Report: TSA allowing arrest warrants of illegal immigrants as an acceptable form of ID to board planes


TEXAS- On January 21st, the Fox Business Network’s “Evening Edit,” featured Texas Department of Public Safety Lt. Christopher Olivarez.

During his appearance, he stated that by TSA allowing illegal immigrants to use arrest warrants as identification at airport security checkpoints, criminal organizations will take full advantage of it by having gang members come across and try to board planes so they can make it further into the country.

He added, “and that is a national security threat.”

Olivarez said that someone can get on a plane using an arrest warrant as a form of identification and end up anywhere within the United States. He added:

“And the thing is that you’re allowing an arrest warrant as a form of an ID, that right there alone, I mean, that should not be taking place.

I mean, an arrest warrant … that individual should be placed under arrest, not be allowed to board a plane.”

The Lt. continued:

“But again, that’s going to be an opportunity these criminal organizations are going to take full advantage of. They’re going to have these criminal gangs come across and try to board these planes so they can make it further into the country.

So, that is a national security threat. And again, that’s what we’re going to see play out this year, and it’s off to a bad start.”

On Friday, January 21st, Fox News reported that TSA confirmed they are allowing illegal immigrants to use arrest warrants as an alternative form of ID to board airplanes. The TSA spokesperson told Fox News:

“For non-citizens and non-U.S. nationals who do not otherwise have acceptable forms of ID for presentation at security checkpoints, TSA may also accept certain DHS-issued forms, including ICE Form 1-200 (Warrant for Arrest of an Alien).”

Report: TSA allowing arrest warrants of illegal immigrants as an acceptable form of ID to board planes

Reportedly, that refers to a civil immigration arrest warrant, not a criminal arrest warrant. The agency added that the document will then be validated via an “alien identification number” being checked against a number of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) databases. The spokesperson said:

“All passengers whose identity is verified through alternate procedures receive additional screening before being allowed into the secure area of the airport.”

The use of arrest warrants as ID came in response to a congressional query by Rep. Lance Gooden (R-TX), who has been investigating the process by which migrants are brought into the country.

Back in November 2021, Gooden’s office received a packet given to migrants via a whistleblower.

That packet reportedly included flight information, copies of the Notice to Appear from CBP, a list of pro bono legal service providers, maps of major cities in the U.S., and information and legal assistance in Spanish. 

Gooden has described the use of arrest warrants as ID by the TSA as “totally crazy.” He said in a statement:

“A criminal alien shouldn’t be allowed to board a plane after presenting a warrant for their arrest. They should be detained and brought before a judge.”

On December 15, 2021, Gooden and other Republican members of Congress submitted their inquiry about the arrest warrants being used as ID. The letter said, in part:

“We have serious concerns TSA is actively assisting illegal immigrants without proper identification travel throughout the country. Therefore, we are requesting TSA provide assistance in identifying and preventing the unprecedented flow of illegal immigrants into and throughout the United States and the role TSA has played in facilitating this influx of migrants.”

They criticized the Biden administration for releasing at least 160,000 illegal immigrants and observed that there were over 1.6 million apprehensions by border patrol agents in Fiscal Year 2021. Most of those arrests, about 1.15 million were in Texas. 

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Again and again: More convicted sex offenders caught coming into the US from the southern border

January 14th, 2022

LAREDO, TX – Customs and Border Protection have announced yet more arrests of convicted sex offenders attempting to enter the United States via the southern border.

On January 7th, federal agents at the Rio Grande City Border Patrol Station came into contact with Edgar Antonio Barajas-Granados in Roma, Texas.

While they were speaking with him, they learned that Barajas-Granados had previously been deported and was a convicted sex offender.

The release said, in part:

“Barajas-Granados was arrested in Corpus Christi, Texas for continuous sexual abuse of a child under the age of 14.

Later that year, the 20-year-old was convicted of aggravated sexual assault of a child and sentenced to 300 community service hours and 10 years’ probation.

The Mexican national has a lengthy criminal record and has been previously removed from the United States.”

Federal agents nabbed another sexual offender on January 8th when they made contact with an unidentified illegal alien who was with nine others after they attempted to sneak into the country through Mission, Texas.

Federal agents checked the suspect through law enforcement databases which showed that he was a convicted sex offender who was first arrested in 2016 for sexual conduct with a child between 13 and 15 years old.

The suspect was sentenced to 36 months in jail and then deported.

On January 9th, federal agents working the commercial bus traffic coming into the United States from Mexico made contact with Erick Omar Lopez Cruz, a Mexican citizen, and the United States Lawful Permanent resident, for a secondary inspection.

When Cruz got to the secondary inspection point, a biometric verification showed that he had an active felony warrant for aggravated sexual assault of a child out of Waco, Texas.

Port Director Albert Flores, of the Laredo Port of Entry, said:

“Our frontline officers help keep communities safe by apprehending travelers with outstanding warrants for a variety of crimes, including those of a sexual nature that impact children.”

Federal agents reported yet another sex offender who was attempting to sneak into the country.

Agents did not identify the illegal alien but reported that he was with a group of eight others when he was caught. Agents reported this illegal alien had been arrested for forcible sexual abuse in 1997 by the Utah County Sheriff’s Office.

To put this information into perspective, Customs and Border Protection can only report on the people that they have captured sneaking into the United States from Mexico.

They obviously cannot report on the thousands of illegal aliens that have successfully entered the country without detection.

Members of the Democrat President Joe Biden’s Administration would like you to believe that there are no issues at the southern border, and it is secure.

However, Republican leaders along with some Democrats have been sounding the alarm since President Biden took office and are now accusing the administration of covering up what is going on.

The Free Beacon reported that ICE has not released its annual report which would summarize the agency’s enforcement, security threats, and deportation operations.

It’s something that the agency has done annually since 2011. The last report was submitted on December 23, 2020, when Republican President Donald Trump was still in office.

Republican Senator Josh Hawley claims that the lack of an annual report may well be because the Biden administration knows that they are failing miserably on the border and do not want the American public to know.

He said:

“During record-breaking levels of illegal immigration, DHS and ICE have taken steps to dismantle interior enforcement operations that keep our communities safe from criminal aliens. I’ve been calling for transparency into these radical policy changes for months.

If ICE is intentionally hiding their annual report from the public, then it’s safe to assume it doesn’t show any improvement; it shows failure.”

Republican Representative in Texas, Michael McCaul, agrees with Hawley and claims that the Biden Administration is not taking any potential threats at the southern border seriously. He said:

“[Not publishing the annual report shows] a lack of seriousness for the crisis at they created at our southern border. ICE’s interior enforcement is critical in protecting our communities from bad actors who slip through initial detection.

With the crisis at the southern border, ICE’s presence is needed now more than ever to enforce our immigration laws.”

Video: Former cop, military veteran lays the smack down on armed burglar breaking into his vehicle

Convicted cop-killer, a deported illegal immigrant, arrested sneaking back across the southern border

HEBBRONVILLE, TX – US Border Patrol announced this week that agents apprehended a previously deported illegal alien near Laredo on Christmas Day who was previously convicted of capital murder of a police officer or fireman.


Hilario Rios Garcia was arrested on Dec. 25 during the evening hours by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).

A records check determined the man had an extensive criminal record, including a conviction for the murder of a police officer or fireman in 1993.

The arrest occurred on Christmas evening when DPS troopers requested assistance from Hebbronville Station agents with a vehicle stop near Farm to Market Road 649 west of Hebbronville, Texas.

Authorities questioned the occupants of the stopped vehicle. Subsequent to the interviews, agents determined the suspects were engaged in human smuggling.

The driver of the vehicle was identified as Rios Garcia. The U.S. Border Patrol Laredo Section issued a statement reading:

“Once in custody, #USBP agents discovered the driver was an undocumented individual from the country of Mexico.

Record checks revealed Hilario Rios Garcia had an extensive criminal history which included an arrest in June 1993 by the City of Roma, Texas Police Department and subsequent conviction of Capital Murder of a Police Officer or Fireman.

“Rios Garcia will be prosecuted for his immigration violation and will be turned over to the custody of the U.S. Marshals Service.”


The number of migrants stopped at the Southwest border continued to the highest levels in at least 20 years surge under President Joe Biden’s lenient immigration enforcement policies.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has recorded more than 1.1 million encounters at the southern border through the first nine months of fiscal 2021, already more than any complete fiscal year since at least 2005.

CBP issued a prepared statement in June regarding the problem of repeat border crossers:

“The large number of expulsions during the pandemic has contributed to a larger-than-usual number of migrants making multiple border crossing attempts.”


CBP stated that the total number of illegal immigrants crossing the border may be skewed by the number of repeat offenders. However, Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) challenged the excuse, saying border crossings have increased every month since Biden took office:

“In June, nearly 190,000 illegal aliens were apprehended crossing the southern border. Illegal border crossings have increased every single month of the Biden administration.”

While the causes of the border crisis are debated, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Border Patrol continue to struggle to control the massive surge in illegals entering the country unchecked.

Luckily, Hilario Rios Garcia was not one of the thousands of successful crossings.

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