Supporters aim to break world record for World’s Largest Trump Boat Parade


CLEARWATER, FL– On Saturday August 15th, Trump supporters aimed to break the record for the world’s largest boat parade near Florida’s Clearwater Beach.

The Florida coffee company, Conservative Grounds, organized the event.

A statement on their website states:

“On August 15th 2020, More than 1,181 TRUMP Supporters will attempt to break the record for the largest boat parade in history.

This is gonna be the MOAB… Mother of all Boat Parades…The current world record according to Guiness Book of World Records was achieved in Malaysia in 2014 and had a recorded 1,180 boats.

In honor of the 45th President Donald J. Trump we will beat the world record in his name.”

In true patriotic fashion, the company’s Facebook page has said: 


The page then goes on to outline the event rules, and adds:

“Bring all your Trump Gear lets make this a big one !! We will have a drone taking video.”

Conservative Grounds explains their creation on their website saying:

“Conservative Grounds was created to be an alternative to the typical liberal American coffee establishments.

As many American businesses are turning away from conservative values, Conservative Grounds is embracing them. We support Law Enforcement, the Military, MAGA hats, the 2nd Amendment, Pro-Life, God and traditional way of life.”

Founder Cliff Gephart discussed the event in a video on Thursday, August 13th:

“We’re all just nothing more than a group of volunteers,” 

He goes on to say:

“We’re not getting paid for this. We’re donating all of our time and the money we raise to political campaigns come this fall and to charity. So we’re doing nothing but trying to do our best to make this the coolest Trump parade ever,” 

As of today, August 16th, there has not been an official boat count, but Conservative Grounds released this statement on their Facebook page:

“Did we set a new world record? YES.

Now we have to prove it.

Guinness World Records needs an exact number of boats and PROOF.

We are working diligently to determine the exact number of boats. Please be patient.

If you joined the Flotilla at Belleair Causeway and traveled to Welch Causeway you can still register. Go to and sign up no later than Tuesday. We will contact you within a few days for information needed to identify your boat.

If you registered and did not complete the Flotilla, please email [email protected] and tell us you didn’t make it.

No photo description available.

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LET Unity

It is no surprise that most major news media outlets did not cover the pro-Trump event, given the way most major media outlets are painting the President as a monster, and Democrats as our saving grace. 

However, Law Enforcement Today has covered many pro-Trump incidents, including a Chicago based man who is “All Trump”.

TULSA, OK – As the crowds gathered for President Trump’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, an unidentified black man decided to park his vehicle in the middle of the street and confront them. 

Dressed in his best F*** Trump shirt, the man begins to video record the encounter, yelling obscenities at the crowd. 

As he notices the crowd is now recording him as well, he starts yelling at them to stop recording him.  It seems apparent that he was trying to instigate something happening to which he could then turn over to the media to make the Trump supporters look bad.

However, much to his dismay, as he gets back into his vehicle, he notices another black man in the crowd, this one with a pro-Trump hat on.  The person asks the man if he is a Trump supporter.

The man replies, “Yes.” 

The instigator attempts to gain an understanding of how the other man can be pro Trump, to no avail.  Frustrated, the man drives off from the scene.

Breitbart news was there and interviewed the man in the crowd, Deron Slater, the Director of Member Relations for BLEXIT, (the Black Exit from the Democratic Party). 

Slater stated:

“I want to make sure that I have an informed opinion, not just an opinion — I want to be on the right side of history.” 

Slater, like everyone else, has the right to be able to go where he pleases when he pleases, the right to support one political candidate over another, peacefully.  However, a large number of people in the United States seems to think anyone who attends a Trump rally or is pro-Trump at all is evil. 

Political rallies happen all over the United States and very few democratic ones have the same type of problems as we have seen here in this example.  Scores of protesters attend these events in the hope of shutting down or limiting the crowd sizes through intimidation. 

It is clear that the intention is not to have a civil conversation with someone of opposing views, but rather scare them into not showing support or voting for a specific political candidate that they view as unacceptable.

Examples of this type of intimidation is not limited solely to political candidates; they are also being shown throughout the United States under the guise of protests.  We have seen riots breakout in major cities since the death of George Floyd. 

Six blocks in Seattle were taken over initially under the belief of getting justice for the death of Floyd.  However, after the arrests of the officers involved, the unrest continued and scores of people who are there have armed themselves to prevent officers from entering into their “territory.”

One of the local parks in the area was also taken over for a period of time in which only black people were allowed to enter. White people were ordered to stand guard to ensure that only those of black heritage were allowed to enter in order to have a “safe space” from any other race. 

How is that ok in America?

The demands have shifted in the CHAZ/CHOP from demanding justice for Floyd, which netted the arrests of four officers, to demanding that the Seattle Police Department be defunded, and the money be spent specifically on black communities.

Any message that the good people in those groups have to share are being drowned out by the noise of those who wish to create terror in the streets in which they gather. 

For those that truly feel that reform needs to be made, they should be civilly and peacefully taking a stand, much like the one Martin Luther King, Jr made. 

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