Watch: Trump supporters pin down violent liberal who crashed car into a Trump-rally caravan


SANTA MARIA, CA- A young, liberal man from California was arrested after on Sunday, November 8th after driving his vehicle into a Trump parade, causing a rollover crash and two injuries.

Authorities said that the Trump rally was traveling westbound down Stowell Road around 2:10 p.m while at the same time, the 20-year-old liberal was driving eastbound on Stowell.

Reportedly, the man then made a U-turn and caught up with the rally, gesturing and shouting aggressively at the participating vehicles. Police said that the man even threw bottles and other harmful objects at drivers as he passed. 

The man, since identified as 20-year-old Jacob Garza, has been cited for reckless driving. Allegedly, after the incident happened, Garza was placed in a chokehold by another man attending the pro-Trump event.

Fox News reported that the Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office has officially launched an investigation into the incident.

Referring to Garza, Sgt. Nathan Torica said in a statement:

“We don’t know if he tried to flee, we don’t know if he got pulled out of the car, we don’t know how it began other than there was an altercation that occurred.”

Videos from cell phones captured portions of the altercation including a video that recorded Garza while in the chokehold. Totorica said:

“The stories that we heard were definitely varied and we saw a lot of video, but we didn’t get one full video.”

According to reports, a caravan of trucks and SUVs with Trump-Pence 2020 and American flags had planned to drive through the area on Sunday as part of a “Stop the Steal” rally to show support for the president. Garza is being accused of driving around the block, blowing a stop sign, and speeding through the intersection of Stowell Road and Speed Street while the caravan of cars was passing through.

Totorica said that Garza crashed into a vehicle, causing it to roll onto its side and careen into another car. Two people were injured. One person suffered a fractured arm and the other person was left bruised and swollen. When officers arrived, they found a chaotic scene with Garza being detained by another civilian. 

One of the cell phone videos shared with law enforcement showed a man with his arm around Garza’s neck as other apparent Trump supporters held him down before officers intervened. On the video, a man is heard telling Garza:

“Welcome to MAGA country (expletive).”

Allegedly, Garza has started a GoFundMe page where he claims that he was a victim of a “hate crime.” On the page, he wrote:

“I was targeted and attacked in the midst of a Trump rally for simply being gay. I was followed and harassed, which ultimately led to a multi-car accident while trying to escape. I was dragged, degraded, and assaulted until police arrived on scene.”

Other documented instances of violence directed toward Trump supporters have been reported across the county, including in South Carolina. Back in August, a North Carolina man was arrested for allegedly firing a gun toward and overpass where supporters of President Trump were gathered.

In early September, it was reported that three men threw eggs at young children attending an event in support of President Trump in Delaware. 

And most recently, in October, the San Francisco Police Department arrested and charged a man with a hate crime in connection to an assault on a black rally organizer who was punched in the face and left bloodied.

Philip Anderson, who organized the event, told police that he was participating in the rally when he was punched in the face by an unknown person. The attack resulted in the loss of two of his teeth.

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ALISO VIEJO, CA- In recent months Law Enforcement Today has repeatedly reported that people who are openly supporting President Donald Trump are being assaulted by entitled individuals who feel as though a show of support for Trump is somehow offensive. 

From New York to California, and everywhere in between, groups are publicly showing support for President Trump in various ways, and unfortunately some are paying a price for that by being attacked. 

The most recent display of this took place on Wednesday night, October 28th, when several people, including a senior citizen, was assaulted at a Trump rally in Aliso Viejo, California. 

33-year-old Alvin Gary Shaw has been arrested after allegedly attacking several people, including 84-year-old Donna Snow. 

Donna said:

“He took his hand way back like he was going to punch me, and [he] hit me right across the face, broke my earrings off.”

She continued to say:

“He just wouldn’t leave me alone, then he’s coming up, and then he took his cigar, or whatever it was filled with, mamajuana or whatever, and it put it on my Trump sign,”

Orange County Sheriff’s Office reported that the man tried to take off running when a retired police officer got involved and pulled his gun as the man who was attempting to flee from the scene.

Another person at the rally was knocked to the ground by the man while trying to help others, and a third victim was taken to a local hospital with a neck injury, CBS Local reported.

According to the sheriff’s office, Shaw was taken into custody on suspicion of elder abuse, assault with a deadly weapon and assault and battery after allegedly attacking three people in attendance.

Shaw was allegedly armed with a knife according to officials, which was later found in a bush. 

Sgt. Dennis Breckner said:

“This could have been a very serious incident,” 

He continued:

“In this case, this was just two groups that disagree, and while we support people and their using their First Amendment rights to put out their message, we prefer that that remain peaceful.”

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Here is more on another recent attack of someone who stepped in to help a Trump supporter who was being attacked.

NEW YORK CITY, NY – His name is Vincent Cabella Jr.  He’s a partner in a Texas company called Merica bourbon.  And his defense of an innocent woman being attacked at a Jews for Trump rally almost cost him his life.

Over the weekend, Vincent was wrapping up a visit to New York City and was looking for some souvenirs for his kids to take home.  He had just spent the day walking around the city, proudly displaying his Trump shirt and thanking NYPD officers for putting up with the mayhem in America.

Courtesy: Vincent Cabella Jr.

That’s when he heard the commotion and saw a woman in the Jews for Trump rally being physically assaulted.

“I don’t know about New Yorkers, but where I’m from in Texas, you never lay a finger on a lady.  I was shocked to see nobody helping her.  What kind of man could witness something like that and not help?”

Without any consideration for himself, Vincent jumped in to protect the woman. 

“I said back off – because if you lay another finger on that woman, you’re going to have a problem with me.”

Moments after, the attack on him began.

Courtesy: Vincent Cabella Jr.
Courtesy: Vincent Cabella Jr.

Vincent says he was jumped by at least six of the protesters.

“I’m a pretty big guy – but six or more guys – that was too much even for me.”

His jaw was fractured.  He lost at least six teeth.  And his tongue was split in half.  

“What hurt me the most though was that the NYPD officers had to stand down.  Those same men who I had just been fist bumping are being forced to stand down while women, our Jewish brothers and sisters and Trump supporters are being physically assaulted.”

Courtesy: Vincent Cabella Jr.
Courtesy: Vincent Cabella Jr.

He still can’t wrap his mind around it.

“How did we get here?  I would have jumped in to defend any of those officers.  But the politics have gotten so bad in this city that cops are literally being told to stand down.  Is this what we want for our country?”

Vincent spoke exclusively with Law Enforcement Today before a flight home for an emergency surgery.  His words came slowly and painfully.  

“In that group of Trump supporters were Jewish men and women being discriminated against by Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio because of their faith. 

There were black men and woman. 

Gay men and woman. 

A family of diversity – the true makeup of America.  And they were being attacked because they stand behind a President who is unifying America.  They were attacked by a group of young, mostly white agitators who scream that Trump is a fascist dictator.  How’s that for irony?”

Asked if he would go back and walk away from the fight if he could do things over, Vincent gave an answer that only a proud Trump supporter from Texas would give.

“President Trump fights for those who can’t fight for themselves.  And every man in America who can stand should be willing to do the same.  This is bigger than my jaw and my teeth.  This is about the very soul of America.”

Here’s some more background on the Jews for Trump rally, in case you missed it:

A recent Pro-Trump event dubbed as “Jews for Trump” was marred by the violence and property damage stemming from far-left counter demonstrators on October 25th.

Videos captured during the event show the likes of leftists damaging vehicles and attacking Jewish community members for supporting the president.

Before the event turned violent due to the far-left individuals causing chaos, video showcasing the staging of numerous vehicles showed the immense support coming from the Jewish community within New York City.

Mark Kennedy, one of the attendees at the event, commented on how the Jewish community is fed up with the antisemitism that stems from the far-left rhetoric:

“We’ve had enough. Enough of the antisemitism … and just enough of this communist crap.”

When referring to the parade/event kicking off, Kennedy was amazed to see the turnout that transpired:

“This is the first time I’ve thing such a thing in my lifetime, and it’s just amazing. It’s unity, love, everyone is happy, everyone is excited — you know? This is America.”

However, things always seem to turn bad whenever leftists get in the mix and start attacking President Trump supporters for simply being somewhere and supporting the president.

You can see video from the event where radical leftists began targeting a vehicle from the Jews for Trump caravan, assaulting the driver and delivering damage to the person’s vehicle.

Tensions and thus responses only escalated from there, where one Trump supporter was attacked from behind by someone who tried concealing their identity.

However, one of the friends of the person assaulted quickly stepped in and delivered a kick to the back of the leg of the assaulter on video.

Based upon how hard the aggressor landed on his head from the sweeping kick, it’s safe to say that it likely did not feel good. At the same time, it did also compel the aggressor to retreat.

Other videos surfaced, where anti-Trump individuals were throwing rocks at vehicles that bestowed any sort of Pro-Trump signage or flags.

Reportedly a woman was also arrested during the event for allegedly spraying pepper spray at one of the vehicles during the Pro-Trump caravan.

According to Fox News, a family of seven that included four children were the ones targeted by the suspect in the pepper spray attack.

One of the family members of the family attacked by the suspect, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of targeting by BLM and Antifa activists or sympathizers, stated the pepper spray attacked happened while the family was driving down Fifth Avenue with the car windows down and their Trump flags prominently displayed. 

According to the family member, a vehicle pulled up next to their car and started spraying into the open window: 

“Immediately the kids started crying and screaming and I jumped out of the car after I was [pepper] sprayed as well.”

Apparently the attacker continued to chase him down as he exited from the vehicle, continue to try to spray him again with the pepper spray. The mother of the man went to flag down authorities and pointed out the suspect. 

Video surfaced of alleged pepper spray attacker being placed into handcuffs by responding officers.

According to the anonymous family member, the children had been “traumatized” due to the unprovoked attack on their family.

And more videos showcase the likes of eggs being thrown at cars that passed by an area of the Pro-Trump demonstration.

In what could be described as perhaps one of the dumbest things someone can do – the egg launching individual from the above video actually filmed himself throwing eggs as well. 

The man’s Twitter account was identified as “AzadM_52”, which he has since deleted his Twitter account following his video being shared online by outlets exposing his criminal activities. 

It is unclear whether authorities have caught up with him since having exposed himself online being one of the people throwing eggs at moving traffic. 

One of the caravan participants was sitting inside of his vehicle when a man came up to the window of his car, punching the vehicle while venting frustrations related to the Brooklyn Bridge being shut down due to the rally. 

Even Rudy Giuliani made an appearance at the caravan that day, with the miscreants from the BLM and Antifa-esque crowd pelting both his vehicle and numerous others with eggs. 

In the video where Giuliani is featured, you can see some from eth crowd even trying to run up toward the vehicle while screaming expletives. Luckily, police were on site to ensure no one compromised Giuliani’s car. 

Apparently, police had eventually declared an unlawful assembly pertaining to the group of counter demonstrators and agitators composed of the BLM folks. 

At least 11 people were taken into custody, with six people having been charged with disorderly conduct, obstruction of government administration and harassment. 

A seventh person was also said to have been charged with assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest, according to the NYPD. 

And all this demonstration was composed of was simply people driving around hoisting their various Trump, Thin Blue Line and American flags.

Hardly anything to compel a response of violence, criminal damage and creating roadway hazards that could result in car accidents.

Estimates of the event turnout say that as many as 1,000 vehicles participated in the Pro-Trump endeavor – illustrating a high level of enthusiasm for President Trump’s reelection efforts.

So even despite the antics coming from the far left during the event, it seems as though the rally and caravan participants had a great time and enjoyed a healthy turnout.


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