FBI employee, retired Attorney General’s office employee in Utah arrested in child exploitation cases


UTAH- Not sure what is in the air in Utah, but it wasn’t a good week for an employee of the FBI and a retired assistant Attorney General, both of whom were arrested for separate child-related sex crimes.

ABC-4 in Salt Lake City reports that a Utah-based FBI employee was arrested and charged with four counts of Sexual Abuse of a Child, according to the Tooele County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO).

On June 17 of this year, the sheriff’s office received reports of a possible sex offense case involving several underage female children. In one case, a woman told authorities her nine-year-old daughter spoke to her on June 8 and said she needed to tell her something that was “very uncomfortable.”

The little girl gold her mother she was sexually assaulted by the suspect, Robert Alexander Smith, 65 while at his home in Stansbury Park, Tooele County in 2020.

After the child confided in her mother, she (mom) spoke with her other children, her 17-year-old stepdaughter, her 14-year-old daughter, her 14-year-old stepdaughter, and her 12-year old daughter to see if they too had been victimized by inappropriate (illegal) behavior by the suspect.

When each daughter was asked, they became emotional and “started crying,” according to a probable cause statement.

The local Children’s Advocacy Center then conducted forensic interviews with each young girl, all of which were recorded with both picture and voice. The probable cause statement then detailed how each of the girls described the abuse Smith directed toward them.

On Aug. 24, Smith was contacted at his home, but he refused to speak with law enforcement officials about the incidents. Smith was subsequently arrested and transported to the Toole County Jail, where he was booked on four counts of Sexual Assault of a Child, which is a First Degree Felony in the state of Utah.

The details of the abuse were sealed.

Meanwhile, another elderly pervert, Gary Lee Bell, 66, who worked with the Utah Attorney General’s office as an Assistant Attorney General in the Child Protection Division was arrested and charged with sexual exploitation of a minor, again according to ABC-4.

Bell was arrested and charged with six counts of sexual exploitation of a minor. Authorities were notified by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children who received a cyber tip on May 22, 2022 about child sexual abuse material being uploaded.

Authorities were able to trace the material back to Bell’s IP address and personal email. Some of the images included one girl as young as six-years-old.

A search warrant was served at Bell’s home in Spanish Fork, where he was taken into custody.

Under questioning, Bell was asked to provide his email address, which matched the email involved in the uploads of the illicit materials.

Bell is currently being held without bail because authorities say he regularly is charged with babysitting his young grandchildren.

Arrest warrant documents also noted that at one point, he allegedly tried to secretly record his wife without her permission while she showered.

The Utah Attorney General’s office responded with the following statement:

Mr. Bell deserves his day in court, he is innocent until proven guilty.

Our office works diligently to fight the kinds of sexual exploitation Mr. Bell is accused of in the charging docket. We will continue to bring justice for every sexual exploitation case investigated and prosecuted by the Attorney General’s Office. Mr. Bell’s prior connection to the Office will in no way prevent the course of justice to prevail.

Bell is currently incarcerated at the Utah County Jail.


For a previous piece on an FBI agent who was engaged in child exploitation, we invite you to:


NASHVILLE, TN – A 38-year-old man who was employed by the FBI’s Nashville office as an electronics technician was arrested on April 27th under charges of sexual exploitation of children and receipt of child pornography.

According to a press release from the Department of Justice, 38-year-old Justin D. Carroll had allegedly been engaged in online communications with a 14-year-old girl, where authorities say Carroll had received inappropriate photos and videos from the minor while also exchanging in sexually explicit chats with the minor.

The investigation into the FBI employee started back in March, after a suspicious package arrived at the Nashville FBI office. Reportedly this package was addressed to the Nashville FBI office, but there was no specified recipient listed on the package label.

However, there was a return address that listed the name and address of someone that was later determined to be a 14-year-old girl based out of Rhode Island.

Considering the suspicious nature of the package, FBI bomb technicians intercepted the package and, once opened, it was found that there was a teddy bear and some candy inside of the box.

Upon further investigation, authorities found that this 14-year-old girl and Carroll had initially met in some online chat room during the summer of 2020 and had carried on numerous conversations across all sorts of communication platforms like Google Hangouts and email.

According to the DOJ, the following was noted about the nature of these communications between the suspect and the victim:

“Messages sent by Carroll consisted primarily of descriptions of intercourse and professions of love and included sexually explicit photos and videos exchanged between Carroll and the minor female.

“All communications sent from and received by Carroll were determined to have been sent from his personal devices.  Carroll had previously provided the minor female with his mailing address, listing the Nashville FBI Office’s street address.”

Reportedly investigators found that the suspect had allegedly tried engaging in other “sexually explicit conversations” with other minors.

FBI Memphis Field Office’s Special Agent in Charge Douglas Korneski stated the following regarding Carroll’s arrest:

“Once the FBI became aware of the alleged crime, an investigation was immediately initiated and investigated with all expediency, which culminated in today’s arrest.

“Anyone who commits a federal crime should know that the FBI will investigate to the fullest extent allowable by law, particularly when they are one of our employees.”

Acting U.S. Attorney Mary Jane Stewart for the Middle District of Tennessee commended the quick work enabled by the FBI regarding this investigation:

“I commend the leadership of the FBI for their quick and decisive action in this matter.

“Once the suspect was identified as an FBI support employee, agents took swift action to prevent the continued victimization of this child and others.  We will continue to work vigorously with our FBI partners to hold this individual accountable.”

If convicted of these charges, Carroll could face anywhere between 15 to 50 years in prison.

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Back in March, Law Enforcement Today shared a report regarding a Milwaukee County judge that was charged with numerous counts of possession of child pornography.

Here’s that previous report.


MILWAUKEE, WI- A Democrat circuit court judge in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin has been charged with seven counts of possession of child pornography, according to Newstalk 1130 WISN.

Judge Brett Blomme is apparently a “popular and influential figure among elected Democrats” in the city of Milwaukee, the outlet said.

They continued that as a close ally of Milwaukee’s long-serving mayor Tom Barrett, Blomme enjoyed the support and endorsements of a majority of Democrats and left-wing groups involved in Milwaukee politics when he ran for a seat on the court last year.

“I support Brett because like me, he is committed to making Milwaukee a better place for all of us,” said U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore (D-WI) when she endorsed Blomme last winter. “Brett is the change we need to help fix our broken criminal justice system.”

After receiving Moore’s endorsement, Blomme referred to it as a “key endorsement” which he believed sent him to a win over the incumbent, Paul Dedinsky. Blomme was seated on the bench last August and was unbelievably serving in Children’s Court at the time he was arrested.

In addition to Moore, Blomme also was endorsed by Milwaukee Common Council President Cavalier Johnson, who in reference to Blomme said he “has dedicated his entire career to making Milwaukee a more inclusive place for all of us.”

Dan O’Donnell, who hosts a talk show on Newstalk 1130, “The Dan O’Donnell Show,” said that Blomme received his political inspirations from Barrett, whom he met when Blomme was a student at Marquette University.

O’Donnell notes that Barrett has served as an influence on him for over twenty years, finally installing him as chairman of the Board of Zoning Appeals despite the fact that Blomme didn’t even live in the city.

Barrett also wrote a letter in August 2019 to members of the Judicial Selection Advisory Committee in the state to “enthusiastically recommend Brett Blomme for appointment to the Milwaukee County Circuit Court.”

“I believe Brett has the qualifications, integrity and values [emphasis added] to be a successful member of our community’s judiciary,” Barrett added.

Values. Apparently that depends on what one’s definition of values is.

This past week, law enforcement investigators with the Wisconsin Department of Justice executed search warrants at Blomme’s homes in Cottage Grove and Milwaukee, as well as his courtroom and judicial chambers in the Milwaukee County Courthouse.

He was subsequently arrested and charged with seven counts of possession of child pornography, which carries decades of time in jail if convicted.

Newstalk 1130 reported that Blomme, 38, is alleged to have used the messaging app Kik to send 27 images and videos of suspected child pornography, several of which were uploaded from a government building.

The incidents were alleged to have taken place in October and November of last year.

So, what did Mayor Barrett have to say?

“The allegations are alarming,” he said in a news release. “The reports of the arrest came as a complete surprise.”

press release issued by the Wisconsin Department of Justice, published in Conservative Brief, read as follows:

The Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) today announced that Brett Blomme, age 38, was arrested on tentative charges of possession of child pornography.

The defendant, a Circuit Court Judge in Milwaukee County, was arrested by Wisconsin DOJ Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) special agents following an investigation into multiple uploads of child pornography through a Kik messaging application in October and November 2020.

Based upon records linking those uploads to the defendant, DCI investigators obtained search warrants for the defendant, his chambers, his vehicle, and his residences in Milwaukee and Dane Counties.

This investigation was led by the Wisconsin DOJ DCI, with assistance from investigators with the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office. Special assistance was received from the following agencies in executing the search warrants: Wauwatosa PD; Cottage Grove PD; Racine County Sheriff; Brookfield PD; Waukesha County Sheriff; and the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

As in any criminal proceeding, Mr. Blomme is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The criminal complaint is expected to be filed on March 17, 2021.

During his run for the court, politicians weren’t the only ones who supported his candidacy. He was also endorsed by numerous liberal organizations and media outlets, which included the Shepherd Express, which “enthusiastically backed Blomme due to his “values.”

He was also endorsed by a number of major liberal political organizations and labor unions, including the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), the Milwaukee Area Labor Council, AFL-CIO, Planned Parenthood, Black Leaders Organizing for Communities  (BLOC), Fair Wisconsin, and Voces De La Frontera.

O’Donnell reported that people who work inside the courtroom were disgusted when they heard of the charges.

“It’s just disgusting,” one courthouse source said.

“This guy gets tons of support from these liberal groups and then less than a year later he’s busted for child porn. He beat a good judge, too. Paul Dedinsky is a good man and a superb judge. But just because he happened to be appointed by [Republican] Scott Walker, every liberal group and politician lines up behind this guy? It’s ridiculous.”

Another group that has egg on its face is the editorial board of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which O’Donnell said ran a “glowing profile” on Blomme during the election.

Blomme told the paper, “I’m the progressive alternative. He’s [Dedinsky] self-identified as a Walker guy, a Walker judge. My career has been working for the most marginalized in the community. I’ll put my record up against his any day of the week.”

O’Donnell said he’s reached out to the groups which endorsed Blomme but had not heard back.

Blomme, who is openly gay has two young children whom he adopted with his husband. In fact, Blomme doesn’t even live in Milwaukee, ostensibly because Blomme’s husband couldn’t find a suitable job in the city. They apparently ended up buying a duplex in the city, however, maintain their home in the suburb of Cottage Grove.

Authorities were tipped off to Blomme’s criminal activity by the app itself, which Blomme used under the username “DomMasterBB,” which O’Donnell notes is “an apparent reference to a sexual genre known as ‘bondage, dominance, sadism, and masochism,” or BDSM.

O’Donnell said he was told by law enforcement sources that the images Blomme had uploaded were “extremely disturbing.”

“I felt like throwing up just reading the descriptions,” one source told O’Donnell.

O’Donnell’s segment can be heard here.

Law Enforcement Today will report on this cases as further information comes available.


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