Two Chicago officers seriously injured, female teen suspect dead after dispute at a drive-thru window


DOLTON, IL – Two Dolton Police officers were injured and a 19-year-old female suspect was fatally shot, after authorities say a dispute at a drive-thru window snowballed into a deadly situation involving police and the female suspect earlier in July.

According to reports, 19-year-old Alexis Wilson had pulled up to the drive-thru window of the Baba’s Steak and Lemonade in Dolton at approximately 1:00 a.m. on July 27th, which Dolton village spokesman Sean Howard said that Wilson was upset over the drive-thru being closed:

“She wanted service, even though they were closed…She appeared to be very upset that she couldn’t receive service.”

Employees from the establishment called police alleging that Wilson was armed with a gun.

When officers arrived on the scene, a male passenger that was with Wilson exited the vehicle upon issued commands, whereas Wilson reportedly did not.

One of the officers present attempted to reach inside of the vehicle to remove Wilson, which Dolton village spokesman Howard said that’s when Wilson hit the gas:

“[The officer] was halfway in the vehicle trying to remove her. That’s when she took off.”

The second officer on the scene reportedly fired off at least three rounds at Wilson’s vehicle, as the vehicle was speeding towards him. Wilson was reportedly struck by the unnamed officer’s gunfire, but the officer was also struck by Wilson’s vehicle.

The suspect’s vehicle ran the officer over while still dragging the second officer, crashing into a squad car and then eventually the façade of a bike shop roughly a block away from where the original incident occurred.

Wilson reportedly died at the scene. The condition of the officer struck by Wilson’s vehicle has reportedly improved, but the officer who was dragged by the suspect’s vehicle is in “very, very serious” condition, according to Howard.

The Illinois State Police are taking the lead on the investigation and all bodycam footage and surveillance video related to the matter have been handed over to the agency.

While grainy, surveillance video that has been publicly released does show when the driver plowed into the bike shop. 

Joseph Williams, a relative of the deceased suspect, claims that the employees from Baba’s Steak and Lemonade lied to police when claiming Wilson had a firearm:

“She was upset about her food. They messed her order up. She went back and said, ‘You either going to give me the money back or you’re going to correct the order.’ That led to more things being said, but it also led to Baba’s making a false call, making the police call saying there was a gun.”

“So you know, now, when the police do arrive, they are absolutely ready. And they asked them to get out of the vehicle.”

The family of the deceased suspect have not been afforded an opportunity yet to review the bodycam footage from the incident.

Authorities have also not confirmed whether a firearm was recovered from the suspect’s vehicle following the crash. 

This is an ongoing investigation.

Please follow Law Enforcement Today as we continue to gather further insight into this developing case.

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Back in April, we at Law Enforcement Today shared a report about another drive-thru incident gone awry – this time in Tennessee. 

Here’s that previous report. 


MEMPHIS, TN – According to Memphis Police, a woman allegedly opened fire at employees working inside of a Burger King due to her frustrations over a reportedly long wait at the drive-thru.

While, luckily, none of the employees were injured in the shooting, authorities are asking for the public’s assistance and identifying the suspect who opened fire on employees.

Memphis Police say the incident occurred on the evening of March 30th, while the at-large suspect was in a Burger King drive-thru line located in within the city on Winchester Road.

Officials say that the suspect had become irate over how long she was waiting for her food in line and exited her vehicle to argue with the employee working at the window.

Video surveillance footage then showed the suspect retrieve a black handgun from her vehicle, lean into the drive-thru window and started shooting into the restaurant.

The employees inside of the restaurant were said to have run through a back door and managed to avoid getting harmed during the shooting.

Authorities are asking that if anyone knows anything about the incident, or the identity of the suspect involved, to please call Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH.

In other recent cases pertaining to drive-thru shootings, police in Peoria, Illinois were said to have investigated such an incident back in late February

The incident was said to have occurred at approximately 8:00 p.m. on February 21st at a Burger King located within the 1700 block of N. Knoxville within the drive-thru line.

Peoria Police Public Information Officer Amy Dotson stated that there were a total of five gunshots fired by the unknown assailants following an argument between two parties while in the drive-thru:

“During the course of the investigation, officers learned there was in altercation between the victim and the occupants of another vehicle. As the victim pulled away, their vehicle was shot at.”

Thankfully, no one was injured in that incident. However, police have not indicated whether any arrests have been made. 

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In other news involving drive-thrus, a woman in Massachusetts allegedly stole a pickup truck, fled an accident and even dragged a police officer during a pursuit and later was arrested after stopping to get food at a McDonald’s drive-thru. 

Here’s that previous report from earlier in July. 


WORCESTER, MA- According to authorities, a woman in a stolen truck hit a Worcester police officer and dragged him with her vehicle during a two-hour long pursuit in the morning hours on July 6th. 

Police stated that they were dispatched to the area of Lake Avenue at around 8:45 a.m. for a report of a stolen company pickup truck. Officers spoke with an individual who said a woman, who was unknown to him, climbed into the pickup and drove away.

Raymon James Simoncini, the owner of the company, was able to relay the location of the pickup truck because the vehicle had GPS. The truck was showing up in the area of Pelham Street.

While en route to the last known location of the truck, officers were flagged down by the victim of a hit-and-run crash that occurred on Belmont Street. The description of the suspect vehicle involved in the hit-and-run matched the description of the stolen pickup.

Shortly after the hit-and-run, an officer spotted the stolen pickup on Charlton Street and pulled the driver over. As the officer approached the vehicle, the suspect, later identified as 38-year-old Johanna Gardell, suddenly hit the gas and sped off.

The officer got back into his cruiser and pursued Gardell at a slow speed until she accelerated on Main Street, running through several red lights. For safety reasons, the officer then deactivated his lights and sirens and stopped following her.

As the suspect continued to drive north on Main Street, Gardell encountered heavy traffic and stopped near 939 Main Street. In an attempt to go around the stopped traffic, she proceeded to drive in the wrong lane, against traffic and crashed into a van.

At this point, two police officers working a detail and another officer in the area approached the stolen vehicle in an attempt to stop Gardell. Authorities stated that instead of saying put, she back up the vehicle at a high rate of speed and struck the cruiser behind her, knocking down and dragging one of the detail officers.

Officers proceeded to pursue the stolen vehicle at a low rate of speed before the pursuit was called off for safety reasons. Gardell pulled into the drive-thru at a McDonald’s on Shrewsbury Street to order food.

While in the drive-thru line, police approached her in two separate vehicles. She struck one of them, but went off the road and got her vehicle stuck in a mulch area on McDonald’s property. Officers then approached the vehicle and were able to pull Gardell out of it.

While attempting to remove Gardell from the vehicle, she fought and struggle with the officers. The officers were able to successfully take her into custody. 

According to authorities, Gardell is facing several charges, including failure to stop for police, marked lanes violation, operating to endanger, red light violation, leaving the scene of a crash with property damage, leaving the scene of a crash with personal injury, assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon, assault by means of a dangerous weapon, malicious mischief to motor vehicle, disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct, operating a motor vehicle with a suspended driver’s license, and use of a motor vehicle without authority.

Gardell will be arraigned in court and the investigation remains ongoing. The police officer who was struck by the stolen truck was injured and transported to a nearby hospital to be treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Simoncini told WBZ that there were “needles” inside the truck when he went to check out his recovered vehicle. He said:

“Police let me look inside. There was drugs in there, there was needles in there, and some blood in her seat.”


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