Two Brooklyn attorneys arrested, federally charged for firebombing police cruiser


New York, NY – There is a narrative that says that people are merely protesting, but the violent riots are actually being committed by white supremacists. 

At least one potentially violent attack in New York disproves that narrative.

According to the New York Post:

“Two attorneys busted for throwing a Molotov cocktail through a police car window during protests in Brooklyn early Saturday were trying to pass out the incendiary devices to demonstrators in the crowd, federal authorities said yesterday.

Brooklyn community board member Colinford Mattis, 32, and his alleged accomplice, 31-year-old Urooj Rahman, are alleged to have driven around in a minivan near an altercation between police and demonstrators at the 88th Precinct station house in Fort Greene, federal prosecutors for the Eastern District of New York said in a detention memo Monday.

A witness took a photo of them in their vehicle that allegedly show them trying to pass out homemade explosive devices, according to the memo.

‘Rahman attempted to distribute Molotov cocktails to the witness and others so that those individuals could likewise use the incendiary devices in furtherance of more destruction and violence,’ the witness later told authorities.

‘During the arrest, officers observed in plain view several precursor items used to build a Molotov cocktail, including a lighter, a Bud Light beer bottle filled with toilet paper and a liquid suspected to be gasoline in the vicinity of the passenger seat and a gasoline tank in the rear of the vehicle,’ prosecutors said. 

‘They knew their acts endangered the NYPD officers and protesters on the street, as well as their own futures, and the defendants were undeterred,’ they wrote.”

Both of them were released on $250,000 bail. They will be confined to their homes until their court dates. 

Prosecutors argued that Mattis “risked everything to drive around in a car with Molotov cocktails attacking police vehicles.”

“That is not the action of a rational person,” they added.

In Rahman’s hearing, the prosecutor said that with everything going on the way it is, it’s not the time to release a “bomb thrower” into the community.

“She pursued a career in which she would uphold the law, but everything she’s done as detailed in the complaint is contrary to that.”

Their arrests are not the only ones made. The video below shows a woman throwing a Molotov cocktail into a NYPD vehicle that officers inside. The 27-year-old was arrested.

We are literally seeing peoples entire lives go up in flames as their business and homes are set ablaze. And in many instances, the firebugs are completely callous to the fact that there are people inside. And in most instances, there is no indication that white supremacists are involved.

It’s not often you see a police chief break down in tears.  But that was exactly what happened in Virginia on Sunday.

The Richmond Police Chief held a press conference in which he told the media that Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters set fire to a multi-family home.

That house had children inside.

“One incident that is particularly poignant, that truly illustrates the seriousness of the issues we’re facing,” Chief Will Smith told reporters.

“Protesters intentionally set fire to an occupied building on [West] Broad Street. This is not the only occupied building that has been set fire to in the last two days.”

Then they blocked access for the firefighters who were rushing out to save the children.

“They prohibited us from getting on scene,” the police chief continued. “We had to force our way to make a clear path for the fire department.”

Thank God officers found a way into the building and were able to save the child and the rest of the family.

“Officers were able to,” Smith said, with his voice overcome with emotion, “help those people out of the house.”

We also brought you another heartbreaking scene out of Austin this weekend, also at the hands of Antifa.

It shows a group of Antifa militants taunting the homeless under an overpass, then lighting a homeless man’s mattress on fire.

Watch: Antifa burns homeless man's mattress as he begs them to stop - "Please, I live here!"
Watch: Antifa burns homeless man’s mattress as he begs them to stop – “Please, I live here!”

Law Enforcement Today spoke with an Austin police officer on the condition of anonymity.  He said the homeless man is known in the area and believed to be a combat veteran who has battled PTSD for years.

Apparently Austin police are reviewing the footage and trying to identify the suspects.

In the video, the homeless man rushes to recover his mattress from the fire while shouting, “I live here!”

“What are you doing?!” he cried. “I live here! What are you doing! What the fuck are you doing?!”

On Saturday, President Trump declared that he’ll be designating Antifa as a terror organization.  And things are heating up quickly.

The Minnesota National Guard has been armed and is on high alert.

This is after the FBI reportedly warned of a ‘credible, lethal threat’.

The National Guard’s top general requested military police units from out of state as a result of the threat.  He has not requested active-duty forces yet.

These threats reportedly came after officials worked to determine if extremist groups had infiltrated police brutality protests across the country.

Law enforcement is looking into if they deliberately tipped largely peaceful demonstrations toward violence.

To make matters worse, they’re investigating if foreign adversaries – such as Russia – were behind a growing disinformation campaign on social media.

On Saturday, an Antifa activist group put out a message that encouraged people to consider Minnesota National Guard troops “easy targets,” according to two Defense Department officials.

The activists were encouraged to steal “kit”, or the weapons and body armor used by the soldiers.

The officials were not authorized to discuss the matter publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity, reports one outlet.

Now, soldiers with the Minnesota National Guard have been armed during all missions at protests across the state.

The soldiers are sometimes – but not always – armed.  Yet for the past few days, they haven’t been armed as they’ve moved into parts of the state taken over by riots.

In the state, the troops do not currently have the authority to make arrests, and are there to act essentially as extra security for police.

There are currently more than 4,100 National Guard soldiers and airmen in Minneapolis.

Hours after President Trump declared that he’ll be designating Antifa as a terror organization, they reportedly made the ultimate threat – we’re bringing the war to the suburbs.

Now authorities are on high alert.



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