BALTIMORE A federal judge sentenced two more corrupt Gun Trace Task Force detectives to federal prison.

At their sentencing Friday, Evodio Hendrix and Maurice Ward received substantial credit for cooperating in the case, reported WBALTV.

corrupt Gun Trace Task Force detectives

Evodio Hendrix, left, and Maurice Ward received substantial consideration in their cooperation with prosecutors in Gun Trace Task Force prosecutions. (Baltimore Police Department)

It’s a sharp contrast to the sentences handed down Thursday, when ringleader Wayne Jenkins received a 25-year prison sentence and Marcus Taylor, who took his case to trial, received an 18-year prison sentence. Taylor continues to insist he is innocent.

gun trace task force

Wayne Jenkins, left, received a 25-year prison sentence. Marcus Taylor received 18 years. (Photo source Baltimore Police Department)

Hendrix apologized to his family in court Friday and indicated his guilty plea in the Gun Trace Task Force case was his ticket out.

“I was looking for a way out. I figured this was the way out,” Hendrix said.

Hendrix did not blow the whistle on the task force before eight members were indicted.

federally indicted

Indicted officers from the Gun Trace Task Force. (Baltimore Police Department)

However, he pleaded guilty to committing five robberies, and he testified against Taylor and Daniel Hersl when they went to trial. In return, prosecutors asked for and received a seven-year prison sentence.

Harvey Bruner, who is Hendrix’s attorney, said his client is still being punished even though his sentence is much shorter than others received.

“I don’t know if anyone spent any time in prison, but seven years in prison as a police officer, as somebody who cooperated, that’s probably not the best place to be,” Bruner said.

Ward was also sentenced to seven years in prison. He committed six robberies while in plainclothes police units. Prosecutors gave him the gold star for cooperation, calling his memory of criminal activity encyclopedic.

However, they indicated again that the Gun Trace Task Force investigation is not complete.

“There are ongoing aspects of the investigation that Ward is the genesis of,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Leo Wise said.

Former sergeant, Thomas Allers, admitted to nine robberies. He previously received a 15 year prison sentence for his role in the corruption.

former Baltimore police sergeant

Former Baltimore police sergeant Thomas Allers admitted to nine robberies. (Baltimore Police Department)

Ward apologized in court to the Baltimore Police Department and his co-defendants, saying he could have spoken up about the crimes that were being committed.

“When you are working with other police officers, you depend on them to protect you and keep you safe, and if you are a police officer calling out other police officers’ conduct, you put yourself at some risk. So it is a difficult choice to make,” said Ward’s lawyer, Paul Enzinna.

Prosecutors said Ward is the one who told them that Jenkins was stealing from drug dealers almost daily.

The judge is giving credit for time already served to Ward and Hendrix, which is about 16 months off the total sentence.