Tucker: Democrats ‘don’t understand,’ ‘don’t care’ about threat of anarchy – says ‘chaos serves their purposes’


PITTSBURGH, PA – Captured on video in Pittsburgh last week: supper with a side of assault. 

An elderly white couple appeared to be dining on a restaurant patio when a “peaceful” protest happened to pass by. 

In a span of a minute and a half, video shows a protestor scream at the couple: “F**k the white people.” 

Another protestor then picks up and drinks one of the couple’s beers. 

The above is the exact scenario Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson described on his show Thursday night. 

He warned that the chaos playing out in cities nationwide is driving toward anarchy, which could have profound and lasting impacts on the country. 

Carlson said: 

“Picture this. You’re sitting and eating dinner in a restaurant with some of your friends on a Friday night. You’re deep into conversation when in the distance, you hear shouting.

You look up and you see a group of demonstrators walking down the street, yelling and holding flags that say Black Lives Matter. 

The group is loud, but you don’t have a problem with what you think they are saying. Of course, black lives matter. You agree with that completely. It seems obvious to you. You’re against racism. You’ve never mistreated anyone because of his race. You’re not a bad person. 

So at first, it doesn’t occur to you that this mob of angry people might be angry at you. Why would they be?

But then suddenly, the mob is there, at your table screaming in your face; throwing chairs, smashing glasses, sweeping cutlery to the floor, and threatening to kill you. Within seconds you’re running for your life.” 

But, you don’t have to picture it. 

You can watch it actually happening, in real time and in social media videos, and not just in Pittsburgh. 

Carlson described that scene too, with his own take. He said: 

F you, old man,” screams the BLM protester and gives him the finger. A female protester strides up in guzzled the old woman’s drink. Why? Because she can, the ultimate humiliation.

So what exactly did the elderly couple do to deserve the abuse you just saw? What was their crime? If you listen to BLM, you know the answer. They live in America. They work and pay taxes.

They support a system that systematically murders people. In effect, they are war criminals, guards in the world’s largest concentration camp. That’s BLM’s position.” 

The chant on repeat during Black Lives Matter rallies and protests is “No justice, no peace,” but Carlson says the events themselves are covers for radicalism and “breaking things and hurting people.” 

He has another label for the movement: anarchism. 

Minneapolis is cleaning up the rubble of 1,500 buildings and assesses damages from riots that the governor has estimated to cost the state $500 million and a family in Portland is burying a man killed by a radical during the city’s 100-plus days of protests. Meanwhile, Democrats praise the movement. 

Former President Barack Obama recently said: 

“Americans of all races joining together to declare, in the face of injustice and brutality at the hands of the state that black lives matter. No more, but no less. To the young people who led us this summer, telling us we need to be better; in so many ways, you are this country’s dreams fulfilled.” 

Carlson fired back on his Thursday segment: 

“Obama has an internet connection. He sees the news. He knows that the same young leaders he is promoting on stage burned buildings, looted stores, and murdered people.

Obama is smart enough to know that what the mobs are doing isn’t bringing people together, just the opposite. Riots don’t heal wounds, they create them. The violence that Barack Obama’s youth brigades have unleashed on this country, if anything, increased racial bigotry and distrust.” 

While large cities face demolition, clean up, police department defunding and political turmoil in the wake of the riots, the racial tensions were further inflamed this week by a DHS report labeling white supremacists as the greatest terror threat to the country. 

That is not the group that has recently captured headlines for causing hundreds of millions of dollars in damage to a nation already ravaged by a pandemic this year. 

Wednesday, New York City Police officers arrested seven members of a group called the New Afrikan Black Panther Party. 

The department tweeted their photos with the caption: 

“On Friday, September 4th, these individuals were arrested for rioting during demonstrations in Manhattan. They were part of a large group breaking storefront windows. Our investigation into this incident continues.” 

The New York Post investigated the backgrounds of the accused, and reported that most are the children of affluent New Yorkers. 

The details of their upbringings include living on the Upper East Side, jet-setting Europe and attending expensive and exclusive private schools. 

Here’s Carlson’s take: 

“For the overwhelming majority of lower income Americans, melanin is not the main barrier to advancement. Education and social class are. For poor people, the main problem is money. It always has been. They don’t have enough of it. Their kids have even less.” 

He continued: 

“So why are they breaking things and hurting people? Because they’ve been brainwashed into hating our country and hating themselves by corrupt education establishment, who are also decadent and bored like so many pampered children.” 

Portland protestor raps in officer’s face: ‘We’re taking back our f-ing land’, says ‘it’s a revolution’

PORTLAND, OR – This is the kind of garbage law enforcement is up against these days.

A demonstrator in Portland decided to put his craft on display during a face-off with police. 

In Portland’s 101st night of demonstrations on Sunday night, a man going by the name of “No$hu,” set up a portable PA system and a mic on the sidewalk of blocked off Northeast 6th Avenue on the North Side of the city.

Portland based rapper/protestor calling himself No$hu freestyle challenges a Portland police office in riot gear, on the 101st night of protests in the city.
Portland based rapper/protestor calling himself No$hu challenges Portland cop in riot helmet to a freestyle battle, on the 101st night of protests in the city.  Photo via Twitter.

The idea came to barefoot, dreadlocked rapper No$hu (pronounced No Shoes; real name unknown) to bring his portable system down to a demonstration, and facilitate a freestyle rap protest. 

His intention appears to have been a desire to give creative voice to the grievances that he feels fuel the protests and demonstrations. 

No$hu’s grievance airing raps do provide a more productive outlet than setting buildings on fire, though his lyrics seem to advocate for such, including phrases about burning the whole system “to the ground.”

The night almost seemed to belong to No$hu (and perhaps could have, with more tact and discipline), as he invited other area rappers to come up and join him, sharing some defiant and profanity laced bars together for the crowd’s enjoyment. 

He also invited speakers to share some thoughts.  One of those speakers was his friend, Camillo Massagli from Seattle, also known as “Trumpet Man.”

Sometime shortly after Massagli spoke, some demonstrators who shared Nu$hu’s “burn it down” philosophy acted on those impulses within earshot of the loudspeaker, setting a mattress fire in the street, near the North Precinct Community Policing Center.

 Many in the crowd began changing, “burn it down,” while the fire burned brightly in the street.  

Heated confrontations ensued between the protestors and officers of the Portland Police Bureau holding line to block off the street. 

Officers had moved in to control the crowd, as firefighters also moved in to extinguish a large fire set by the burning mattresses.  Massagli was arrested when he would not move back, as most of the crowd did, when the police ordered them to. 

After Massagli’s arrest, No$hu was moved to express his frustration directly in the face of an officer on the line.  The result is the freestyle rap recorded below, which has gone viral on social media. 

The video has garnered over 246,000 views on twitter alone.  The rapper gave an appeal in the song to either free Massagli, or arrest him along with his friend.

Here are more of the freestyle lyrics:

“(video cuts in) …now we’re taking back our f***ing land.

It ain’t yours cuz you stole it.

I got the flow like the ocean; roll like I’m bowling.

Look… if you was a man, you would grab the microphone and you would f***ing rap.

Honestly homey, we would give you props; we just want all the bull***t to stop.

We just wanna talk, homey, it’s all love.  You got Trumpet Man but this sh** ain’t done.

He’ll be out when the sun comes up (that’s the morning); yeah we hit L.A., we was touring.

And y’all cops just ignore the sh** that we say; that’s why we’re gonna burn it today.

F**k the whole system, it’s bout to burn to the ground; this is Portland baby this is our town.

They don’t even live here that’s a mothaf***kin’ fact; you live in the sticks mothaf***ka go back.

It’s true, you can’t front; I grab the microphone and yeah, I get it done.

I’m takin’ down your badge, you know I know the math; I could see it in your eyes you get a little mad.

And you kinda sad cuz you know this sh** true; I’m tryna speak dog I’m tryna speak straight to you.

Straight to your heart, I know that you feelin’ my lyrics; this sh** hit deep in your spirit.

You can’t ignore it, this is mothaf***kin Portland; I grab the microphone and say this sh** important.

Listen, you the one in the suit; I got no shoes homey who the f**k are you, baby?

I just want soup for my mothaf***kin family; these cops man this a f***kin tragedy.

The way you act out and defend all these mothaf***kin pedophiles.

But in the end, the truth comes to light; this is a fight.

It’s a revolution and we struggle day and night.

I know you got might, I know you earned stripes.

I know you got a job, but it’s time this sh** stops.

C’mon dawg, I just wanna talk…

Do you?

I be comin’ through; my name is No Shoes

Introduce yourself.

Let’s have discussions.

No interruptions.

No purpose.

No agendas.

Just you and me.

I’m talking to you, and the Portland police.

Real talk, I know that you feel it; cuz it’s coming with the f***king heart with my lyrics.

C’mon man…

Step up…

Step up…

Whatcha gon’ do?  Ya got Trumpet Man f**k it; I’ll come too.

Put me in the cuffs, I don’t give a f**k; I gotta get it done.

Yeah… should arrest me too; I’ll sleep in the cell, sh**t, I’ll feel cool.

Me and Trumpet Man bout to have a dinner, three meals a day.

F**k it homey… (video ends)”

The officer showed restraint and disciplined training, as he stood motionless and calm while No$hu rapped. 

He positioned himself two feet from the officer’s face, and rapped freestyle for several minutes while pointing fingers close enough to touch the officer’s face shield.

At some point shortly after the video ends, police announced with a loudspeaker that officers would be disengaging from the line.  The crowd of protestors cheers. 

Protestors were instructed in the announcement not to follow the officers as they pulled back.  Some didn’t listen, including No$hu.  He grabbed his microphone and battery powered PA speaker, following the line of officers while starting to rap again. 

Officers converged on him and a couple others, making arrests and pushing back the crowd; some falling down.  An officer made another loudspeaker announcement, warning the crowd once again not to follow the officers as they pulled back. 


Interestingly enough, No$hu indicated in his freestyle that he believes police are “protecting all these pedophiles.”

In actuality- it is bureaus and departments of local, state, and federal law enforcement all over this nation, who are making a record number of arrests in child trafficking stings. 

They are also rescuing record numbers of children… all during this particular Administration’s crackdown.  Ironically, it is also this Administration for whom protesting groups such as BLM and Antifa seem to hold such disdain.

Perhaps No$hu may be interested in having a discussion about this, if he generally hates the pedophilia and child sex slavery that he seemed to indicate in his creative, though profane freestyle.

One has only to search our site for “child trafficking” articles, to pull up droves of stories detailing exactly how law enforcement is involved in the ongoing child/human trafficking crackdown. 

Portland mayor bans police use of tear gas shortly after rioters target his own home

PORTLAND, OR – They say timing is everything, which means that the timing of any effort can wield good results or catastrophic ones.

So it will be interesting to see what comes of Portland now that the mayor has banned the use of CS gas by police at protests and riots after over three months of these going on nightly.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has ordered Portland Police to cease the use of CS gas, effective immediately.

While there were orders delivered back in June that heavily regulated when said CS gas could be deployed, now the crowd control asset has been completely removed from the proverbial table.

For the sake of clarity, this ban doesn’t have anything to do with barring OC spray (commonly referred to as pepper spray by most folks).

The delineation between CS gas versus OC spray, outside of the chemical compositions, is that CS deployment can be indiscriminate with how it spreads whereas OC spray is something that can have the mist of stream directed.

However, there is also the fact that OC is something that has to be deployed in close proximity, while CS could afford authorities a safe distance when trying to break up large riotous crowds.

In an emailed statement from Mayor Wheeler noting the ban of CS gas, he mentioned the following:

“During the last hundred days Portland, Multnomah County and State Police have all relied on CS gas where there is a threat to life safety. We need something different. We need it now.”

It’s unclear what exactly the mayor could imagine when it pertains to something in the less-lethal range that is also as effective or more than CS gas to break up riotous crowds. It’s not as though police can set up some large, netted booby traps to scoop up rioters like they were villains in a Scooby-Doo episode.

The mayor is attempting to frame this as some kind of quid-pro-quo for the rioters it seems, in that he’s noting that he’s taken a step toward reducing force and that he hopes the rioters will take a step back as well:

“I call on everyone to step up and tamp down the violence. I’m acting. It’s time for others to join me.”

But those among the peanut gallery are extremely skeptical that this will turn out the way that the mayor hopes.

One Twitter user opined on the issue, in a rather sarcastic manner but also potential outcome of this measure, with the following:

“Cool. Now the Portland PD will have to club these clowns like baby seals. The optics is going to be soooooo much better now. Ted Wheeler has got to be the worst mayor in America, and he has a lot of competition too.”

Others online are saying that for all the restrictions that Mayor Wheeler is trying to impose upon officers, then perhaps the mayor should stand on the frontlines with said officers to ascertain just how bad things can be when stripped of non-lethal resources:

“As police commissioner putting all these restrictions on his officers. He should go out there with them. Let’s see how long those restrictions last.”

Now keep in mind, this order by the mayor comes just under two weeks from when rioters targeted the very home of Mayor Wheeler.  

On the evening of August 31st, a crowd of roughly 200 people had gathered outside Mayor Wheeler’s condominium tower, with malefactors shattering windows and breaking into a local dental office to steal items to light ablaze. Among the items stolen were a chair and various office supplies.

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During the display, those among the riot were said to have been wearing party hats, as this evening happened to fall on Mayor Wheeler’s birthday.

Just after 11:00 p.m. that evening, a stack of newspapers was set on fire and thrown into the ground level portion of the condominium tower which holds 114 residences within it. While the flames didn’t spread and were quickly extinguished, police announced at that time that the “protest” had become an unlawful assembly and eventually elevated to a riot.

Police were said to have arrested 19 people during the riot for various charges, with eight of the arrestees being charged with disorderly conduct and interfering with a peace officer.

It is unclear with will become of those charges, considering that the Portland DA announced recently that he wouldn’t be pursuing a myriad of charges akin to what officers arrested people for on August 31st.

However, two of those arrested were alleged to have been carrying concealed weapons during the riot, with one of them being charged with assaulting an officer.

Also, Portland has had an issue as of late with rioters and miscreants trying to proclaim they’re “members of the press” in order to continue contributing to the anarchy.

Video captured from the riots show police taking one alleged “press member” in custody, considering that police did warn that there wouldn’t be any exceptions afforded to legal observers if they engaged in criminal conduct.

With all things considered, is the banning of CS gas the best idea – especially after things managed to hit so close to home (literally) for the mayor? That remains to be seen, but hindering police’s access to less lethal means of crowd control can only have so may outcomes. 

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