Two federal officers shot – one murdered. Oakland Police Chief encourages people to peacefully join protests.


OAKLAND, CA – As riots exploded across America Friday night, two Department of Homeland Security (DHS) agents were shot.

One of them did not survive.

It happened during violent unrest in Oakland, California.

“Two Federal Protective Services officers stationed at the Oakland Down Town Federal Building suffered gunshot wounds. Unfortunately, one succumbed to his injury,” Oakland Police told CNN Saturday morning.

Federal Protective Services is part of DHS.

Their role is to defend the federal government’s “critical infrastructure, services, and the people who provide or receive them.”

Police said that more than 7,000 protestors demonstrated Friday night in Oakland.

It quickly erupted into assaults on police officers, extreme vandalism, damage to businesses and arson.

On Saturday morning, Interim Chief of Police Susan Manheimer took to social media to urge more Californians to join the protests as long as they keep them peaceful.

“They started out peacefully and we stood with our community here in the city of Oakland to provide safe spaces and respectful spaces for our demonstrators.

What we saw later on in the evening turned violent and disruptive, and we want to call on everyone who would come to Oakland and stand with us to respect the memory of George Floyd and the community — to ensure that they are peaceful and are respectful of the city of Oakland and especially our downtown businesses, which have been suffering since the pandemic began.”

In the meantime in Los Angeles Friday night, onlookers laughed and filmed as a Los Angeles police officer was attacked by a violent mob on Friday… and that’s not all.

As that police officer was attacked in the street (footage below), the windows of squad cars were smashed out on Friday night.

The riots broke out at Fifth and Olive streets and officers were quick to subdue the violence.

As the city simmers and pockets of violence start to pop up, Los Angeles police said Friday that they wouldn’t tolerate violence or property damage during local demonstrations.

They’re expecting large crowds throughout the night, and the Police Department issued a statement saying it’s concerned about “an increasing level of violence and property damage committed by small number of detractors.”

LAPD says they threw projectiles at officers and damaged businesses in the area.

According to agency spokesmen, those incidents as “isolated,” but said they would “take enforcement action” on anyone who acts unlawfully.

“We stand with our communities and rebuke any instance of police brutality as well as acts of violence or property damage,” Chief Michel Moore said in a statement.

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti held a press briefing Friday evening to address the protests.

“We’re going to protect your rights to protest,” he said.

“Don’t violate any laws in doing that, but we absolutely need, as a nation, certainly as a city, to voice our outrage.

It’s our patriotic duty to not only stand up for George Floyd, but for everybody who has been killed unnecessarily, who has been murdered, for the structural racism that we have in our country.”

He supported the demonstrators on social media.

“Angelenos should follow their conscience in response to the pain and senselessness of this horror,” he wrote in a tweet. “I will always believe in expressing ourselves powerfully, peacefully, and safely.”

Under L.A. County’s current coronavirus health order, protests are allowed but participants are still expected to use face coverings and keep their distance as much as possible.

That’s according to Barbara Ferrer, the county’s top public health official.

“The ability for people to protest in a peaceful way is in fact one of only two event gatherings that are allowed across the state,” she said. “We do ask people to adhere with the guidance.”

Yet demonstrators could be seen smashing police car windows and dragging a police officer into the crowd.

You can see in the video as they throw him to the ground and beat him before he managed to get away – it was all captured from Sky5.


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