Earlier this week, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Police Department had quite the scuffle when attempting to place a man under arrest near the Holland Tunnel for outstanding warrants.

According to recent reports, three Port Authority police officers are being treated for injuries after a struggle with a suspect who was wanted for a slew of warrants ranging from sexual assault and past assaults against law enforcement.

According to the Port Authority Police, cops had identified a vehicle with which held a person whom they believed to have been wanted on several warrants as their vehicle had entered the New Jersey side of the Holland Tunnel.

The officers on the New York side of the tunnel received that information pertaining to the man believed to be wanted and stopped the man in the vehicle in order to address the reasonable suspicion provided to them. The suspect, later identified by sources as Donovan Ferril, 41, of Jamaica Station, initially provided a fake name to the officer in order to elude any form of detention.

After a failed attempt to provide false information regarding his identity, the Port Authority police had determined that the person inside the vehicle was indeed Donovan Ferril. When attempting to place Ferril under arrest, a scuffle ensued.

Ferril had allegedly tried to resist arrest, but after a struggle with some of the officers they were still able to place him in handcuffs even as he remained combative.

After Ferril was placed into the backseat of a police cruiser, he had allegedly kicked out the back window in an attempt to escape from the vehicle. However, that attempt proved to be a pointless endeavor as he never managed to escape out of police custody. Thereafter, he was brought over to the Port Authority Bus Terminal for processing.

The suspect in this current case, Donovan Ferril, has quite a bit of a past as well in terms of interactions with law enforcement. That, and also illicit interactions with minors. One of the warrants in question that was in tow with the mentioned “slew” was a warrant issued from absconding from parole.

Back in 2008, Ferril had engaged in intercourse with a female minor, aged 15-years-old, who was described as a “non-stranger” to Ferril. At the time of the incident, Ferril would have been 30-years-old.

After a subsequent investigation performed by the NYCPD Sex Offender Unit, they had arrested and later convicted Ferril for Criminal Sexual Act-1st Degree: By Forcible Compulsion.

Unfortunately, that conviction only resulted in a 5-year prison sentence for Ferril.  It did, however, require he comply with the terms of both the Sex Offender Registration Act and his parole which was being managed by the NYS Department of Corrections and Community Supervision division and he was to be under that supervision until February 20th, 2025.

Three officers who were involved in the combative scenario had suffered what were described as minor injuries and were sent to local hospitals in New York.

The suspect, Ferril, who was wanted on a sexual assault warrant in New York and a warrant in New Jersey for aggravated assault on a police officer with a weapon, was also checked out by an EMS at the scene for unknown injuries. While there’s currently no comment to the extent of, if any, serious injury on the suspect, it was also reported by sources said he was also found to be in possession of drugs at the time of this arrest.

Inbound traffic at the tunnel was moving at a crawl well after the incident.

In the meantime, just across the river, it’s no secret that police and emergency responders in New York City aren’t the biggest fans of Mayor Bill de Blasio.

But this week the head of a local EMS union absolutely unloaded on him for not doing more to protect his city’s public servants.

After countless displays of disrespect for authority, an influx of violence toward police and EMS workers and a so-called spiral into “chaos”, they’re calling him out.

Three Port Authority officers attacked by wanted sex offender who had previously assaulted cops

Mayor Bill de Blasio has been repeatedly criticized for not doing more to protect first responders from being attacked. (Flickr)


The comments come just days after the most recent display of violence toward a first responder, when a 20-year-old EMT was brutally attacked and beaten by a handcuffed suspect. CBS New York reported that the suspect was able to bite, beat and stomp on the EMT before being stopped.

Oren Barzilay, president of EMS union Local 2507, spoke out about the culture of violence growing within the city walls.  

“EMS has seen a significant increase in assaults. We’re talking on a daily basis we get a report of someone that was badly beaten,” Barzilay said.

He says the mayor’s lack of leadership has led to the uptick in attacks.

“Mayor de Blasio, you need to do more to protect the men and women who protect and serve this city,” Barzilay said. “The city is spiraling down to a chaos where there’s no respect for nobody — buckets of water thrown at police officers, assaults on EMTs and paramedics are on a daily basis, assaults on MTA workers is on a daily basis … our city has run down to a point of no return.”

EMT Nicholas Cody wanted the job his entire life, his father told CBS New York.

“He has been dressing up as a firefighter or EMT since he’s 3 years old for Halloween, so this has been a life-long dream,” Jeffrey Cody said. 

Police say Cody was treating 32-year-old Thomas Wright on the way to Lincoln Medical Center about 10:40 p.m. last Friday.

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Three Port Authority officers attacked by wanted sex offender who had previously assaulted cops


That’s when they say the drunken suspect broke free from the seat belt restraint on the gurney.  They say he then bit the EMT on the shoulder and knocked him to the ground… then proceeded to stomp on the 20-year-old EMT as he lay on the floor of the ambulance.

Luckily there was an officer in the ambulance who managed to get Wright under control as they arrived at the hospital.

Officials say the EMT was still at Lincoln Medical Center with serious injuries. Just a short time ago, he’d graduated from the EMS academy.


A source at FDNY told Law Enforcement Today “he may never fully recover” from the beating. 

“It was quick and it was vicious,” he said.

According to Bronx Assistant D.A. Ryan Foley, the EMT suffered nerve damage and a loss of sensation in one of his arms.  Foley said in court that the EMT will be out of work for several months.

Now Wright is charged with assault, attempted assault and harassment.

Thanks to a new law enacted last year that increased the penalty for assaulting first responders, Wright faces up to seven years in prison if convicted of attacking the EMT.


The criminal report shows first responders were called to Wright’s home on Mount Hope Place near Jerome Ave. shortly before the attack.  That’s because, according to police, he was heavily intoxicated and acting disorderly.

“FDNY EMS members perform dangerous work thousands of times a day responding to medical calls and protecting New Yorkers,” FDNY Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro said. “An assault on one of our brave members is a despicable act. Our thoughts and prayers are with our seriously injured EMT.”

Oren Barzilay continued his statements about the dangers of the job – especially in a city like New York.

“Regardless of what the Mayor or stats say, the streets of New York City are getting worse, violence is on the raise against all first responders and our city is in chaos,” Barzilay said. “We’ve been saying this for two years, that more needs to be done in protecting our EMS personnel. This latest incident shows further evidence of how dangerous the work is for EMS.”

The injured first responder’s father told CBS about his son’s current condition.

“He’s hurt pretty bad right now. Right now, he doesn’t have any mobility or feeling in his left arm,” he said. 

Let’s hope this city starts to regain control and commanding some respect. 

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