TikTok strikes again, says video interview with detective about officer-involved shootings “violates the law”


UNITED STATES – Law Enforcement Today, the largest law enforcement owned and operated media outlet in America, is no stranger to Big Tech censorship. 

LET National Spokesman Kyle Reyes was repeatedly restricted and then permanently banned from LinkedIn for his law enforcement related content.

LET founder and CEO Captain Robert Greenberg was targeted by Facebook for supposedly posting “spam” when he shared a suicide awareness post from the police-founded non-profit Blue Hearts for Heroes. 

Captain Greenberg was also awarded a permanent ban from LinkedIn for his law enforcement content, which was labeled “fake news” by the platform.

Facebook deems nonprofit’s post about suicide awareness as “spam”
Facebook calls suicide awareness post ‘spam’ – provided

Facebook has also repeatedly throttled the reach of Law Enforcement Today’s page multiple times, reducing said reach by over 90 percent.

Twitter, too, has throttled, censored, and banned Law Enforcement Today for its conservative and law enforcement related postings.

And then there’s TikTok.

In May of 2021, TikTok banned Law Enforcement Today because LET had the gall to share a video message of hope from police officers and other emergency responders, who told listeners that they would always be there for them.  The ban came within an hour of the video’s posting.

This ban did come down after a couple of weeks, but now LET has again fallen under scrutiny from TikTok for two of its recently posted videos.

In one video, LET National Spokesman Kyle Reyes sits down with retired NYPD Detective Rob O’Donnell to discuss the facts about police officers’ interactions with the public.

Here’s a copy of the original video from TikTok that we posted on Instagram so you can see for yourself:


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O’Donnell tells Reyes:

“[Anti-police activists are] taking 850,000 police officers nationwide, and demonizing them for the actions of 0.01 percent of incidents.

“300 million contacts with the public in a year.  10 million police investigative contacts, for 1.2 million violent felonies.  

“In 2019, you had 999 police deadly use-of-force incidents.  All but 55 of those individuals were armed.  Three quarters of that 55 [41], the officers attempted to use non-lethal force, prior to using lethal force.”

“In direct conflict with your false narrative, the majority of them were white.”

He continues:

“And the comeback to that is, well, black America is only 13 percent of the population, but when you break down the FBI uniform crime reporting, they commit 44 percent of the violent crime, 56 percent of murders.

“So of course police are going to have more contact.  It’s not because they are profiling.  It’s because they’re following crime.”

TikTok has now removed this video.  Law Enforcement Today disputed the censorship, but TikTok shot down the appeal.  TikTok then dismissed another appeal directly from National Spokesman Kyle Reyes.

The company’s reasoning turned out to be a head-scratcher.  TikTok told Reyes that Law Enforcement Today “violated applicable laws,” yet the platform did not specify which laws LET supposedly violated.

The company also added in a “support” email that the video would continue to “remain deleted due to a violation of our Community Guidelines.”  As with the reference to the supposed law-breaking, TikTok did not explain which “Community Guidelines” were violated.

Ironically, TikTok’s Community Guidelines claim that TikTok “prioritize[s] safety, diversity, inclusion, and authenticity” – seemingly in direct contrast to banning a video on public safety that shares nothing but facts and truth.

But TikTok did not stop there.

TikTok also banned a recent video from Reyes that depicted his three choices of shirt to wear at a Family Freedom Endeavor Freedom Rally in Boston.  One shirt reads:  “The Constitution Matters.”  Another bears a flag image and reads: “Will Not Comply.”  The third depicts Ronald Reagan, with the words: “I Smell Commies.”  

Again, here’s the original video reposted on Instagram:



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A post shared by Kyle Reyes (@kylescottreyes)


The video then shows Reyes lifting weights wearing a t-shirt that said “Liberals Suck,” accompanied by Reyes’ voiceover stating:

“Now if y’all think I’m worried about what people are going to think about me, well, let me show you how I roll at the gym.”

Spoiler alert:  Reyes dressed in the Ronald Reagan shirt when he spoke to thousands who gathered in Boston on Friday, September 17, to oppose school mask mandates and other instances of government overreach.

Apparently unimpressed with the t-shirt selection, despite their claim to honor “diversity,” TikTok removed this video as well, for “hate speech.”

Below are TikTok’s guidelines on “hate speech”:

“We define hate speech or behavior as content that attacks, threatens, incites violence against, or otherwise dehumanizes an individual or a group on the basis of the following protected attributes:

  • Race 
  • Ethnicity
  • National origin 
  • Religion
  • Caste 
  • Sexual orientation
  • Sex
  • Gender
  • Gender identity
  • Serious disease
  • Disability
  • Immigration status.”

None of the above appears applicable to the t-shirts, but that fact clearly has not stopped Big Tech from stepping in and deleting LET videos.

Time will tell whether TikTok’s actions against these videos will ultimately result in another TikTok ban against Law Enforcement Today. Meanwhile, LET will continue posting, undeterred from our mission to share law enforcement related content with our 160.6 thousand followers on TikTok.

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TikTok permanently bans Law Enforcement Today after video of police sending messages of hope to Americans is posted

Originally published May 7, 2021

UNITED STATES- On Thursday, May 6th, Law Enforcement Today (LET), the largest police-owned media outlet in the United States, shared an article of its first-hand experience with yet again being censored by big tech companies.

TikTok recently shut down two videos that LET posted on their newly created TikTok account, which gained nearly 80,000 followers within its first three weeks of being on the social media platform. 

TikTok strikes again, says video interview with detective about officer-involved shootings "violates the law"
TikTok screenshot

The videos were shut down due to LET allegedly violating the big tech company’s “hateful behavior” and “violent and graphic content” community guidelines. It should be noted that after reviewing said guidelines, LET’s videos did not violate neither of them.

Shortly after the article about the videos being removed without any explanation from TikTok, both videos were magically restored by the big tech company.

Then, LET posted another video, a mashup of law enforcement and first responders delivering a message to every American (we also shared the video on our Facebook page and have included it below).

Within one hour of posting the video, LET’s TikTok account was permanently banned from the social media platform. Without any type of explanation from the big tech company, LET’s account simply got a notification that said:

“Your account was permanently banned. If you believe this was a mistake, you can submit an appeal.”

TikTok strikes again, says video interview with detective about officer-involved shootings "violates the law"
TikTok message

According to TikTok’s “Account Safety” guidelines, their requirements for having an account “banned by mistake,” says:

“Accounts that consistently violate community guidelines will be banned from TikTok. If your account has been banned, you will receive a banner notification when you next open the app, informing you of this account change.”

The guidelines added:

“If you believe your account was banned by mistake, let us know by submitting an appeal. To submit an appeal, open the notification, tape ‘appeal,’ follow the instructions provided.”

In the video posted by LET that appears to have caused TikTok to ban the account permanently, for in their terms, “consistently violating community guidelines,” is a message of hope from various law enforcement officials and first responders assuring Americans that they will continually be there to serve and protect, regardless of the crisis at hand.

Here is what the officers and first responders had to say:

“These are challenging and unpredictable times, we stand with you, always ready. I know we’re going through some very turbulent times right now as a country. Things may seem scary during these times, but remember America is strong and we’ll come through this every stronger.”

“There is no better time to come together as a country and stand united as Americans to help each other through this health epidemic. I ask that you come together, that you help one another in times of need. Today, let’s focus on being intentional, on our physical and mental wellbeing. Let’s stand strong together.”

“For all of you out there driving trucks, stocking shelves in grocery stores, or working in the hospital, we want you to know that no matter where you are in America, you’re making us proud today. And the people who are just being good citizens and good neighbors, taking care of one another, taking care of themselves.”

“Find things to do, whether it be working out, be active. I would encourage all Americans to be patient and calm as we navigate this crisis and when it’s all over we will be proud to say we defeated this evil virus.”

“But, the one thing that won’t change, is we will always be there for you when you need us. We the first responder community, support you and stand by you through this difficult time. First responders across the country are out there to protect you, to protect your families because we truly care.”

“You gotta have our backs, we’ll have your backs, and we gotta all stick together and we’ll get through this. We will continue to perform our duties to protect you and our families. No matter how you feel right now, just always know you’re never forgotten. You’re never alone.”

“As a country, as a society, we will persevere. I want to thank you all for your support of law enforcement. To all our first responders who put their lives on the line each and every day, thank you for the continued support of law enforcement officers all across this nation.”

“Thank you to all first responders out there working day in and day out during all of this craziness. I just want to say God bless each and every one us working in these weird times we’re at now.”

“We need to keep ourselves healthy, watch our sixes, and God bless the USA. We are the thin blue line and we walk that line for our family and for yours. And remember, no matter the crisis, no matter the events that unfold, law enforcement officers stand ready to protect and serve.”

“And we’re going to be stronger in the future and that sun, it’ll be back tomorrow. Just remember that hope is also contagious, so keep spreading that around the best we can. We are all in this together. Let’s keep up the good fight.”

“God bless America. Everybody be safe. Stay safe and stay healthy America. Don’t worry, we’re all here for you. Keep up the great work. We have your back. Stay hopeful. Stay healthy. Stay strong.”

“We love you. God bless. Thank you guys. Love you guys. Thank you. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay strong. From our family to yours. If you need us, we’re here.”

Why TikTok would ban such a powerful, hopeful, and helpful message from law enforcement and first responders to their loved ones and their communities shows the big tech company is targeting those who back and support the individuals who protect and serve.

TikTok’s media team has not responded to emailed inquiries about the shutdown.


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