I saw pictures of Noah Koontz and it overwhelmed me. Noah is the son of fallen Howard County, Indiana, Deputy Carl Koontz; EOW 3/20/16. My deepest condolences to Kassandra Koontz and little Noah. This poem is in honor of Deputy Carl Koonz, EOW: 3/20/16.


My dear son, Noah

Daddy had to go

I live here in Heaven now

I wanted you to know

Mommy’s tears will dry soon

And you will start to walk

As you get older

You may hear people talk


I want to be the first to tell you

That I did all I could do to stay

With my arms around you and mommy

Protecting you everyday

But sometimes God needs angels

To do special Angel things

This is why He chose me

To serve the King of Kings


Grow up tall and proud

Walk with your head held high

Keep Daddy in your heart

Keep looking to the sky

Daddy lived his life for you

I did not die in vain

Do not live with anger

Do not live in pain


I will wait in Heaven

for my family

Don’t forget at any time

You can visit me

Just kneel and bow your head

I’ll hear what you say

Live your life, be happy

We’ll meet again one day.


Love, Daddy