Town demands school board member’s removal after her anti-police rant


Pennsylvania – A school board administrator was called out last week after making disparaging comments about police and officer-involved shootings. Now she’s apologizing – but cops around the country aren’t exactly buying into it. 

Abington school board member Dr. Tamar Klaiman, a newly elected member just installed in December of 2019, stated as part of her debate on the school placing school resource officer within the district that:

“There’s a lot of evidence that anybody carrying a firearm in a district building puts kids at risk, particularly students of color,” Klaiman said. “We know that the black and brown students are much more likely to be shot by the officer, especially school resource officers, than other students, and I have serious concerns about anybody in the building having firearms, regardless or not of whether they are police.”

She’s been calling for SRO’s to be unarmed – claiming that police are more likely to target young minority students.

Town demands school board member's removal after her anti-police rant
School board member ignores facts, pushes false narrative that police shoot students regularly (YouTube Screenshot)


This week, members of the town gathered to show their support for law enforcement and to demand some sort of resolution in the matter. 

ABC 6 said the auditorium was packed with angered residents demanding that Klaiman face some sort of disciplinary action – even if it meant resigning. 

“It broke my heart that Dr. Klaiman was attempting to divide both our school community, community as a whole, by slandering the Abington Police Department,” said one man.

“Her comments were unfounded, they were hateful and they were egregious,” said a woman at the meeting.

Others said that while her comments were hateful and wrong, the town needed to forgive and move forward. 

“This really did tear our community apart. I’m a proud professional police officer; we reject that rhetoric, but we also need to forgive people and come together,” said Abington Township Police Chief Patrick Molloy.

Town demands school board member's removal after her anti-police rant
Town residents stand in support of police. (ABC 6 News Broadcast Screenshot)


The board reportedly looked into having Klaiman removed from the board, but since they have no legal recourse, they would need for her to resign voluntarily.

The major issue here is that an official who has the power to influence decisions in the town is spreading fake information based on her “feelings” instead of real facts. 

The truth is that in 2019 the police used deadly use of force against 13 suspects under the age of 18 nationwide, where all but 1 was armed:

7 were armed with a gun
2 with a knife
1 with a vehicle
2 with replica weapons
1 was unarmed

Since this was a Pennsylvania School Board Member, a doctor who specializes in data and research as per one of her bio’s, it’s surprising to see that she completely overlooks this 2019 data for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, where there was a total of 12 police deadly use of force incident in total, where all the suspects were armed with a weapon.

And not a single one under the age of 18.

After being called out for spewing false information that furthers the divide between police and the public, she’s now “apologizing”.

But it’s not exactly a sincere message. 

After being called out for her false rhetoric, Dr. Tamar Klaiman issued an apology stating that “she spoke due to her passion for the subject and that she had mis-spoke.”

Town demands school board member's removal after her anti-police rant


Notice that in that well-crafted letter, Klaiman admits that her comments were “offensive”- but never actually admits that she’s using false information to push her political agenda.

Here is a editorial Op-Ed she had written in April of 2018. She spoke exactly how she feels and never mis-spoke a word. She is simply an anti-police radical who operates under the guise of academia.

A direct line from the 2018 piece:

“he also offers a blanket defense of police and military, with no consideration for the fact that police kill people of color with impunity with no repercussions.”

Watch her comments below. 


Dr. Klaiman later doubled down on her rhetoric when the board was clarifying that these are certified town police officers that would be working for the District under a memorandum of understanding by stating:

“Police officers also shoot people pretty regularly, so…”


There are over half million police Officers Nationwide, in 2019 there were 10 million police/citizen contacts, 1.2 million violent crimes per the FBI UCR (Uniform Crime Report), 933 Police Deadly Use of force incidents where all but 41 where armed, with only 1 being under the age of 18. 

The chance of being unarmed and killed by the police in 2019 was 0.000012% — or 1 in 8,024,390
(41 incidents of police deadly use of force against an unarmed assailant compared to the US 2019 population of 329 million)

To put this in perspective, the chance of being struck by lightning in your lifetime is 0.03% or 1 in 3000, annually it’s 0.00014% or 1 in 700,000. 

Now let’s find the common denominator. While researching Dr. Klaiman, it appears she is quite accomplished, working for several colleges and universities, and even Penn Medicine, one of the world most foremost medical institutions, but something jumped out at me, that little common denominator on her public biography for Penn Medicine.

It appears that Dr. Klaiman work was funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Yes, it’s the same Robert Wood Johnson as in RJW Barnabas, where just over a year ago, one of their Senior Vice Presidents of Diversity was found to have said very similar comments when a local New Jersey School District was debating placing school resource officers in their school.   

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

It seems that there is an accepted atmosphere, if not an encouraged one, within the RWJ systems that seems to like to manipulate data for one’s personal agenda, at least when it comes to slandering law enforcement. One would think this would be a frowned upon for public safety evidence based medical institution. 

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Sorry, media. Peaceful 2A rally in Virginia proves gun owners aren't the enemy


Dr. Tamar Klaiman of the Abington School District needs to do her homework before spewing her decisive rhetoric that not only endangers police, but the students she’s attempting to deny protection for based on a false narrative.

As a school board member making policy, she is utilizing outlandish fabrications in order to deny the community of Abington, Pennsylvania the public safety and the safety for their children that they deserve. In attempts at damage control due to the public outrage, Dr Klaiman has issued a quasi-apology on her Facebook campaign page, and the Abington School Board scheduled a public meeting for February 4th at 7:30pm to address these egregious comments.

Rather then solve problems, Dr. Tamar Klaiman would rather create conflict and hyperbole based on lies and false rhetoric, slandering law enforcement, specifically School Resource Officers based on whatever personal agenda she may have. I ask that the Abington School Board publicly condemn Dr. Klaiman’s outrageous statements which were based in zero fact, so that school safety based on real data, facts, and proven practices, can again be the forefront of board debate.

Here’s more on the previous story about RWJ Barnabas Healthcare from last October.

She brought the war against cops into their homes by suggesting police are racist killers.

But tomorrow… those same men and women are bringing the fight directly to her… and the company that’s standing behind her.

That’s because an executive at RWJBarnabas Health Network previously placed on administrative leave for writing a racially charged comment on Facebook will keep her $1,000,000 per year job… and the company has yet to apologize.

“Who is going to train them not to shoot black children first?”

That was the comment seemingly left by Executive Vice President Michellene Davis, following a post from concerning police officers that had been hired to serve as armed guards in local elementary and middle schools.

Town demands school board member's removal after her anti-police rant
Michellene Davis’s comment on armed guards being placed at schools (screenshot – Reddit User FairShouldBeFair)


After it began going viral, Davis’s comment was deleted and a post stating that her Facebook had been ‘hacked’ showed up on her profile.

Here are some facts from a 2017 FBI report that Davis might not have read before spreading her divisive views across the Internet:

  • Deadly use of force by police is down 70% – a 40-year low.
  • Of the 987 cases of deadly force recorded in 2017, 99.5% of subjects were armed.

In a statement from President and CEO of RWJBarnabas, Bob Ostrowsky said, “It has never been a question that RWJBarnabas Health is indebted to the law enforcement community and those officers who work to make our communities safe each day.”

But this doesn’t seem to apply to Ms. Davis.

The company took a week to review it’s “social media policies” during an investigation into the matter. It was their finding that her statement did not violate the company terms, and therefore termination of employment, (or seemingly any other punishment) was off the table.

“I am confident that Ms. [Michellene] Davis remains the proper executive to lead the Social Impact and Community Investment practice for RWJBarnabas Health,” said Ostrowsky.

But here’s the thing.  Employees of the company are ticked… saying she DID violate the policy – a policy that others have been disciplined and terminated for in the past.

They are so angry, in fact, that they leaked the social media policy.

You’ll notice if you read the full statement, Ostrowsky never actually condemns the comment that Davis made.

Town demands school board member's removal after her anti-police rant
Bob Menendez and Michellene Davis pose together for a photo op (courtesy of RWJBarnabas Health)


Davis posted an apology to her Facebook page after the ensuing controversy:

“I want to publicly apologize for an extremely insensitive and offensive comment posted on Facebook.  My concern for the safety of schoolchildren and gun violence led me to react to a headline without thinking. Having a late sister and other family in law enforcement I deeply respect the law enforcement community and appreciate their service and admire their sacrifice.”

Yes, you read correctly. She has family in law enforcement.

Interestingly, we happened upon some information that the media isn’t talking about.

Her donation history shows that in 2017, she contributed nearly $10,000 to the campaigns of progressive democrat candidates in New Jersey, including Bob Menendez, a man who has had claims made against him concerning alleged sex with underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic, and Bonnie Watson Coleman, who recently led a charged up rally against Brett Kavanaugh.

Numerous departments and agencies from across the country have voiced their dismay over the issue. Many employees from within RWJBarnabas are outraged and have even reached out surrounding their concern over the special treatment that the executive is clearly receiving, again clearly in violation of the company’s social media policies.

“We aren’t allowed to speak out regarding anything work related,” said an employee at the health network. “We all had to sign contracts stating so… guess Michelene [sic] did not?”

In a coordinated effort, members of the organization Brothers Before Others  is set to hold a rally outside of the RWJBarnabas office. This group of former-cops, led by retired NYPD Officer Rob O’Donnell, wants to deliver information and education for attendees.

“On Thursday, October 18th, at noon, we’re going to assemble at the headquarters, peacefully, to demonstrate our displeasure with someone of this magnitude putting out these false allegations targeting our police,” said O’Donnell in an interview with News Max TV.

From the Brothers Before Others website:

We are not calling for Ms. Davis’s job. We don’t even want an apology from her. What we DO want is the responsible and level-headed adults of society to start standing up against those who would endorse and foster chaos; and that starts with RWJ, as an organization, publicly and without doubt declaring that the statement Ms. Davis made was baseless, inflammatory and made without one ounce of evidence.

It’s time to change the narrative about police in our country and separate truth from lies about deadly use of force. It’s time to set the facts straight. Because as long as America continues to be spoon-fed lies and manipulated news stories, the divide between civil servant and civilian will only grow.



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