Thousands of primary ballots not counted because of technicalities in New York – and that’s only the beginning.


NEW YORK, NY- This is going to get very ugly.  Because we’re already seeing huge problems with mail-in voting… and it’s only starting in small races.

CBS2, a local New York station, is reporting that absentee ballots for the New York primaries have finally been counted. In some races, the absentee ballots determined the winner. Unfortunately, almost twenty-five percent of the ballots weren’t counted due to technical errors.

For instance, the post office stamped some in the wrong place while others weren’t signed. Some voters, according to online complaints, never received the ballots at all.

CBS This Morning decided to conduct a test to see if concerns about mail-in voting were valid. They sent 100 mock ballots to a P.O. Box as a stand-in for a local election office, waited a few days, then sent another 100 fake ballots.

After a week, three percent of the original group hadn’t arrived, and 21% of the second group hadn’t arrived either.

In both of these examples, one in the real world, the other a controlled experiment, fraud wasn’t involved. Fraud is the big concern for a mail-in election, yet before that issue is addressed, the logistics have already failed.

Democrats say they are worried about voter suppression. Are they worried that over twenty percent of the votes might not arrive in time? Or that they would be disqualified for errors unlikely to occur during in-person voting?

President Trump has frequently complained of the potential for fraud presented by mail-in voting. On Twitter, he wrote:

 “With Universal Mail-In Voting (not Absentee Voting, which is good), 2020 will be the most INACCURATE & FRAUDULENT Election in history.” CNN then fact-checked him by saying that “absentee and mail-in voting are essentially the same.”

If CNN is right about this and President Trump is wrong, then CBS’ reports on actual primary results and their experiment should be cause for concern. Even if no fraud materializes, CBS has exposed serious logistical problems in the system as it exists today.

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Perhaps the problems that caused delays and rejected ballots could be overcome by election day but why bother when in-person voting solves the problem already? This is the crux of the problem.

While the president complains about the potential for fraud and Democrats accuse him of trying to delay the election so that it can be “stolen”, there is something odd about their explanation.

Democrats insist that a mail-in vote is essential to prevent the spread of the covid, and thus, to prevent untold thousands or millions of deaths.

Why is it that shopping malls, restaurants, and enormous thickly-populated riots can deal with crowds of people but local polling places cannot? The Democrats are heavily invested in trying to get a mail-in election, yet there is a far simpler solution: let people vote in person as they usually do.

If health precautions are necessary, do the same as what is in practice elsewhere in the state for same size buildings and occupancy. The fact that Democrats have become almost hysterical in their drive for mail-in voting suggests that they are hiding something.

This is a classic example of something that law enforcement officers might describe as “hinky.”

Books could be written about the various unique and strange characteristics of covid-related lockdown, quarantine, and prevention measures. We can start with shutting down the economy, which had the predictable effect of erasing much of the president’s economic successes to that point. It was almost as if that was the desired effect because, according to some doctors, the lockdown was more dangerous than the covid.

The way covid deaths have been counted in the United States is another oddity. By including deaths of people who suffered gunshot wounds and catastrophic injuries from traffic accidents, not to mention adding deaths of people who were covid-negative but had symptoms consistent with covid (and seasonal flu) to the covid count, it is difficult to know what the actual mortality rate is.

Other aspects of the crisis have attracted considerable criticism, some of which is difficult to find because social media publishers like Facebook, Google, YouTube,  and Twitter have decided to pre-emptively delete information that they think is incorrect.

Virus-related death counts appear to be as fraught with error as President Trump expects to find if an election exclusively uses mail-in ballots. And yet, they are the basis for Democrat demands that the election require mail-in ballots only.

The explanation might be easier to understand if there wasn’t a much easier solution in place right now. The fact that considerable controversy exists among healthcare professionals and others regarding covid inspires even less confidence.

Add to that errors in counting covid-related deaths that only inflate the numbers, rather than errors on either side of correct values, and mail-in ballots begin to look very suspicious indeed, and that is before we even start talking about how fraud can be introduced into the election by their use.

The takeaway from the New York primary results is that serious logistical problems exist with absentee ballots. Unless fixed, it could seriously suppress votes due to late arrival, non-delivery, and technical errors.

Even if all of the logistical issues are dealt with, and across all states, we still have the strange fascination among Democrats for a mail-in election. Why is that a critical requirement when polling places are not mechanically different from other buildings that people are allowed entrance to right now?

And then there is the possibility of fraud. With no way to verify identity, there are too many opportunities to submit fraudulent votes. With all those problems, do we really want to risk it?

After all, the guy who wants to replace President Trump wants to defund the police. How many deaths will that cause?


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