Celebrities and internet trolls mock the death of President Trump’s brother: ‘Grim Reaper took the wrong Trump’


With the passing of President Donald Trump’s brother, Robert Trump, it didn’t take long for the vitriol from the left-leaning internet mob to share their disgusting take on the loss of the president. Namely, trolls and even celebrities were clamoring that the “wrong Trump” passed away.

In 2020, there are a few places that one would be guaranteed to find fecal matter – unflushed toilets, litter boxes and of course…Twitter. Albeit, Twitter may not contain literal fecal matter, but the opinions and take on current events presented there, are essentially the epitome of excrement.

Knowing that Twitter tends to be the outhouse of internet opinions, it was with little surprise to see the trolls do, or say something in response to the death of the president’s brother.

Bishop Talbert Swan (and yes, he’s actually a pastor), who is a habitual critic of the president, decided that using the hashtag #wrongtrump to signify that he wished Donald Trump passed away, was in good taste.

So nice to see the “tolerant” left at play. Then again, these are the thoughts of a race-baiting grifter, that thinks homosexuality can be “cured”, being the author of the book: “Closing the Closet: Testimonies of Deliverance from Homosexuality”. So, Swan isn’t exactly the brightest crayon in the box.

Ahh, and then we’re graced with David Leavitt, chiming in on the same tasteless hashtag of #wrongtrump.

If the name David Leavitt sounds familiar, it should. He is the male equivalent of a “Karen” who called the police on a Target employee who wouldn’t sell him a toothbrush for a penny, that was priced at $89.99. He tried to claim they were breaking the law, and then even attempted to online shame the employee after the police wouldn’t do anything.

Thankfully, that backfired on the “journalist” Leavitt, and people wound up donating money to the Target employee, for her to take a vacation after having to deal with him.

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At least some had the common sense to call out the nonsense, and the disgusting hashtag, which showed people hoped that President Trump would die.

Such as Charlie Kirk, who tweeted out the following:

“The fact that “The Wrong Trump” is trending after the President‘s brother died tells you everything you need to know about the left. They don’t care about people—they only care about power. Pray for the president and his family.”

But it was more than just grimy journalists, or pastors that think gayness can be cured like a common cold, that had showed a disgusting displays in the wake of Robert Trump’s death. We also were graced with Hollywood actors’ opinions on the matter.

You had actor Jeffrey Wright manage to bring up pandemic-related deaths after President Trump’s brother passing away, stating the following:

“If you sit in the most powerful office in the country and 170,000 dead Americans don’t light the fire of concern inside you, what’s one dead brother gon’ do?”

Clearly the epitome of class.

Larry Charles, a movie director, had the nerve to call President Trump a “sociopath”, and alleged that his brother passed away from the pandemic:

“If you believe as Mary Trump and I do, that he’s a sociopath then he either sees his brother’s death as an inconvenience or a chance to get sympathy. And would he admit it if it was Covid or would he use it to his advantage? And do you believe he even wrote his own statement?”

Well, first off, Robert Trump passed away from a brain bleed, that stemmed from a fall he recently had. So the covid-conspiracy is complete nonsense. And to try to characterize how the president is taking his brother’s death is also just tasteless.

Moving to Adam Goldberg, he smugly shared the sentiments of the “Wrong Trump” hot take, by noting that he waited ten minutes after the news broke that Robert Trump had died.

Washed-up actor Michael Rapaport also proclaimed that Robert Trump died from “shame”.

These vermin genuinely are gross people. Why anyone would look up to these folks of the modern left, and think they’re the arbiters of moral posturing is beyond me.


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