Days after the election, Twitter blacklists “Angel families” who lost loved ones to illegal immigrants


MESA, AZ – In a shocking move, Twitter blacklisted several “Angel family” accounts and one “Angel” organization just days after the election.

“Angel families” are so designated because they are the surviving family members of a person killed by an illegal alien. 

Twitter shut down and blocked the accounts for Angel Mom Mary Ann Mendoza as well as three accounts that represent Angel Families — including the Angel Families organization and the Advocates for Victims of Illegal Alien Crime (AVIAC).

Mendoza’s son, Sergeant Brandon Mendoza, was killed in 2014 by an illegal alien who was driving the wrong way on a freeway. 

Another Angel parent, Sabine Durden, lost her son Dominic in 2012 in a similar manner.  Mary Ann Mendoza manages the “Angel Families” Twitter account and Sabina Durden controls AVAIC. 

Both ladies reported that they hadn’t shared anything unusual when the suspensions occurred.

This isn’t the first time Mary Ann Mendoza has been silenced.  In an apology posted later, she explains that she was cancelled as a projected speaker at the Republican National Convention.

She was shunned abruptly because of a Tweet she forwarded that included conspiracy theories from QAnon and some anti-Semitic remarks, although she stated she didn’t fully read the message before forwarding.

After retweeting a post with the precursor, “Do yourself a favor and read this,” she evidently later discovered that the tweet linked to “a bogus 100-year-old Jewish plot to run the world that managed to add some QAnon conspiracies and touched on everything from the Titanic to Hillary Clinton.”

She wrote in her apology:

“I retweeted a very long thread earlier without reading every post within the thread. My apologies for not paying attention to the intent of the whole message. That does not reflect my feelings or personal thoughts whatsoever.”

QAnon has been attacked as a controversial source of conspiracy theories, mostly about Democrats and Hollywood elites and child sex trafficking – the FBI was concerned about the group enough to release a statement involving the extreme positions of QAnon and how their theories may “motivate some domestic extremists.”

The manuscript for Mendoza’s speech had already been released just prior to the abrupt schedule change.  She was to speak about her son, Brandon, and applaud President Trump:

“President Donald Trump is the first political leader we’ve ever seen take on the radical left to finally secure our border and to end illegal immigration since day one. I’ve met him many times, and I know what’s in his heart.”

Mendoza’s son was a sergeant with the Mesa, Arizona police department.  He died in a car crash in March of 2014 when he was struck by an illegal alien on meth and 3 times the legal limit on alcohol.  Sergeant Mendoza was on his way home from work when the crash occurred – the illegal alien had driven the wrong way on 4 different highways before striking Mendoza’s vehicle. 

According to the Angel Families website:

“Brandon had many dreams of what he wanted to continue achieving in his life and had just completed the renovation of the Guerrero Park area in Mesa. 

He changed the neighborhood forever with his relentless drive to make it a safe place for the families and especially the children of the area.

He worked with the City of Mesa Building Code Division to have landlords bring their rental properties up to code to provide a safe living environment for renters.

He made friends with everyone he met. the community knew they could trust him and he was there for them.”

To date, Twitter hasn’t given Mendoza or Durden a reason for their silencing. 

When Mendoza was blocked from Twitter over previous messaging, she was required to delete the questionable tweets before her account would be restored.  So far, she hasn’t been given that choice this time.

Angel mom fights for justice after daughter’s illegal immigrant killer up for parole after just two years in prison

September 2, 2020 – FAYETTEVILLE, AR –On November 6, 2016, Sergio Rodriguez, at the time an illegal immigrant, hit and killed Hailey King and severely injured her friend, Osmin Gutierrez in a traffic crash. 

Rodriguez fled the scene after the crash and was eventually arrested and convicted for the crime. 

Rodriguez was sentenced to 17 years behind bars, but after serving two years was up for parole.  Kathy Hall, King’s mother, had to testify to the parole board to keep Rodriguez in custody, something she will have to do every couple of years.

Hall had to recount that night again in front of a parole board, something that she will now have to do every couple of years, hoping to Rodriguez him in prison. 

Fortunately, her testimony was enough this time to keep him behind bars, but she will have to testify every two years or so in order to keep him in prison. 

The fight to keep Rodriguez in prison started only two years after he plead guilty to the hit and run which left Gutierrez in a wheelchair and King dead.  Hall told Breitbart News:

“I still don’t understand how you can sentence someone to 17 years and then after 2 years have a parole hearing.  You have to relieve it over and over.  It’s not something you can quickly prepare for.  And then every year after that, you are re-victimized.  You cannot heal from what’s happened because you’re still fighting to keep people behind bars.” 

Hall became what is known as an ‘angel mom’ when King was killed that fateful night in November in 2016. 

The term is derived from an organization of relatives of those killed by an illegal alien in some way.  For Hall, she became an ‘angel’ when the scooter Kind and Gutierrez were riding on was struck by Rodriguez. 

Rodriguez left both of the people alone at the crash site to die as he fled the scene.  He parked his truck in an apartment complex and left the scene on foot.  King succumbed to her injuries and Gutierrez was left as a double amputee. 

Rodriguez turned himself into police two days after the crash, but the time that was lost in reporting the incident cannot be ignored.  Hall said at the time:

“He hit these two kids, but his actions afterwards not stopping which at this point we don’t know.  It could’ve saved Hailey’s life.  It could have saved David’s legs.” 

Hall broke down the sentence that was given to Rodriguez:

“Ten years for Hailey’s life.  She was 18-years-old.  She had a lot longer than ten years.  Five years for David’s legs.  He’ll never get those back.  And two years for leaving the scene, that isn’t enough.”

Hall said that she fought with the court system for two years after Rodriguez was arrested to get second-degree murder charges filed. 

However, without her consent, the charges were dropped in lieu of a plea deal to which she says she nor Rodriguez’s family never consented. 

To add insult to injury, Rodriguez is only required to pay $280 in restitution in the case as well as allowed to marry a U.S. citizen, changing his status from illegal alien to permanent US resident.

Hall’s fight to keep Rodriguez in jail was successful this time, however, her fight is long from over.  Hall said:

“If he’d been paroled, he would have been freed in February 2021.  It’s going to be a year and a half until the next hearing.  And, if he is granted parole, he will be released six months after the hearing.  I have about 14 to 15 months until I have to start this all over again. 

Since my daughter died, I promised her I would fight for justice for her.  Since she took her last breath, that’s what I’ve done.”


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