TUCSON, Ariz. – The Tucson Police Department thought they had a major problem on their hands; the widespread distribution of a “white powdery substance.”

Anyone who has ever written a police report will immediately identify the verbiage as a description for a controlled substance believed to be cocaine. But until the chemical tests prove their presumption correct, it is referred to as such.

However, the “white powdery substance” creating fear in Tucson was short lived. Although the Arizona cops rarely, if ever, have seen snow in their area, the recent winter coat “laced” on their landscape was none other than “Jack Frost” visiting their desert community.   

A Tucson sergeant joked that one of the members of their crime lab helped determined the chemical compounds of the substance. He jokingly said “the stuff” would be “taken to the lab” and they’d share details with the public once it was identified.

As the sergeant mockingly touched and field tested the “substance” by placing it on his mouth and gums, he warned the general public to avoid contact due the burning sensation.

Finally, the good-natured video developed into a public service announcement to “drive slow” and “give yourself some extra time” while commuting in the area. Although people residing in snowbound communities will laugh at their plight, keep in mind, this is indeed a rare occurrence in Tucson.