Toddler, 3, brutally raped and suffocated to death by two men – this is the world we now live in


A 3-year-old girl from India was raped and suffocated to death by two men since identified as Ritesh, 23 and Dhanpal, 21. They abducted the young girl, sexually assaulted her, and stuffed her body in a sack and threw it into a dam in the Chhindwara district.

According to the Times of India, both suspects were arrested on Tuesday night after investigators interrogated over 300 suspects and witnesses within two days. Chhindwara SP Vivek Agarwal said:

“More than 300 people were interrogated within tow days. We zeroed in on two suspects and arrested them on Tuesday evening.”

SP Agarwal said:

“They raped the child, killer her, and disposed of her body, all within an hour. They tried to misguide police during investigation and spread rumors that someone had probably sacrificed the girl for black magic.”

Madhya Pradesh has a death sentence for individuals who rape children aged 12 years or younger. The 3-year-old was reported missing on July 17th from a village about 40km from Chhindwara. Her body was later found on the evening of July 20th in the backwaters of a dam. 

According to reports, the autopsy confirmed the gruesome sexual assault. Police suspect that the two men had gagged the child and tied a cloth around her face during the rape. She died due to suffocation and trauma. 

The young girls identity has not been revealed to protect her and her family’s privacy. 

In another tragic incident, an eight-year-old Russian girl who ran away from home following an argument with her parents was raped and killed after being picked up in a car by a married couple.

According to Russian police, more than 500 people volunteered to help search for the missing girl, since identified as Vika Teplyakova after she was seen on CCTV footage walking alone on the road. She was last seen wearing a t-shirt and blue shorts, allegedly the young girl was trying to walk to her friends house in the town where her family used to live.

She had been missing for three whole days before a 32-year-old woman told police that she and her husband had given the child a ride when they saw her walking alone on the road. The couple has since been identified as Igor and Kristina Dvornikov.

They are both being detained as they are suspected of carrying out the horrific crime. Allegedly, the man told his wife that he would “attack” the girl and the wife did nothing to stop him because she was too “scared” of him.

According to reports, the young girl was raped and strangled with a plastic bag. She died on Monday, which was the days she first disappeared. The wife showed the police where the young girl’s body was hidden, which was near a lake.

According to authorities, Ignor initially denied the crimes. However, later he confessed to abducting, abusing, and killing the young girl. Both the husband and wife have been arrested and are being held in jail as an investigation into the kidnapping and murder takes place.

Back in early July, the body of a missing girl was found with injuries in a dry pong at Embal village in the Pudukottai district. According to The Hindu, a day later police arrested a 25-year-old man on charges of raping and murdering the young girl.

The suspect, since identified as M. Raja lives in the same area as the victim, who was a Class II student. The young girl was reported missing by her father, who reported a complaint at the Embal police station. 

As the search for the young girl began, local members of the community informed police about the body of the girl being found in the dry pond only a few meters from the victim’s house. The body, which had multiple injuries, was immediately sent to the Pudukottai Medical College Hospital, where a post-mortem examination was conducted.

According to the interview with police, Raja had taken the girl to a secluded spot and raped her. As the young girl began to scream in pain and horror, he hit her on the head with a wooden log, killing her. He fled the scene immediately.

Raja was arrested by the police on kidnapping or abducting in order to murder and rape charges.


Memphis: So far this year, 18 children have been murdered. Where’s the outrage?

MEMPHIS, TN – The country is currently focused on conversations about police reform, but there’s an alarming statistic coming out of Memphis that should outrage the nation.

Hundreds are being murdered in Memphis, many of whom are children. This alarming trend is not isolated to Memphis, either. We see increased violent crime and murder, including those involving children, throughout major cities in the US.

We’ve reported on instances in Washington, D.C and St. Louis, recently.  

Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland and Police Director Michael Rallings released statistics during a news conference on Wednesday. They were joined by Colonel Darren Goods, Commander of the Investigative Services. Colonel Goods provided specific information on some of the children murdered this year.

So far, in 2020, 120 people have been murdered in the city. Eighteen of those murders are children. Fourteen of the children were murdered, one was deemed justifiable homicide, and three were ruled accidental. Eight of the murders remain unsolved while the majority were killed in drive-by shootings. Six have had suspects apprehended.

According to WREG, the youngest victim was just nine months old.

During the press conference, Strickland said:

We have a 10 year-old who was standing on his porch with other people when he was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting. We had a 6 year-old and a 16 year-old inside a house who were both shot and killed in a drive by shooting.”

Director Rallings said:

“These children will not see the future. They will never enjoy what life has to offer. They are gone and they will never return.

Of the 120 people killed this year, 108 were black, six were white, five were Hispanic, and one was Asian. Eleven were domestic violence-related, 34 involved known gang members, and 53 were committed by someone who knew the victim.

Over the 4th of July weekend, 80 people were victims of aggravated assault, 26 people were shot, and 4 resulted in death.

Rallings noted:

“At this rate, Memphis will break the record number of homicides set in 2016. We had 228 homicides that year.

Rallings asked where the outrage and protests from the local community were for the 120 victims who have been murdered:

Their lives should matter to society. Where is the outrage for these victims? Why isn’t Crime Stoppers being overrun with phone calls?

The community will need to step up to put an end to violent crime and commit themselves to this cause in order for anything to change, according to Rallings.

Strickland added:

The loss of even one life is too many regardless of age, but when we lose a child before they even know what live is and can take advantage of what is out there, is almost unbearable. I’d ask us all to pray for the families of these young people.”

Many of these children were killed near their homes, in their own neighborhoods.

City of Memphis Press Briefing 7-8-2020Press Briefing concerning unsolved Juvenile Homicides year to date and youth violence in Memphis.

Posted by Memphis Police Department est.1827 on Wednesday, July 8, 2020


Poignantly, Director Rallings began his comments by listing the ages of some of the children involved.

Nine months, two years old, three years old, five, six, I could go on. Seven, nine, 10, 12, 15, and 17…these are ages of the 18 children who have lost their life.

Colonel Goods passionately asked the citizens of Memphis for help.

Memphis, we are better than this. We are better than this and we employ anyone that has any information relevant to any of these unsolved homicides…to come forward and provide that information that could change the direction of these investigations.

Mayor Strickland echoed the pleas for help. He said:

“We need your help. There are people out there who know who committed these terrible acts. Someone knows who did all of these. We need you to step up and do the right thing.

If you have information on any of these crimes in Memphis, they ask that you call Crime Stoppers at (901) 528-CASH.


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Here’s more violence out of Tennessee last month brought to you by Law Enforcement Today.

An officer-involved shooting is currently being investigated by both the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office, after a reported standoff resulted in a deputy being shot and a suspect dead.

Preliminary details on the investigation have noted that the incident took place at approximately 7:07 p.m. on the evening of June 27th. A Cumberland County Sheriff’s deputy was said to have responded to a suspicious person call around the block of Chestnut Hill Road.

The deputy, who was identified as Deputy Tim Tutor, was said to have witnessed what was described as erratic driving by a suspect later identified as Mark Eberly. Deputy Tutor then initiated a traffic stop, and while the deputy was approaching the driver’s side window, he was reportedly shot by Eberly.

Toddler, 3, brutally raped and suffocated to death by two men - this is the world we now live in
Mark Eberly – CCSO

According to the TBI, Deputy Tutor returned fire at Eberly while the suspect was said to have fled from the scene. The deputy was said to have sustained a gunshot wound to the upper-right side of his body, and was subsequently airlifted to UT Medical Center for treatment.

Officials from the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office stated that authorities had caught up with the suspect’s vehicle roughly a mile up the road from where the initial interaction took place. Eberly reportedly barricaded himself inside of his vehicle, and negotiators and SWAT were called out to the scene to assist.

Law enforcement and crisis negotiators on the scene were said to have made several attempts to try to talk down Eberly, but said attempts were unsuccessful. According to officials, SWAT were said to have deployed a chemical weapon and approached the vehicle.

When deputies on the scene then approached Eberly’s vehicle, he was found dead inside. The TBI stated that an autopsy will be conducted to determine the suspect’s cause of death.

In a press conference that was held after the incident, Cumberland County Sheriff Casey Cox noted that law enforcement had have previous interactions with Eberly before, stating that he was previously arrested on June 19th for driving on a suspended license and resisting arrest.

As for Deputy Tutor, officials say that the deputy is expected to make a full recovery from the injuries sustained.



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