This officer admonished cops enforcing “tyrannical” orders. It might get him fired. We’ll gladly hire him.


Editor note: Officer Greg Anderson – you embody not just the oath… but the very values this country was founded upon.

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Seattle, Washington – Port of Seattle Police Officer Greg Anderson managed to ruffle more than a few feathers after a video he posted online showcased his thoughts on the state of policing during COVID-19.

Namely, he noted that what he described as “tyrannical” government orders didn’t rest well with his views on how America was crafted as a country.

Well, now Officer Anderson has found himself suspended from the force due to his expressed views, and he’s realistically facing termination for expressing his opinions based upon some rather flaky technicalities.

The video responsible for all the hubbub featured Officer Anderson, inside of his police cruiser in uniform, stating the following:

“I’m seeing people arrested or cited for going to church, traveling on the roadways, for going surfing, opening their business, going to the park with their families or doing nails out of their own house, using their own house as their place of business and having undercover agents go there and arrest them and charge them with what? With a crime?”

Officer Anderson’s frustrations were vented, in no uncertain terms, during the confessional-styled video:

“I don’t know what crime people are committing by doing nails in their own house. We are seeing this more and more and more, and we need to start looking at ourselves as officers and thinking is what I am doing right?

I want to remind you regardless of where you stand on the coronavirus, we don’t have the authority to do those things.”

It’s blatantly obvious that Officer Anderson is a man who serves the Constitution, before he serves anything else.

He explained that no matter who gives the order, police officer’s first bar to determine legality is always the Constitution:

“Just because a mayor or a governor tells you otherwise. I don’t care if it’s your sergeant or chief of police.

We don’t get to violate someone’s constitutional rights because someone in our chain of command tells us otherwise. It’s not how this country works.”

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Not only were his frustrations deriving from the fact that he saw his fellow citizens being deprived of their rights, but also that enforcing these orders will inevitably make being a police officer all the more dangerous:

“These officers who have been going out here and enforcing these tyrannical orders. They’re putting my job and my safety at risk because you’re widening the gap between public trust and law enforcement officers.”

It was but a tight-knit group of friends and colleagues that were hip to the video when Officer Anderson posted it online, but then something unexpected happened.

It blew up online – big time. Hundreds of thousands of views began pouring in, up to the point where the brass caught wind.

And then, they got involved.

After the video began going viral, Officer Anderson was hit with an ultimatum by officials within the department. He could either take the video down, or face the consequences. Being a man of free speech, Officer Anderson declined and said that the video will remain online.

Then, he found himself suspended with a possible termination headed his way.

Chief Rod Covey anticipated some blowback after placing the officer on leave, and he placed a deep-winded statement online the Port of Seattle Police Departments website. According to Chief Covey, he says that the decision was based upon Officer Anderson expressing his opinions while in uniform:

“A police officer wearing one of our uniforms, his right to speech has limitations on which he has been well-trained and that he has understood since joining the policing profession.”

While the chief did proclaim that he has immense respect for Officer Anderson, he reiterated that the police does not have the right to deliver any sort of opinion while doing so in their professional attire or among their issued equipment:

“[Officer Anderson] has always had the ability to express his opinions on what is going on in the country like all other Americans.

However, he is not allowed to do so while on duty, wearing our uniform, wearing our badge and while driving our patrol car.”

Now, some might chime in and say that “well, the officer knew, or should have known, the rules about that.

Imagine if you would, any other profession where a position can or is often delivered where said professional couldn’t deliver an opinion relevant to their professional endeavors while donning their work attire or claiming their place of employment.

That would be like telling medical doctors they couldn’t deliver a published or spoken medical opinion while wearing their issued work attire and broadcasting they work for whatever hospital.

Or asking a fast food employee about which of the menu items they prefer while they’re standing behind the register.

While some could proclaim that Officer Anderson was promoting some sort of anarchy or calling to break the law, he actually didn’t do any of the ilk.

He simply pointed out that the enforcement of unconstitutional laws (or executive orders in this case) is, by definition, unconstitutional. It’s a relevant opinion to his profession since it stems from law enforcement.

No matter where one sits on the fence about the context of Officer Anderson’s perspective on the matter, it’s painfully obvious that he’s not being admonished for simply being in his squad car while dropping his perspective on social media.

There are numerous videos online where officers do similar things, and you don’t hear about reprimands going out because of those other instances.

Officer Anderson currently has a GoFundMe page up right now that was established by his wife’s friend, Jessica McLaughlin, to assist with his legal battle in this effort.

The online fundraiser states the following about the matter:

“The Port of Seattle Police is in the process of termination as the video was deemed a violation of policy.  I am attempting to raise funds for them as they are going to seek legal representation and to help cover any costs that the unforeseen future brings during this drastic change in their lives.”

Policy violation or not, Officer Anderson’s heart was in the right place.


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