This state used to be safe for gun owners – is it turning into another Virginia?

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Apparently, Democrats in the Arizona state senate have been drinking the same kool-aid that Democrats in Virginia have been drinking.

SB1625 would require “assault weapons”, otherwise known as “scary-looking black guns,” to be either registered or surrendered.

Oh, but there is a third option—rendering the firearm inoperable. Here we go again.

The text, however does not stop there. The bill would also ban the manufacture of these weapons as well. An exception for manufacturing is provided for companies manufacturing weapons for use by the police of military.

The statute to surrender said weapons also applies to “high capacity” magazines and certain semiautomatic pistols and shotguns. Where have we heard this before?

The push in Arizona comes at the same time as the same nut-job party in Virginia is pushing an “assault weapons” ban, a “high capacity” magazine ban, the criminalization of private gun sales via universal background checks, gun rationing legislation that mandates no more than one handgun purchase per month, a ban on suppressors and a bunch of other such nonsense.

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Screenshot: YouTube coverage

Back in October, fast-fading Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden used the MSNBC/Gabby Giffords/March for Our Lives gun control forum in which to suggest gun owners ought to be liable if they do not keep their firearms “under lock and key.”

Biden said: “If you left your keys in a car out here and some kid picks that car…and kills somebody driving around the parking lot, you’re liable. Why in God’s name, if you have a weapon at home and it’s not under lock and key, should you not be held liable?”

C’mon, man! (well, he didn’t say that…but we know he wanted to).

He added, “We should have a federal law making that the case,” as the crowd of anti-gun zealots applauded.

Biden also pushed for gun manufacturers to be sued, and also to outfit firearms with biometric readers.

He said:

“Right now, we have the technology to go out and make sure no one can fire a pistol, a rifle, any weapon, without their biometric marker on it. That exists, that technology exists.”

Well, if you are to believe a poll commissioned by Michael Bloomberg’s gun-grabbing group, Everytown for Gun Safety, Arizona is ripe for the picking for increasingly restrictive gun laws. 

The poll, which was conducted by the research firm Global Strategy Group says that statewide, 50% of voters supported stronger gun laws, while only 6% felt gun laws should be less strong. 

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In districts where Republicans outnumbered Democrats by at least 14 points, voters still supported stronger gun laws by a 6-1 margin. 

Arizona has consistently ranked first in Guns & Ammo Magazine’s annual list of the best states for gun owners. This is due to the state’s concealed carry laws, use of force laws and lack of restrictions on firearms and accessories. 

The poll found that 90% of respondents said they supported policies requiring domestic violence suspects to turn over their firearms to law enforcement, and 89% supported blocking domestic abusers from owning any guns. 

“A majority of intimate partner homicides in Arizona are committed with a gun,” according to Jessica Manos, a volunteer with Moms Demand Action, another gun-grabbing group.

“What we’re focusing on this year is a domestic violence bill, that will disarm domestic abusers when they’re subject to a final order of protection, and not only make it so they can’t purchase weapons, but also that they’d have to surrender the ones that they have.” 

Hmmm…sounds like maybe a 2nd Amendment issue there? 

Two bills are currently working their way through the Arizona State Legislature, both of which would require domestic violence offenders to surrender their firearms to law enforcement or a federally licensed dealer within 24 hours of sentencing. 

 According to the poll, requiring universal background checks ranked higher than immigration, jobs, education, the environment and abortion on the minds of Arizona voters. 

Fifty-seven percent of voters polled said that they agreed with requiring background checks on all gun sales, and further that they would never vote for a candidate that did not support that position. Nearly three quarters of undecided voters and 58% of independent voters also felt that way. 

Manos claims that “no law-abiding gun owner will lose their gun rights over this. This should be something that we can agree on because it’s a good way to keep our community safe while still protecting the gun rights of law abiding citizens.” 

Where so-called “red flag” laws are concerned, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey had previously called for legislation to allow law enforcement to temporarily remove guns from people deemed a danger to themselves or others by a court. The effort, raised in 2018, failed to pass. 

According to the poll, 79% of voters, and 90% of suburban women in the poll said they support enacting these laws. A slight majority of voters (57%) and two-thirds of independents said they were less likely to vote for a candidate who opposes red flag laws. 

If the numbers in this poll seem a bit skewed, we agree. However, according to Global Strategy, the poll was conducted from Jan. 2 to Jan. 12. Three hundred forty-two of the voters came from so-called “battleground districts,” where registered Republicans outnumbered registered Democrats by at least 14 points. Global said the survey had a margin of error of +/- 3.9%. 

We looked for a NRA response to this particular poll but were not able to find any.  

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