Trayvon Martin’s mother on defund the police: “I don’t agree with that; I think we need more police…”


MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, FL.- In 2012, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was killed in Florida by George Zimmerman, a community watch volunteer who had gotten into an altercation with the teen.

Martin’s death was in part responsible for the advent of the Black Lives Matter movement, which has turned into a powerful (and money rich) political movement.

Zimmerman was acquitted of Martin’s killing. So, one would think that his family would be on board with this whole “defund the police” movement, right? Not so much.

BET is reporting that Sybrina Fulton, Martin’s mother disagrees with that narrative.

BET, citing a report in The Guardian, said that Fulton, who qualified last week to run for county commissioner in Miami-Dade County, said that she disagrees with calls to defund the police.

In fact, Fulton supports more police.

In response to a question regarding defunding the police, Fulton said:

“I don’t agree with that. I think we need more police. We need police with better standards and police with better ethics and better work habits.”

She said that she wants better relations between residents and police, and doesn’t believe that defunding police wouldn’t allow that to happen.

“I want residents to feel safe. I want to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the community,” she said.

Fulton’s comments came as cities across the country are bowing to demands from far-left extremists to defund police departments, and direct those funds elsewhere, such as social services.

For example, Los Angeles recently introduced a proposal to decrease the police budget by $150 million. Meanwhile in New York City, which has seen an exponential spike in criminal activity, city leaders are proposing an approximately 10% cut to the NYPD budget. The city already disbanded an undercover anti-crime unit this week.

Fulton noted that the discussion currently underway crosses racial lines.

“I see people of all colors that are there, and that are standing with African Americans,” she said. “They really saw what happened. They’re compassionate, and they feel the pain that we have been feeling for so many years.”

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

Fulton has worked for the Miami-Dade County Commission for 20 years, and noted that she wants to stay with that agency, where she feels she can make the most difference.

“I’m like everyone else. I’m fed up with what I’ve seen so far in politics and I think I need to lend my voice to make positive change,” she told Elle Magazine last August. “I want to start in my own backyard. That’s why I’m running for Miami-Dade County commissioner because it’s right here. A lot of people thought that I should run for a seat that was higher but I just want to start here and make change.”

The Daily Mail said that Fulton told The Guardian that her campaign would focus primarily on gun violence and public safety, as well as economic opportunity and housing affordability. More than anything she said, she wants “residents to feel safe.”

The so-called “defund the police” movement has gained momentum since the death of George Floyd, the Minneapolis man who died while being restrained by a police officer there who was kneeling on his neck. Floyd’s death was classified a homicide, and sparked off weeks of sometimes peaceful, often violent protests and riots.

This past week, Rayshard Brooks, a man with a lengthy criminal record, was shot to death by Atlanta, Georgia police after he fought with them during an arrest for DWI and disarmed one of the officers of his Taser and ran. When he turned to shoot the Taser at a pursuing officer, Garrett Rolfe, he was shot by Rolfe, killing him.

Rolfe was immediately fired without due process, and the second officer on scene, Devin Bronsan has been placed on administrative leave. The district attorney is currently considering criminal charges against both officers.

The shooting also led to the resignation of Atlanta police chief Erika Shields. Since nothing spells outrage like burning down stuff, protesters burned down the Wendy’s restaurant where Brooks had fallen asleep in the drive thru, which spurred the call to police.

More folks need to follow the lead of Sybrina Fulton. She has a clear head, an open mind, and as someone who one would think might be first in line to defund police, some common sense. It’s refreshing to see.  

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