Editorial: Trump’s 60% approval rating comes as Senate strikes deal on stimulus


In 2009, we were swept with the H1N1 pandemic, impacting between 11-21% of the world’s population, with more than 274,000 hospitalizations and at least 12,469 deaths. 

At the time, the Obama administration and members of Congress did very little- too little, too late- to prevent this sweeping illness and needless death.  I don’t recall that administration being directly under fire and attacked for every move they made or didn’t make. 

Enter 2020, and the Trump administration is faced with an onslaught of criticism. First, they were attacked for being “racist” because the president restricted flights in and out of China to and from American airports. 

Then, the whole “hoax” episode where he was referring to the Democrat’s reaction to his reaction, but he was again attacked and painted as not taking the illness seriously by our dishonest mainstream media.

Editorial: Trump's 60% approval rating comes as Senate strikes deal on stimulus

Ironically, self-quarantine wasn’t mentioned in 2009. We went about our daily lives, our unclean practices helping to spread the H1N virus. 

In fact, it wasn’t until our current administration became involved, and with the help of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and a large team of qualified doctors and immunology specialists: Thanks to them, we learned hygiene after they encouraged us to wash our hands.  

In a report by Charlie Spiering at Breitbart, a new poll from Gallup shows that President Donald Trump’s approval rating for his handling of COVID-19 is now at 60%.  The president’s overall approval rating is also at 49%, tied for the best of his presidency.

The poll was taken between March 13-22.  The last time Trump earned a 49% approval rating was in late January and early February as Congressional Democrats tried to impeach the president. 

Trump is earning strong approval ratings from Republicans, who continue to support the president in record numbers, but also from independents.

Sixty percent of independents favor Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, and even 27% of Democrats approve of his response.

Trump’s approval rating jumped five points from Gallup’s earlier poll conducted between March 2-13.

Despite leveling tough restrictions on Americans to fight the spread of the virus, the president signaled he was ready for the country to go back to work in a few weeks.

During a Fox News town hall on Tuesday at the White House, the President said:

“I would love to have the country opened up and rearing to go by Easter.”

Susan Davis, Claudia Grisales, and Kelsey Snell of NPR reported this morning that the Senate had reached a deal on the $2 trillion COVID-19 stimulus bill – a far cry from the $4.5 trillion and $6 trillion packages loaded by House Democrats containing massive amounts of funding for totally unrelated liberal “wish list” programs.

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The deal comes after days of intense negotiations and false starts between Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

McConnell, and Schumer, announced news of a breakthrough on the Senate floor shortly after 1:30 a.m. Wednesday.

McConnell said:

“This is a wartime level of investment into our nation. The men and women of the greatest country on Earth are going to defeat this [virus] and reclaim our future, and the Senate is going to make sure they have the ammunition they need to do it.”

The plan marks the largest rescue package in American history. The legislation covers an array of programs, including direct payments to Americans, an aggressive expansion of unemployment insurance, billions in aid to large and small businesses and a new wave of significant funding for the healthcare industry.

Schumer said:

“We’re going to take up and pass this package to care for those who are now caring for us, and help carry millions of Americans through these dark, economic times.”

Just think – we currently have just over 800 deaths in the US due to COVID-19.  Another 200 deaths, and Former President Barack Obama may have thought about doing something at that point.

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