Two illegal immigrants arrested on child rape cases. “Sanctuary county” tries to protect them from ICE.


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MD– It’s unbelievable how, seemingly again and again, illegal immigrants are getting a “pass” from ‘sanctuary cities’.

According to court documents, Linder Meza-Garcia, 18, of Silver Spring, Maryland, snuck into his 12-year-old “girlfriends” Silver Spring house at least four times. 

In three of those instances, the two engaged in sexual intercourse. On May 12th around 2 a.m., the 12-year-old girl’s mother found Meza-Garica hiding in her daughter’s closet.

Noting that the sexual relationship spanned a few months, authorities documented in court filings:

“During an interview with detectives, victim A disclosed that she let Linder Meza-Garcia into her room through a window and they had vaginal intercourse.”

Investigators interviewed Meza-Garcia, who also reportedly confessed to having “vaginal intercourse” with the 12-year-old girl. Back on June 16th, Montgomery County Police arrested the 18-year-old and charged him with two counts of second-degree rape. 

On June 17th, the very next day, ICE’s Baltimore Field Office lodged a civil immigration detainer against Meza-Garcia. That same day, a. Montgomery County District Court  judge granted Meza-Garcia a $10,000 unsecured personal bond.

The Montgomery County Detention Center (MCDC) called ICE and alerted them to Meza-Garcia’s imminent release. When ICE got to the jail, the agents were not granted access to the secure sally port and therefore had to apprehend the accused child rapist in the jail parking lot. 

Per ICE, U.S. Border Patrol encountered Meza-Garica in April 2019, after he illegally entered the U.S. as an unaccompanied minor.  Two months later, federal authorities released the then 17-year-old Honduran national to a family member living in Maryland.  He had a pending immigration hearing and now faces up to 40 years in prison for the child rape case. 

Montgomery County, Maryland had another recent case of an illegal immigrant arrested for raping an underage girl.  According to court documents, Rene Ramos-Hernandez, 56, of Brentwood, Maryland, “forced unwanted sexual intercourse with a 7-year-old girl “at least 10 times.” The alleged abuse occurred from 2002 until 2003 when Ramos-Hernandez was is his late 30s.

In 2017, the alleged victim, now 25-years-old, came forward to Montgomery County Police.  In August 2018, detectives filed for an arrest warrant.  It took nearly two whole years, but last month the police located Ramos-Hernandez and on June 18th, he was booked at the MCDC in Rockville on one count of sexual abuse of a minor and two counts of second-degree rape. 

The following day, ICE’s Baltimore Field Office lodged a civil immigration detainer against Ramos-Hernandez, an undocumented immigrant from El Salvador. 

That same day, Montgomery County District Court Judge Zuberi Williams granted Ramos-Hernandez a $30,000 unsecured personal bond. A few restrictions were also added, including electronic monitoring and a curfew, plus an order to have no contact with minors.

On June 23rd, MCDC called ICE’s Law Enforcement Support Center in Vermont around 9 a.m. to report that the accused child rapist was processing out of jail and would likely be released within an hour.

ICE believed it was not feasible to scramble agents to the jail in that timeframe and in turn, Ramos-Hernandez walked free. According to ICE, the 56-year-old remains at large and he faces up to 70 years in prison for the child rape case. 

In the summer of 2019, Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich (D) announced that the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation would no longer cooperate with ICE.  There was one exception that Elrich noted.  In the cases of “serious crimes,” correction officers would be allowed to contact ICE so long as the federal agency had already submitted an immigration detainer.

Elrich did emphasize that the jail would not hold undocumented immigrants beyond the normal length of time it takes for release, regardless of the alleged crime.  Such a policy, ICE contends, allows individuals like Ramos-Hernandez or Meza-Garcia to walk free. Acting ICE Baltimore Field Office Director Franciso Madrigal said in a written statement:

“Montgomery County continues the practice of not honoring lawful ICE detainers and release potential public safety threats back into the community.

When they refuse to give adequate notification of an impending release to allow a safe transfer of custody, it shows their actions are insincere. ICE believes the best way to protect public safety is for law enforcement to work together.”

By signing this executive order last summer, Elrich has put distance between Maryland’s most populous county and federal immigration authorities. Elrich’s office said in a statement:

“The Promoting Community Trust Executive Order aims to reaffirm current county policy and improve community security by ensuring that immigrant and otherwise vulnerable communities can engage with county departments.”

According to the Montgomery Police Chief Marcus Jones, the policy of not collaborating with ICE has already been in place:

“We have no direct contact with ICE about any immigration issues. We’re not doing any operations with ICE in Montgomery County.”

Jones went on to say that if ICE seeks to deport someone who is in police custody, then ICE needs to track that person independently and deal with the situation without the police department’s assistance. Jones said:

“That’s not our job to monitor that. That’s forbidden against our policy.”

Then there’s this case we reported last month, a little further south:

GAINESVILLE, GA – According to reports, an illegal alien that was residing within Gainesville, Georgia was arrested under charges of sexually assaulting a minor while also proving the underage girl with alcohol.

Police say that 21-year-old Jose Tomas Pedro has been formally charged with rape and furnishing alcohol to a minor for an incident that was alleged to have taken place on May 31st.

While authorities did not disclose the age of the victim, they noted that deputies from the Hall County Sheriff’s Office responded to a Northeast Georgia Medical Center at roughly 10:45 a.m. on the 31st where the girl was being treated.

HCSO spokesman Derreck Booth provided the following statement on the case:

“According to the initial investigation, the victim met Pedro through interactions on social media. A relative of Pedro drove him to pick the victim up in her neighborhood and dropped the two off at Pedro’s residence on Georgia Avenue where he provided her alcohol and sexually assaulted her during the early morning hours of May 31.”

Two illegal immigrants arrested on child rape cases.  "Sanctuary county" tries to protect them from ICE.
Jose Tomas Pedro – Hall County Sheriff’s Office

Apparently, the relative of Pedro that picked the young girl up had later dropped her off back home after the assault allegedly took place. However, according to the HCSO, the relative had alleged that they were oblivious to any indications of furnished alcohol or sexual assault.

As of now, Pedro is being held within the Hall County Jail. There is currently an immigration detainer issued by ICE for Pedro if he’s ever released from custody.

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

Last month in Shawano County, Wisconsin, there was an update in a case involving an illegal immigrant allegedly sexually assaulting underage girls. However, this individual is alleged to have harmed multiple victims. 

A 20-year-old illegal immigrant from Mexico recently pleaded not guilty to charges related to sexually assaulting three underage girls. The ages of the alleged victims at the time of the encounters were said to be 12, 14, and 15-years-old.

A statement provided by ICE on May 12th notes the details of the suspect involved in the current case:

“Hobel Bravo-Perez, 20, is a citizen of Mexico who is illegally in the U.S. On Sept. 16, officers with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) filed a detainer for Bravo-Perez with Shawano County (Wisconsin) after his arrest for sexually assaulting a minor.”

Bravo-Perez is currently charged with six crimes, which include sexual assault of a child, and repeated sexual assault of a child. After a recent plea of not guilty, his next court appearance is slated for July 7th of this year.

When police were first investigating this case, it was uncovered by the suspect’s own brother that he’d been residing in the United States illegally during the period of his alleged crimes.

Authorities later seized two falsified LAPR cards (lawfully admitted for permanent residence) and also a fake social security card during the investigation of the accused.

Illegal immigrant arrested for sexually assaulting three underage girls. Now he's in jail on the taxpayer dime.
Hobel Bravo-Perez – Shawano County Sheriff’s Office

Police allege that Bravo-Perez had engaged a 15-year-old victim through social media, in which the victim reportedly told authorities that the suspect had forced her into having sex when encountered in person. The suspect allegedly told authorities that he didn’t force himself onto the victim, but instead paid her $50 to engage in sex.

Upon further investigating, police were said to have located another victim of Bravo-Perez. This 14-year-old had allegedly told investigators that she’d engaged in a sexual relationship with the suspect, and had engaged in intercourse numerous times. She further claimed that Bravo-Perez had abused her on several occasions, which the suspect denies.

third victim came forward and stated that when she was 12-years-old, her and Bravo-Perez had sex seven times between December of 2018 to February of 2019. He’s still in custody reportedly, as his bail was set at $100,000 last year in September when first arrested.

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