Three men arrested for murder after dumping the bodies of young female models outside LA hospitals


LOS ANGELES, CA – Three men have been taken into custody for the alleged manslaughter of two women and for reportedly dumping their bodies outside of Los Angeles hospitals.

In November, police discovered the bodies of Christy Giles and Hilda Marcela Cabrales-Arzola on the sidewalks of two different hospitals in Los Angeles, California. Police were not quite sure what happened or if the two deaths were related until now.

Three men from Hollywood, described as partygoers, were taken into custody on December 15th for their alleged involvement in the deaths of the two models.

Cinematographer Michael Ansbach, 47, David Pearce, 37, and Brand Osborn have all been charged according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Pearce is currently facing the most serious charge out of the trio, manslaughter. Pearce is believed to have given the two women drugs which caused them to overdose and die. He is being held on a $1 million bond.

Osborn and Ansbach have been charged with accessory to manslaughter for allegedly trying to help Pearce cover up the deaths and was given a $100,000 bond each.

The Los Angeles Police Department noted during the arrests of the trio that there may be more victims out there based upon their investigation. The LAPD wrote:

“Based on the investigation, the LAPD is concerned that there could be other victims in our community who could have been drugged by one or more of these men.”

Detectives with the LAPD immediately began their investigation by turning to the surveillance videos in and around the hospitals where the two bodies had been dumped. A review of the video showed masked men who transported the bodies in a black Toyota Prius that had the tags removed.

Friends and family of the two victims believe that they overdosed on drugs which they were somehow forced to ingest.

This is based on heroin being in the toxicology report for Cabrales-Arzola which those who knew them best allege they would have never taken on their own.

Family members also fear that the two women were raped after they had been drugged. While there is no confirmation of that as of yet from the autopsy, Christy’s mother, Dusty Giles talked to The Sun and believes that to be true based on the last text message sent by her.

The last text message Christy sent was to Cabrales-Arzola and read:

“Let’s get out of here.”

Giles believes that once Christy’s toxicology report is released it will also show that she has heroin in her system. She believes that the two were injected with the dangerous narcotic against their will. She said:

“The only way that these men would have kept my daughter and Hilda for over 10 hours would be by giving them drugs, maybe tying them up…I believe they drugged them to keep them and I believe they probably raped them.”

As detectives worked the case, David Murrietta, Jr, came forward noting that Osborn had confided in him how the girls died. Murrietta told detectives Osborn found the girl’s deceased or dying and refused to call for assistance. Murrietta said:

“[Osborne said] how he found the first girl’s body with no pulse and how they decided not to call police. They didn’t call 911…He took the plates off his car and who was driving, who carried the bodies and kind of was bragging a little bit about, you know, trying not to get caught. That’s why they dumped girls at different hospitals and stuff like that.”

Murrietta said that he was shocked at how openly Osborn discussed the deaths with him and thought at the time that it had to be a lie. That was until he heard of the deaths and knew then that Osborn had just confessed to him.

The families of the victims are breathing a sigh of release now that the three people who are allegedly responsible for their deaths have been taken into custody. However, they note that even though the three have been arrested, it will never bring back their loved ones.

Three men arrested for murder after dumping the bodies of young female models outside LA hospitals

Repeat offender with drug addiction arrested for brutal assault, rape of a woman after being released again and again from jail

KITSAP COUNTY, OR- According to reports, on Wednesday, December 8th, a woman who walked into a downtown Bremerton parking garage elevator was brutally attacked.

She was beaten, choked and raped by a stranger, and thought she was going to be murdered.


Luckily, for the woman, the violent assault was interrupted by another woman who stumbled upon what was happening and called 911.

The suspect, since identified as 30-year-old Anthony J. Brown, has been arrested and charged with a slew of charges, including aggravated first-degree rape and first-degree kidnapping.

Brown, who was reportedly armed with a knife at the time of the brutal attack, is a prolific offender with a history of substance use disorder.  This is the fourth felony case allegedly involving Brown and comes after he was arrested, booked, and released from jail four separate times since April.

According to court records, in those previous cases, a court-ordered mental evaluation diagnosed Brown with schizophrenia and found that he continued to use street drugs, including meth which is “known to exacerbate psychosis.”

While incarcerated after his third felony, the judge ordered Brown be administered medications to treat “unspecified schizophrenia spectrum or other psychotic disorder.”

A Western State Hospital psychologist offered this diagnosis and unfortunately, Brown’s condition only worsened due to his addiction to meth. 

The brutal attack on the woman in the parking garage is Brown’s fourth felony case since 2020. He earned three previous felony charges between August and October 2020. 

The first felony charge was possession of meth.

However, because police suspected he was breaking into cars in downtown Bremerton to help feed his habit, he was released from jail without bail.

The charge was dropped due to Washington State law declaring that the felony drug possession law was unconstitutional.

The second felony, which was just one month later, involved a burglary after Brown was found sleeping in the laundry room of a Comfort Inn in Portland, Oregon. He was again released from jail without bail.

One month later, Brown was charged with a felony. He was charged with possession of a stolen vehicle after a man reported that his car was stolen, along with his wallet, which was reportedly stolen after the break-in.

Police found Brown inside of the man’s car and found the victim’s wallet in his possession. 

For this crime, Brown spent October 2020 through April 2021 in jail. Since April, Brown was arrested four times in separate misdemeanor cases. The charges include criminal trespass, vehicle prowling, and malicious mischief. He has pleaded not guilty to all and those cases are currently pending.

Since those cases where classified as “non-violent,” Brown was released and on December 8th, he committed a heinous, violent crime. According to police, Brown followed the victim into the elevator and brutally assaulted her.

Court documents reveal that Brown said, “he had been planning this for a while and he had a plan for what he wanted to do with her.” During the assault, the victim tried to fight off Brown, but was unable to. Another woman was able to intervene when she saw it occurring in the elevator.

Brown fled on foot after claiming the sex was consensual, though according to court documents, he also threatened the witness. The victim told Bremerton police officers that Brown, who she does not know, followed her into the elevator.

The woman told the police that when Brown attacked and sexually assaulted her, he told her that he planned to kill her “when he was done with her.” She also said she tried to fight off Brown by biting him, trying to stab him with a knife he dropped, and pulling his hair. An investigator wrote in the charging documents:

“None of this deterred Brown and just made him more aggressive in the assault.”

The investigator also wrote that Brown bit her, punched her, and choked her. The officers wrote that when the elevator door opened, “she (the witness) saw (the victim) being raped by Brown. She said (the victim) was upset and crying and (the witness) knew it was not consensual.”

The suspect fled, but an officer found Brown on another floor with the victim’s clothes, masturbating. Brown was booked into the Kitsap County Jail and held on a $1 million bail.

Following his arrest, prosecutors charged him with first-degree rape, adding an “aggravator” for “deliberate cruelty,” second-degree assault with sexual motivation, first-degree kidnapping with sexual motivation and felony harassment. 

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