Troy Aikman and Joe Buck caught on hot mic mocking Air Force fly-over, trashing ‘military waste’


TAMPA, FL – During Sunday’s NFL Game of the Week between the Buccaneers and Packers on Fox, the pregame was much like many other sporting events.

The National Anthem was played and a fly-over was conducted by members of the United States military. 

If you have ever been to a football or baseball game, a NASCAR race or any other number of events where these occur, you know how amazing it is. Rush Limbaugh took a moment to remind us of that on Tuesday.

I know, you must be thinking, what a random thing for Rush to tweet about. And you would be correct in thinking that, if there had been no impetus to it. 

But here is what started it all. 

Some believe that the broadcast team was unknowingly caught on a hot mic. Other’s believe that they new they were live, which makes sense unless Joe Buck always sounds like a game show announcer. 

JOE BUCK: Welcome to Big Noon Saturday!
TROY AIKMAN: That’s a lot of jet fuel just to do a little flyover.
BUCK: That’s your hard-earned money and your tax dollars at work!
AIKMAN: That stuff ain’t happening with [a] Kamala-Biden ticket. I’ll tell you that right now, partner.

Joe Buck only took to Twitter on Tuesday to discuss the World Series. Aikman on the other hand issued an “apology” via his Twitter account. 

“I love a flyover but It was odd to see one over a mostly empty stadium but I am an unwavering patriot that loves this country, has always respected our flag, supported the men and women in the armed forces as well as those in uniform who serve & protect and for anyone to suggest otherwise doesn’t know me, my beliefs or what I have stood for my entire life.”

His original comments and his non-apologetic apology tweet did not sit well with many, this writer included. 

As a native Texan, I grew up a die-hard Cowboys fan. I was even cheering for them in ’89 when they went 1-15. As a veteran, who is tired of seeing people mock the military and their traditions, I thought I would write an editorial telling Aikman and Buck what I really though about their comments. Turns out, so many others beat me to it. The first post he made to address the issue has over 11,000 comments. 

Although, the one thing I haven’t seen is anyone else saying echo my sentiments that they would rather listen to ball bearings in a garbage disposal than a Joe Buck broadcast.  

“As a Gold Star family member, it is a reminder of the sacrifice to support and defend the Constitution of the U.S. against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic. A sacrifice most will never comprehend,” wrote one respondent.

“Was this an apology? If so, you forgot to apologize.”

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Listen, at the end of the day, Aikman and Buck are entitled to their opinion. And the very men and women who perform those flyovers would willing give their lives to ensure that they, along with us, continue to be free enough to voice our opinions. 

But here is the deal. Aikman’s comments could be taken one of two ways. 

  1. A Biden/Harris administration would do away with flyovers and they will be lost in history, and I would hate to see that. 
  2. We won’t have to deal with this frivolous spending if Biden and Harris win. 

You could listen to the tape and discern for yourself which way he appears to lean. 

The bigger issue for me is that neither man seems to understand how the military operates. 

Yes, jet fuel is expensive. But that fuel would be getting burned up even if they eliminate flyovers. It is called training. The military does a lot of it.  

When a unit, regardless of the branch does a flyover, it is considered flight training for the flight crews. If they weren’t flying over Raymond James Stadium last Sunday, they would have likely been flying somewhere else in Florida to get their flight time in. 

They have training budgets to cover all of that expense. 

Yeah, but we tax payers are also paying those men and women to be on the clock.

That is a little misleading. The military is always on the clock. Most units have a 1-hour recall requirement. 

I bet Fox Sports doesn’t have that. 

Let’s assume that one of the pilots was a Lieutenant in the Navy with 6 years of service.  Let’s also assume that as a pilot he or she averages 16 hour days, 5 days a week. There pay would equate to $22.71 per hour. That is for a college-educated fighter pilot who defends our country. 

Not really seeing where our taxpayer dollars are being wasted, Joe. 

Meanwhile, Aikman’s annual salary from Fox is roughly $7.5M. He does between 17 and 30 regular season games (including Thursday night games) and three playoff games. The games are approximately 3 hours in length and we can assume that he spends at least 8 hours prepping for each game. But even if you allow for a forty hour work week, his hourly rate is $8,522.73, or 375 times more than that pilot. 

Yes, we know that is an unfair comparison, for two reasons. 

First, Aikman’s salary is not taxpayer funded. Second, that pilot is actually putting his life on the line to protect our freedom and our way of life. 

But, in order to be fair to Aikman, we looked to see if we could find any information about his political ideology. 

According to

“In fact, Troy is a member of the Republican party and has been for some time. According to publicly available donor information, Troy made substantial donations to Republican candidates in a number of elections. In 2016, he donated $500 to the Republican National Committee, and he contributed sums as large as $20,000 during the 2012 election. Troy is not just a Republican voter, he’s a financial supporter of the Republican party as well. 

There is not any information yet on whether Troy has made any contributions in the 2020 campaign cycle. In general, he avoids making comments on politics in part because it can cause such controversy among fans of the NFL, who do not come entirely from one party or the other. Still, his donation history speaks for itself, and he has never donated to a Democratic candidate at any level.”

OK. As Aikman said, to suggest that he doesn’t love this country and support our military and law enforcement, means that you don’t know him, what he stands for and what he believes. 

to my knowledge, no one at Law Enforcement Today is a close personal friend of Troy Aikman or has spent substantial time with him getting to know him and his beliefs. 

As such, we have issued him an open invitation to have a conversation about who he is and what he believes. 

Will he respond and let us get to know the patriotic side of Troy Aikman? Time will tell. 

But until then, I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt that his comments were off-the-cuff and in no way meant to bash the military or to mock them. 

I hope I do not wind up regretting that. 

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