Travelers visiting NYC from the U.K. will be visited by deputies at homes, hotels to ensure quarantining


NEW YORK CITY, NY – New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio recently announced steps being taken to ensure quarantine protocols are being followed by those visiting the Big Apple.

But among the methods being employed to step up enforcement of pandemic protocols, those traveling from the U.K. are going to be afforded special attention. 

Those who are looking to make their way to New York City around this time can count on one thing, and that is there will be some hefty fines if anyone chooses to violate quarantine orders.

Reportedly, violating the mandated quarantine after arriving in NYC will result in a $1,000 fine per daily violation.

But if someone is coming from the U.K. – which the country has played host to a new strain of COVID-19 – Mayor de Blasio says they can expect an in-person visit from sheriff’s deputies to make sure they’re following the quarantine:

“We’re going to have sheriff’s deputies go to the home or the hotel of every single traveler coming in from the U.K.”

This measure is already on top of the existing deal struck between New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and airlines to make sure that every traveler coming from the U.K. has tested negative for the virus before boarding their flight. 

When commenting on the fines that any traveler will be subject to if found in violation of the quarantine mandate, Mayor de Blasio stated the following: 

“We don’t want to, but if you don’t follow quarantine, you’re endangering everyone else in the city right as we’re fighting the second wave.”

Even though Operation Warp Speed is generally considered to be a success, a former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Dr. Tom Frieden – recently explained that there’s still not an abundance of the vaccine available currently: 

“There’s not enough vaccine yet, and we’re seeing the highest levels of cases, hospitalizations and deaths, the U.S. has, since the start of this pandemic.”

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Earlier in December, a New York state legislator suggested that the state create a law that would force people into getting vaccinated if there wasn’t a particular threshold met for willing participants to take the COVID-19 vaccine. 

We at Law Enforcement Today recently reported on said matter. Here’s that previous report. 


ALBANY, NY – A New York State lawmaker has proposed a bill in which would require residents to take the COVID-19 vaccine if not enough residents volunteer for it.

Linda Rosenthal, an Assembly member for a portion of Manhattan introduced the bill earlier this month. It would require the state to vaccinate residents against their will if not enough people voluntarily take it.  The bill says:

“In anticipation of a vaccine becoming available, New York State drafted a Vaccination Administration Program, which sets forth the manner in which the vaccine will be administered. 

This plan will help ensure orderly vaccination, but the State must make efforts to promote vaccination and ensure that a high enough percentage of the population is vaccinated against COVID-19 to develop sufficient immunity.

“If public health officials determine that sufficient immunity has not been developed, this legislation will allow the Department of Health to require vaccination for individuals able to safely receive the vaccine.”

There are three very important takeaways from this bill.

One, there is no mention as to how the Department of Health can and will determine that enough people have voluntarily taken the vaccine to develop immunity. 

Two, there is no mention in this bill how American’s rights will be violated in order to ensure that they receive the vaccination.

Three, there is no mention of what the state will do to American citizens who refuse to take the vaccine. 

Will they be arrested?  Will they receive a summons?  Will they be arrested and taken to a facility against their will and have someone stick a needle in them while they are fighting?  All of these questions deserve a clear answer.

According to the CDC, there is no way, currently, to determine what percentage of the population needs to receive the vaccine in order to achieve any type of herd immunity.  According to the CDC:

“Herd immunity is a term used to describe when enough people have protection – either from previous infection or vaccination – that it is unlikely a virus or bacteria can spread and cause disease. 

“As a result, everyone within the community is protected even if some people don’t have any protection themselves.”

Although the bill’s language sounds like forcing people to take the vaccine that are unwilling, there is an exemption in place for those who cannot receive per authorized doctors’ orders. 

One Twitter User, who took issue with potentially being mandated to take the vaccine, said:

“Only real n*a*z*i*s would force its people to participate in a huge medical experiment.  Even Russia, the evil nemesis of the dem est, made the vaccine voluntary.  I guess 2020 has revealed the true character of the neoliberals and their brutal authoritarianism.”

There have been three main pharmaceutical companies that have developed COVID-19 vaccines, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and Moderna.  All three versions of the vaccine have reportedly done well in phase three clinical trials. 

AstraZeneca has reported that their vaccine is not only safe, but it is also 70% effective according to their studies. 

Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has not spoken publicly for or against forcing American citizens to take the vaccine. 

However, if he were to support the bill, it would most likely pass as Democrats hold a vast majority in the State Assembly as well as the New York Senate. 

Cuomo, who initially voiced concerns of any vaccine having been approved by President Donald Trump’s administration, now seemingly is softening has stance. He is having the first batches of the vaccine disseminated to nursing homes and their staff. 

The remainder of the vaccines would most likely be given to the most vulnerable of the population before being widely available to the public.


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