified third officer responded to an apartment on 135th Street after a woman called them for assistance with her 47 year old son,

Lashawn McNeil. When officers arrived on scene, the unnamed officer stayed with the woman and spoke to her about the incident as Officers Rivera and Mora went down a narrow hallway to the apartment where McNeil was located.

New York Police Department Chief of Detectives, James Essig, reported that as the officers neared a bedroom, McNeil swung the door open and opened fire. Both officers were struck in the hail of gunfire while the third officer ran to assist.

As the third officer got close, they were able to stop him before he escaped. At some point while attempting to stop McNeil’s escape, the officer opened fire, striking him twice, once in the head and the other in the arm.

Officer Rivera died from the injuries he sustained while Officer Mora was transported to a nearby hospital where he is listed in critical condition. McNeil was also transported to a hospital where he is also listed in critical condition.

Democratic New York Mayor Eric Adams, a retired NYPD Captain, and newly appointed NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell, were at the hospital where the critically wounded officer is being treated. Commissioner Sewell said:

“Countless officers lined this hallway after carrying him in and grieve for their brother while praying with everything they have for the other. I am struggling to find the words to express the tragedy we are enduring. We’re mourning, and we’re angry.”

Mayor Adams weighed in on the tragic event on Twitter:

“I lost my fellow officers in the line of duty. I remember my mother’s fear for her sons when we went to work every day.

“Tonight, we lost a 22-year-old son, husband and police officer. Another is fighting for his life.

“Our hearts go out to their families.”


The mayor then went on to note the violence that the city has seen in just one week into the brand-new year. He wrote:

“@NYPDC Sewell and I have had to make too many of these visits to the hospital. We made one on my first day in office.

“This week alone, four of our officers have been shot. An 11 month old baby was shot.

“This isn’t just an attack on the NYPD. It’s an attack on New York City.”


Mayor Adams went on to note that there are no gun manufacturers in the city of New York, yet “thousands of guns” are finding their ways onto their streets. He added:

“We are all witnesses. To gun violence. To these murders. To the failures of leaders who have allowed these killers to get ahold of guns.

“We won’t allow violence to divide our city. It will unite us – being united is the only way we can save our city.”

Essig reported that McNeil was on probation at the time of the shooting for a 2003 drug conviction that occurred New York City.

Additionally, he had a lengthy criminal history out of several states, including a weapons charge in South Carolina and assaulting a police officer in Pennsylvania.

Essig reported the gun that McNeil used to kill one officer and wound another was a .45 Glock with a high-capacity magazine that was able to hold up to 40 rounds. The gun had been reported stolen out of Baltimore back in 2017.

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