TRAVIS COUNTY, Texas – A top law enforcement official was fired and placed under arrest on Tuesday for the alleged rape of a Texas woman.

John Jones is a retired Navy SEAL and, until recently, served as chief of intelligence and counterterrorism for the Texas Department of Public Safety. 

He was arrested and fired on Tuesday after being accused of raping a woman in the woods.

John Jones is facing sexual assault charges for the alleged rape of a Texas woman in July. (Travis County)


According to reports, the victim told investigators that Jones was drinking heavily at a house party at Jones’s home on July 20. She said that he drinking too much and passed out, but then later woke up and continued to consume alcohol.

Later, she told prosecutors, she agreed to accompany Jones on an ATV for a ride on some trails that were close to the house.  

According to her statements, she drove the all-terrain vehicle while Jones was on the back, but after some time he took control of the vehicle. That’s when Jones allegedly drove the two to a secluded area and proceeded to rape the victim.


Details of the affidavit claimed that Jones reached around the woman and aggressively grabbed the handlebars, demanding that he be able to steer the ATV. The victim says they went into an empty clearing, where he allegedly sexually assaulted her.

Following the act, the woman claimed that Jones drove her back to the house and instructed her not to talk with anyone about what had happened.

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The affidavit claimed that the woman got a ride home from a friend and her mother and then went to the hospital shortly after to undergo a rape exam.

Now Jones is being investigated by the Texas Rangers, the very same agency that he used to work alongside. Jones was booked into a Texas jail, where he remains on $750,000 bail. He now faces sexual assault charges in the case. It is unclear at this time who will be representing the former lawman.

(Capital Area Council of Governments)


Jones is 45-years-old and has been a part of the Texas Department of Public Safety since 2008. His high ranking position allowed him oversight of approximately 150 law enforcement analysts. The former LEO also reportedly ran the Texas Joint Crime Information Center, which works with federal and regional law enforcement on homeland security and incident reporting.

An attorney close to Jones made a statement about the severity of the bail conditions.

“As a specific condition of this bond, he cannot have any contact with the victim, number one, and which I think is extraordinary in this particular case is that the judge has listed specific potential witnesses with whom the defendant cannot have any contact. So apparently, the judge was concerned with some kind of retaliation or intimidation of those witnesses,” Baird said.


DPS released the following statement.

“The department takes allegations like this very seriously, and the Texas Rangers are working closely with the Travis County District Attorney’s Office and the Travis County Sheriff’s Office, which is leading this investigation.”


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