Two illegal immigrants arrested for beating a man to death outside of a restaurant in ‘sanctuary city’


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SOUTH PHILADELPHIA, PA- According to reports, two illegal immigrants are among four men who have been accused of murdering a 28-year-old resident of Queens, New York outside of a cheesesteak restaurant in South Philadelphia. 

32-year-old Omar Arce and 33-year-old Jose Alberto Flores-Huerta, both illegal immigrants, were arrested and charged with murdering 28-year-old Isidro Corest on September 16th outside of South Philadelphia’s Pat’s King of Steaks restaurant.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) confirmed with Breitbart News that the agency has issued detainers for Arce and Flores-Huerta. 

An ICE detainer is a formal request by the agency to local law enforcement, asking that a suspect be turned over to their custody for arrest and deportation if they are released at any time. 

According to the Philadelphia Police Department (PPD), Arce and Flores-Huerta, along with two other men, whom policing are still searching for and have been identified as 34-year-old Osvaldo “Willie” Pedraza and 32-year-old Victor Pedraza, beat Cortez to death outside of the restaurant following a verbal altercation.

Surveillance footage captured the incident, where Cortez can be seen being hit with a metal trash can. Police stated that two other men, Cortez’s 64-year-old father and his 28-year-old friend were also punched and kicked in the head by the four men. 

PPD is offering a $20,000 reward for any information that leads to the arrest of the Pedraza brothers. Meanwhile, Arce and Flores-Huerta have been charged with murder, attempted murder, aggravated assault, and other crimes.

In a separate incident, a New Jersey nurse has died following a violent run-in with a thief who knocked her to the ground. Authorities stated that 58-year-old Maria Ambrocio suffered serious head trauma after a robbery suspect pushed her over near Times Square.

A New York Police Department (NYPD) spokesperson confirmed that 26-year-old Jermaine Foster is in custody related to the robbery attempt that turned deadly. According to police, the suspect stole a 29-year-old woman’s phone near broadway and W. 40th Street.

It was while he was fleeing with the phone that he bumped into Ambrocio, knocking her to the ground. The criminal charges against Foster have been upgraded to second-degree murder. 

The NYPD has released shocking video of an incident that transpired on October 6th around 3:15 a.m. The brutal attack in Brooklyn sent a woman to the hospital unconscious. The victim is believed to still be hospitalized nearly a week after the horrific beating.

Surveillance footage shoes the unidentified man and woman approach the 30-year-old victim with the female suspect immediately rushing her and punching her in the head.

The strike knocked the woman to the ground, causing her to fall head first into the wrought iron fencing around a sidewalk planter. The female suspect then continued to punch and kick the victim multiple times in the head and body, knocking her unconscious.

While the female suspect continued to beat the victim, the male suspect the snatched the victim’s purse, two cellphones, cash and a neck chain. The video shows the unknown woman continue to kick the motionless victim in the head at least seven times.

The NYPD stated that the senseless attack was not random. They believe it stemmed from a prior encounter between the victim and the female suspect. The woman was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment of trauma to her head and face. Luckily, she is expected to survive. 

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Illegal immigrant freed from jail now charged with murdering woman he had previously assaulted

September 28th, 2021

UPPER DARBY TOWNSHIP, PA – An illegal alien who was awaiting trial for attacking and strangling his girlfriend has been charged with her murder, after confessing to the killing and directing police to her body.

According to 6ABC Action News, Freddy Remigio Mendieta-Pando, 23, of Upper Darby, PA, has been charged with first-degree murder and related charges for the death of Karina Torres, 23, also of Upper Darby.

Breitbart News has confirmed the illegal alien status of Mendieta-Pando, who is from Ecuador.  Breitbart also reports that ICE has stated that they have placed a detainer on Mendieta-Pando, so that in the event of his release from custody, they will in turn arrest and move to deport him.

According to the Delco Times, Mendieta-Pando had been awaiting trial for charges stemming from a domestic abuse incident in July of 2021, in which he allegedly strangled Torres and punched her in the face.

After that violent incident, Upper Darby Police charged Mendieta-Pando with “strangulation, simple assault, terroristic threats and harassment.” Police also took note at the time of scratches to Torres’ face and marks on her neck.

ABC6 reports that Mendieta-Pando was released after posting $2500 bail, and he moved out of the house that he and Torres shared.  Torres subsequently obtained a Protection from Abuse Order against Mendieta-Pando, and a hearing for that order was scheduled for September 16.

However, as Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin R. Steele told reporters during a news conference on September 17,

“[S]adly, the defendant [Mendieta-Pando] was able to reach her and ultimately killed her.”

The homicide investigation into the death of Torres began on Thursday, September 16, the day that was to be Mendieta-Pieto’s domestic abuse hearing.  According to the Delco Times, Mendieta-Pando went that day to the Upper Darby Police Department and, through a translation application on his phone, confessed to killing her.

A criminal complaint confirmed that the translation of Mendieta-Pando’s statement to the police read:

“I killed my partner.”

Through the translation application, Mendieta-Pando reportedly went on to describe how he and Torres went to the Schuykill River Trail on September 11 to talk about the pending court case on his alleged violent attack on Torres.

According to the Delco Times, court papers noted that Mendieta-Pando claimed that Torres brandished a knife during an argument at the trail.  He reportedly went on to say that he took the knife from Torres and attacked her with it.

Montgomery County Detective Heather Long and Lower Providence Detective Michael Nastasi both noted in their arrest affidavit:

“(Mendieta-Pando) acknowledged that after he disarmed Torres, she was no longer a threat to him, but stabbed her regardless. 

“At one point, Mendieta-Pando held his hand over Torres’ mouth to keep her quiet.”

The affidavit continued:

“Mendieta-Pando stated that he stabbed Torres in the chest numerous times, threw the knife into the Schuylkill River and concealed Torres’ body under some trees.”

Long and Nastasi also reported that Mendieta-Pando showed them on a map where the alleged fatal stabbing occurred.

Armed with this information and accompanied by Mendieta-Pando, Montgomery County detectives and Lower Providence police located Torres’ body, which was lying face-down in a wooded area near the Schuykill River Trail.

The autopsy report confirmed that homicide was the manner of death, and that Torres died from multiple stab wounds.

District Attorney Kevin Steele told reporters:

“I cannot tell you how or why she was with the defendant on the trail that day because there was a protection from abuse order, there were bail conditions that said he was not allowed to be around her. 

“What we know is he stabbed her to death and it was a brutal murder and that he hid evidence and he hid the body.”

Steele also commented on the assault charges against Mendieta-Pando that were filed just a matter of weeks before he confessed to killing Torres, saying:

“It’s a serious charge and it’s a serious identifier of danger. 

“People who are strangled by a spouse or intimate partner need to know that they are in serious danger — they are likely to be killed by that person, as in this terrible case.”

Mendieta-Pando was charged with first-degree murder and third-degree murder, and he is being held without bail.

Torres leaves behind a 4-year-old child.

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MS-13 member – an illegal immigrant – suspected in six murders in El Salvador found in South Carolina

Originally published September 26, 2021

BLUFFTON, SC- Remember when former President Trump said many of those crossing the border illegally were thugs and criminals, or something along those lines?

Remember when Democrats lost their minds and accused Trump of being a racist and accused him of wanting to turn away “desperate” people trying to enter the US from Mexico?

Yeah, so do we. 


One of those who managed to cross the border, among those Democrats call the “best and brightest” the world has to offer was a 23-year-old man named Erick Salvador Hernandez Bonilla.

Trying to  make a “better life” for himself, Hernandez Bonilla made his way into the U.S. where he managed to blend in after he murdered six people in El Salvador as a member of the violent MS-13 gang.

Hernandez Bonilla, on Interpol’s “100 Most Wanted List” was arrested in Lady’s Island, South Carolina, Breitbart reported after a so-called “red notice” was issued seeking his capture by that agency.

Law enforcement officials received a tip as to Hernandez Bonilla’s whereabouts, the Bluffton Police Department said.

NeonNettle reported that he was captured through a collaborative team effort of the Bluffton PD, the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office, the U.S. Marshal Service and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency.

The arrest was the culmination of the Bluffton Police Department’s month-long investigation, the department said in a Facebook post.


Interpol issues such Red Notices for fugitives wanted for prosecution or to serve a sentence. The notices are issued to alert and request law enforcement agencies worldwide to locate and arrest a suspect.

The arrest warrant for Hernandez Bonilla charged him with six counts of murder and one terrorist threat charge for his MS-13 gang-related activities in El Salvador.

“I am proud and grateful of the anonymous source who contacted the Bluffton Police Department and whose efforts resulted in a successful arrest of this dangerous suspect,” said Chief Stephenie Price.

“The anonymous source put the community’s safety above personal safety and this person deserves much credit.

“I am also proud of the Bluffton officers and investigators who worked this case to remove this individual from our community. This operation involved a network of local, federal and international law enforcement agencies to ensure our community is now safer and the suspect will be held accountable for his actions.”

The Bluffton department said they were unsure how Hernandez Bonilla got into the country, but it’s reasonable to assume he did what over a million others have done since January 20—walk across the border.

Breitbart noted that is likely what occurred, since MS-13 gang members often arrive at the U.S.-Mexico border as illegal aliens. Some actually arrive through the so-called “DREAM Act,” which allows Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) “through a federally-facilitated program that resettles UACs with family members and sponsors across the U.S.”

Meanwhile in New York this past Thursday, Eduardo Portillo pleaded guilty in Eastern District Federal Court in Central Islip to racketeering charges in connection with his participation in the murder of 15-year-old Javier Castillo, as well as conspiracy to distribute cocaine and marijuana, the Brooklyn Eagle reported.

The plea, entered before U.S. Circuit Judge Joseph Bianco for the Eastern District of New York, stemmed from an incident where Portillo and fellow MS-13 gang members targeted Castillo because he was believed to be a member of a rival gang, the 18th Street gang.

On Oct. 10, 2016, Portillo and other members of the Sailors Locos Salvatruchas Westside chapter of MS-13 convinced Castillo to go with them to Freeport, approximately 30 miles from his home in Central Islip, Long Island, about a 30-mile drive in order to smoke marijuana.

They lured Castillo to a marshy area in Freeport, where he was attacked, with gang members taking turns hacking him with a machete. After they finished, the MS-13 members dug a hole and buried Castillo’s body, which wasn’t recovered until one year later.

Portillo also pleaded guilty to participating in a drug trafficking conspiracy, admitting that he and members of the Sailors clique conspired to distribute cocaine and marijuana in the Brentwood area to fund the MS-13 gang and fund its operations.

Portillo was arrested in El Salvador in February 2019 and extradited to the United States 18 months later.

 “With today’s guilty plea, the defendant, an MS-13 gang member, admits to an utterly depraved and heinous crime, of taking turns with a machete to hack a teenage boy to death, simply because he believed the boy belonged to a rival gang,” said Acting U.S. Attorney Jacquelyn M. Kasulis, acting U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York.

“Eduardo Portillo violently participated in taking the life of another teen as well as fed the drug epidemic plaguing our community,” said Suffolk County Police Department’s Acting Commissioner Stuart Cameron. “The guilty plea is another step in the fight against gang violence and drug addiction in our county…”

This week’s conviction is the latest by the Eastern District U.S. Attorney’s Office targeting MS-13 members.

But hey, Biden and the Democrats say they’re just trying to escape persecution and build better lives, right?


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